2018–2019 Parent Workshop Series:
Developing Minds to Think Creatively!
GOAL: This workshop series was created to help parents analyze and develop formal and informal learning experiences to increase the opportunities for creative thinking in their children. Research has shown that creative thinking improves cognitive function, emotional health, social connection, and sense of belonging to a community.


October 8 : Questioning Techniques
January 14: Process vs Product
March 11: Feedback and Logical Consequences
May 13: Challenge, Skills, and Failure
June 3: Happiness and Creativity

*This is a workshop series; however each workshop stands alone as its own topic. 

Come to one or come to all!  We hope to see you there!

6 p.m.–7:30 p.m.

Where: The Roman Candle Pizzeria – Come early to order food and socialize!
2636 Monroe St.

Presented by: Heather vonOesen Dean
M.Ed., NBPT (MC-Gen), B.A. in Studio Art/Art History, ESOL and Gifted Endorsement
Equity & Inclusion Committee Meeting
Interested in issues of equity and inclusion? Want to learn more about Welcoming Schools and the FR vision for all families?
Please join us! All are welcome.

Equity and Inclusion Committee Meeting
Thursday, Oct. 11th
6:30 p.m. @ Franklin LMC
Children welcome.
Snacks will be provided.

If you have questions or interest, please email Karen Dreyfuss,   karendreyfuss@gmail.com
Volunteer Opportunities
Sturdy Volunteers Needed

We are looking for some movers! We need a few people that have a dolly and a truck that could move a donated washing machine to Franklin. Then move a washing machine from Franklin to the curb. We have a generous donor for the washing machine but somehow need to get it here. Thanks for your consideration – please contact Diane Kopan if you're available to help out!

Franklin Lunch & Playground

We need parents and care givers to help in the lunchroom and/or the playground. This is a great place to see your child during the school day and is a big help for the staff.

If you are interested in helping out, please email  anne.l.saracino@gmail.com or fill out the google form. We still need help weekly or bi-weekly on the playground and as needed to fill sub requests for both playground and lunchroom.
Picture Day

Franklin and Randall both are having picture day on Thursday, October 18! We are looking for a couple of volunteers to help the process to keep moving along smoothly. Please see the attached schedule  for both schools and thank you for your consideration!
Controlling Lice
If you find lice or nits (the small eggs which lice lay on hair) on your child, please let the Health Office know (204-2313 at Franklin, or 204-3304 at Randall). That way, the staff can check other close contacts of your child at school (such as children who sit close to your child, play often with your child, or with whom they share a locker). This gives us a better chance to find the source of lice and prevent more spreading. We do not share your child's name with other children or families. Also, we can give you tips on how to get rid of the lice. If you have questions, please let us know. Thank you for your help! —Nurse Lovell
Si encuentra piojos o liendres en el cabello de su hijo(a), por favor avise a la oficina de salud de la escuela, 204-2313 en Franklin o al 204-3304 en Randall. Así nosotros podremos darle información para acabar con los piojos y también podremos tener mayor cuidado con los amigos de su hijo(a), o con los compañeros que se sientan cerca de el(ella), o con los cuales comparte su armario. Esto nos ayuda a prevenir que se contagien más alumnos. No tenga cuidado, nosotros en ninguna instancia mencionaremos el nombre de su hijo(a) a otros niños o padres de familia. Toda la información que usted provea a la oficina de salud es siempre confidencial. —Nurse Lovell
Yog koj pom ntshauv los qe ntshauv ntawm koj tus menyuam cov plaub hau, koj qhia rau Health Office paub (204-2313 ntawm Franklin, los 204-3304 ntawm Randall). Li ntawd, cov xibfwb thiaj mam saib cov zaum ze ntawm koj tus menyuam, nrog koj tus menyuam ua si, thiab siv locker nrog koj tus menyuam hauv school. Li no thiaj ua rau peb paub tias muaj ntshauv los li cas thiab thiaj li yov pab kom txhob kis ntxiv. Peb yov tsis muab koj tus menyuam lub npe rau lwm tus menyuam thiab lwm tsev neeg. Peb tseem yov qhia rau koj kom paub tias yov ua li cas thiaj tsis muaj ntshauv. Yog koj muaj lus nug, thov hu rau peb. Ua tsaug rau koj pab! —Nurse Lovell
Save the Date for a Special Afternoon
When : Sunday, November 4th, 1–4 p.m.

Where : Franklin Elementary

What is this event? : This is an opportunity for your family to visit the “Specials” spaces in Franklin School. In addition to learning more about Welcoming Schools, there will be family activities in Music, Art, Gym, and the LMC.
Latino Parent Meeting Report
—September 25, 2018—
Families were ready and anxious to connect with us and each other! We had an incredible turnout! We have a few more Latino families this year and it was nice to see the new faces join us!

New families were introduced and Sylla and John gave a very special warm and caring welcome to all. They assured parents their children are safe with us, and told them we are here to help and support in any way we can. Sylla and John advised parents to contact us if they need information on resources or guidance. Parents were praised and encouraged to remain strong, for the sake of their children.

Time to Turn in Your Box Tops
Each Box Top you clip and bring in represents 10¢ for our school! There is a collection box in both the Franklin and Randall offices all year long, but the Box Tops fall submission date is coming up! Bring in those Box Tops by October 19 for a boost in our fall Box Tops revenue.
Time to turn in your box tops!
Franklin-Randall PTO Now Accepting Grant Applications
The Franklin-Randall PTO 2018–2019 grant application process is open now through November 4th . One of the ways our Parent Teacher Organization encourages creativity and innovation in our community is through financial grants. Once each year we invite all teachers, parents, staff and students to submit ideas for projects that could make a difference to our school community.

Read more about the   program and past f unded projects   on our website. Please E-mail Sarah Sullivan at sasullivan2@wisc.edu   if you are interested in serving on the grants committee. 

Randall Garden News
The flower beds were cleared and new plants were added this summer to beautify the space. Unfortunately, some damage to the beds occurred with building maintenance, but we hope it will be fixed for spring activities! A Randall Alum, Loren Pawelski, is rebuilding the raised beds as an Eagle Scout Project. We are extremely thankful he is giving back to Randall School and helping in revitalizing the garden space. His GoFundMe page is below.

The Franklin-Randall   G l o w   B a l l   D a n c 2 0 1 8 !
Save the date, and start practicing your dance moves! The Glow Ball Dance will take place on  Saturday, November 10 th  at 5:30 – 7:30 p.m.  in the  Franklin Elementary Gymnasium . Enjoy fun dance music in the light of glow bracelets.

New this year, we invite requests for songs. Please email your favorite group dancing tunes to Katy Hanzlik at  katyhanz@gmail.com . You are also welcome to explore this playlist of kids party songs . Some of the music videos show the dance moves that go with the songs. Have fun practicing these dance moves with your loved ones! We cannot wait to celebrate a musical evening together! 
¡Vayan apartando la fecha, y empiecen a practicar sus pasos! El baile Glow Ball Dance será el  sábado, 10 de noviembre, de 5:30 a 7:30pm  en el  gimnasio de Franklin . Disfruten la música entre pulseras que brillan en la obscuridad.

Algo nuevo este año, ustedes pueden solicitar canciones por adelantado, comuníquese a  katyhanz@gmail.com , o a la escuela con Yvonne. Si tienen acceso al internet, visite este sitio para disfrutar estas canciones:  http://bit.ly/GlowBall2018 . Se incluyen movimientos de danza en algunos de los videos que vienen con las canciones. ¡Diviértanse practicándolos! ¡Esperamos con entusiasmo pasar con ustedes esta noche de música! 
Clothes Donations
The nurse's office at Franklin is in need of clothes donations. Please consider the following items:

  • Elastic-waist Unisex Pants - size 4T-8
  • Winter Boots - size 10-1
  • Small Mittens and Gloves

2018 Trick or Trot
Franklin families – The Trick or Trot 5k Run/Walk is coming to Franklin School October 14! Highlights include a friendly 5k run/walk through the Franklin School neighborhood, Halloween candy at water stops, a kids dash, a mini-kids dash and costumes for all registrants. Proceeds support G-Safe, our LGBTQ community, and social justice work in our schools.

For more information, see the flyer.
Support the PTO while you shop!
Franklin-Randall Amazon Smile link: https://smile.amazon.com/ch/20-0572517