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Congregational Leadership
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Congregational Leadership
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Contemplative Day at Mt. Irenaeus

Issue 4.20
November 14, 2016
Feast of St. Elizabeth of Hungary (November 17)

Elizabeth (1207-1231), patroness of the Franciscan Third Order, was the daughter of the King of Hungary. Though raised in royalty and luxury Elizabeth lived with great care and concern for the poor and those in need. Married at a young age, Elizabeth was a devoted wife and mother. 

Elizabeth continued to grow in her spiritual life, prayer and care of the poor and sick under the direction of the  Franciscan friars. After the death of her husband Elizabeth, who died in battle, she was shunned by his family who felt that she was squandering their wealth in her care and feeding the poor. She became a Secular Franciscan and spent the remaining years of her life living simply and nursing the poor in a hospital she founded and dedicated to St. Francis of Assisi. 

"We are made loveless by our possessions." - Elizabeth of Hungary

Congratulations Sisters Maria and Elvira!
By: Chris Tenn OSF

   On Monday, October 17, Elvira, Maria, and I were invited to St. Andrew High School for the 25th reunion of the graduating class of 1991. Approximately 35 graduates of the class gathered for this wonderful occasion which commenced with the celebration of Mass by Fr. Eduardo, a Resurrectionist priest.
    Elvira had been the principal of St. Andrew School for ten years and Maria taught Religion and Language. They left the School 20 years ago and it is commendable that they have been so lovingly remembered by these students. Both received great commendations, among other faculty members, and were presented plaques in memory of their ministry at the school.
Seen in the picture are Maria, Liliana Handal (English teacher), and Elvira.
Corporate Responsibility with Brazil in Mind
By: Gloria Oehl OSF   

   With input from our Brazilian sisters and sources from Greenpeace and Oxfam, we are working on the issues of Deforestation and use of water as it effects the climate and the people who live in the areas affected as well as the worldwide population.
   One of the companies targeted by the environmental group working in Brazil is Bunge Corporation which has ties to Pepsico for sale of Soy produce. We will be following Pepsico in our dialogues with them through our interfaith corporate responsibility partners.  For more information on this - see LAND RIGHTS AND SODA GIANTS at
   Another company operating in Brazil is JBS S/A, a Brazilian company involved in cattle raising causing deforestation and access to fresh water in the Amazon.
   We will be signing a letter to Tyson Foods (meat), Cargill, Inc. (meat), and JBS S/A for better fresh water oversight.  The plan is to send the letter to these companies on Friday, the 18th and there will be press around the engagement during the Thanksgiving holiday by Ceres and ICCR (Interfaith Center for Corporate Responsibility).
    For more information visit:

Franciscan Nonviolence
By: Marita Flynn OSF, Franciscan Spirituality Committee member

   As Franciscans we are deeply disturbed by the violence in the world and our increasingly deadly potential to destroy life on this planet. The roots of violence are within each of us, as are the solutions to overcome it and build a more just and peaceful world. We are appalled by the wanton and dramatic violence that takes innocent lives, as in the case of what occurred on September 11, 2001, in the United States. 

   As Franciscans we need to reclaim our role as peacemakers. We have a strong tradition full of inspirational men and women of peace and reconciliation, inspired by the particular way both
St. Francis and St. Clare lived the gospel's call to build just relationships based on respect, equality, and the search for harmony. 
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St. Anthony's Celebrates 85 Years
From: STAT News

   St. Anthony's Hospital celebrated its 85th Anniversary on November 1 by honoring its long-term mission of caring for the community. A special Mass of Thanksgiving, officiated by Bishop Robert Lynch of the Diocese of St. Petersburg, was a highlight of the celebration.
   In his remarks, Bishop Lynch said that it is the people at St. Anthony's that make the hospital special. "I'm here in large part thanks to the good care I was given when I was a patient here," he said. "St. Anthony's has been blessed and has been a blessing to the community." The Mass was broadcast on the hospital's patient channel.
   In recognition for Bishop Lynch's longtime support of the hospital, St. Anthony's dedicated and blessed the new Bishop Robert Lynch Courtyard, which sits near the hospital's main entrance.
The courtyard was renovated to be a soothing and relaxing outdoor space for visitors and team members. It now includes a fountain and several benches.
   Team members received new 85th Anniversary badge holders and a free Chick-Fil-A sandwich to celebrate. The week concluded with the blessing of reflective spaces around the campus.
School embraces Franciscan culture and tradition
Taken from: Diocese of Orlando, FL, E-Scroll   

   In 1961 a small group of dedicated nuns belonging to the Franciscan Sisters of Allegany moved to the burgeoning town of Melbourne, FL, to teach in the area's new Catholic high school, Melbourne Central Catholic. Now, more than 55 years later, this same school community has honored these devoted and faith-filled educators with a commissioning ceremony celebrating the school's Franciscan roots.
   On Oct. 4 the school community gathered for the celebration of Mass on the Memorial of St. Francis of Assisi. For the school, this day had a deeper meaning than simply a celebration of tradition. School leaders have made a decision to intentionally embody the teachings and virtues of St. Francis of Assisi by officially adopting a school "charism."

AFM Welcomes new Regional Vice President for Miami-Dade

   Allegany Franciscan Ministries is pleased to announce that Daniel Gibson, MSW, will join its team as the Regional Vice President for Miami-Dade County beginning November 7, 2016.
    Mr. Gibson is a passionate community leader and advocate for social justice, with key experience in philanthropy, community development, public speaking, and program design, implementation and evaluation. He has created nationally recognized initiatives and programs, and initiated impactful systemic reform policies. He joins Allegany Franciscan Ministries following seven years as Chief Program Officer for The Lord's Place in Palm Beach County, Florida, an organization highly respected for its comprehensive work on behalf of those who are homeless. Mr. Gibson has an undergraduate degree from Yale University and an MSW from Barry University in Miami, Florida. 
    As Regional Vice President for Miami-Dade County, Mr. Gibson will be responsible for supporting the Overtown Common Good Initiative, which is designed to mobilize the Overtown community towards better health and wellness through community engagement, a long-term commitment of resources, and increased collaboration of residents and stakeholders. In addition, he will serve as Allegany Franciscan Ministries' lead person in Miami-Dade County, responsible for key strategic relationships and partnerships.
    "Allegany Franciscan Ministries is excited to welcome Daniel to our team. He is a leader with both a deep passion and enthusiasm for those who are marginalized, as well as tremendous experience in working strategically to improve systems and build community." said Eileen Coogan, Allegany Franciscan Ministries' president and CEO. "Daniel will help Allegany Franciscan Ministries have a positive and sustained impact in Miami and the Overtown community. "  

Human Thread Campaign

    Our Catholic Social Teaching and the challenge by Pope Francis give Catholics an undeniable responsibility to address the ways we clothe ourselves each day to become more conscious of our connectedness with our brothers and sisters who make the clothes we wear. "Not paying fairly, not giving a job because you are only looking at balance sheets, only looking at how to make a profit . . . goes against God," Pope Francis said. His Joy of the Gospel (Evangelii Gaudium) exposes the globalization of indifference in a throw-away culture of mass consumerism in ways that blot out compassion for the least of our brothers and sisters.
   In an effort to respond to this tragedy and to address the dimension of human trafficking, especially of women, members of the Seventh Generation Interfaith Coalition for Responsible Investment have created The Human Thread. Inspired by Catholic Social Teaching, The Human Thread seeks to foster Catholics' awareness that promotes solidarity between consumers of clothing and the people who produce them in order to create a more just economy and sustainable communities.
   Between now and Black Friday (Nov. 25), postcards are being sent to the CEOs of Macy's and Kohl's in support of a living wage at the sites where our clothes are made. For more information, and to join the campaign, click here.

 Associate News
Allegany Associates
By: Mary Laubenthal, Allegany Associate, Allegany, NY

   This past year, prior to Chapter, while the Sisters met on the Sunday mornings of the Assemblies, the Associates continued the decisions begun at local meetings focused on deepening their understanding of the FSA charism and on leadership.  Sr. Kathleen Murphy had always described the roll of the Associates as living the FSA charism and Franciscan values "in the marketplace". 
   When word came that Marlene Eaton, one of the Allegany Associates, was setting out for North Carolina as part of a Red Cross disaster relief team it occurred to me that the Associates are involved in so many works of mercy and parish activities in service of God's people and the Church. We ask the prayers of the sisters and associates as we go about out daily witness to FSA values.
   The Allegany group is present in the following places: Marlene Eaton- Red Cross volunteer, Eucharistic Ministers at the Olean General Hospital; Varma Childs- RCIA Program Director, sacristan St. Mary of the Angels; Pat Chawa- grade school classroom foster grandmother; Carmela Bartimole -Assoc. Professor JCC, Red Cross volunteer; Mary Stroback- volunteer at the MH care centers, bereavement lunches St. Mary of the Angels;, Phyllis Washburn-cares for her niece's children, Eucharistic Minister; Paula Scraba - Assoc. Professor St. Bonaventure University, Coordinator and liaison Special Olympics NY, Inc.; Christine Moll-Assoc. Professor, department chair Canisius College; Marykay Tambash- volunteers at the Pines Nursing Home, board of Genesis House; Mary Laubenthal- ESL and literacy tutor Catholic Charities Refugee Ctr., Eucharistic Minister.

Jamaican Associates 
By: Margaret Jarrett, Allegany Associate, Kingston, Jamaica

   The Associates in Jamaica feel very blessed to share the the life and charism of the Franciscan Sisters of Allegany with the Sisters at Immaculate Conception Convent. The 2016 Fall Assembly (October 28 - 29) was another such occasion when we were welcomed and participated fully in generating ideas for moving towards action to bring the Chapter Statement to life.
   The photo at right captured a moment in the day when Sisters and Associates were listening to a presentation. On the left is Sr. Celia Cools-Lartigue (sister of Sr. Angela Cools-Lartigue), Hyacinth Campbell, and Sr. Greta Clarke (sister of Archbishop Emeritus Edgerton Clarke).  On the right in the foreground is Giselle Foster, and in the background is Joan Moses, Suzanne Lee, and Hermine Huie.  In the far background is Sr. Teresita, local minister at Immaculate.  On the edges of the photograph (take my word for it) are Sr. Margaret Mary Kimmins at the back, and part of the colorful shirt worn by Sr. Odette at the front.
     It was a truly wonderful and contemplative day for everyone.  The Assembly ended at 4 p.m. followed by Mass in the chapel at 5:30, and supper of patties and ice cream.
     Our next big event will be in support of the fundraising concert for Sr. Grace's Franciscan Ministries projects in Jamaica.  It is called Classical Harmony and features the Immaculate Conception High School Symphony Orchestra, the largest high school orchestra in the Caribbean.  The concert will be held on Saturday November 19.  Please pray with us for the success of this effort.

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