2018 Fall Fundraiser
Last year's Fall Fundraising Campaign was a big success! Thank you to everyone who helped support the PTO’s many great causes.
Next week marks the start of our 2018 Fall Fundraiser. Please look for a letter and self-addressed envelope in your child's Friday Folder for donation checks and instructions on how you can easily donate online.  Please note  that this information will come on Thursday, October 25th since there is no school on Friday, October 26th.
Every dollar you contribute counts to helping support important causes, such as:

  • Providing transportation for those in need to participate in different after school programs.
  • Supporting social justice causes - budget has been doubled for 2018/2019.
  • Supplying teachers with discretionary dollars to support their classrooms.
We appreciate your support and feel grateful to have such an active and caring parent and community base. Thank you for your ongoing support of our beloved public schools!

Vision & Hearing Screening  
All kindergartners and 4Kers at Franklin will receive routine vision screening on Wednesday, October 24; they will receive routine hearing screening on Thursday, November 8 and Tuesday, November 13. All 3 rd  & 5 th  graders at Randall will receive a routine vision screening at school on Monday, November 12 If you have a child not in those grades, but you would like their vision and/or hearing checked, please let the Health Office know (204-2301 at Franklin or 204-3304 at Randall).  
Nurse Lovell and volunteers from the UW School of Nursing will conduct the screenings. If any child does not pass, he/she will be retested in a few weeks (to make sure the results were valid) - if that child still does not pass, then Nurse Lovell will send home a letter with the results and recommendations. So, if you do not hear from the Health Office by the end of December, that means your 4Ker, Kindergartner, 3 rd  or 5 th  grader passed their screening(s).
If you have any questions, please call Nurse Lovell at 204-2301 (Franklin) or 204-3304 (Randall).  Thanks!


Al igual que todos los años, se les hará el examen de vista a todos los alumnos de kinder de Franklin el 24 de octobre. Al igual que todos los años, se les hará el examen de oidos a todos los alumnos de kinder de Franklin el 8 de noviembre y el 13 de noviembre. Todos los alumnos de 3ro y 5to grado de Randall tendrán examen de vista en la escuela el 12 de noviembre. Si acaso usted tiene un hijo(a) en cualquier otro grado aquí en la escuela Franklin/Randall y quiere que se le revise la vista y los oídos, por favor avísenos para incluirlo (204-2301 Franklin o 204-3304 Randall o comuníquese con Yvonne).  
La enfermera, Nurse Lovell junto con alumnos de la escuela de enfermería de la Universidad de UW-Masison harán los exámenes. Si su hijo(a) no pasa el examen, se le pondrá otro en unas cuantas semanas. Si acaso no pasa esta segunda prueba, la enfermera le notificará y le hará recomendaciones por medio de una carta antes de diciembre. Si no recibe carta quiere decir que todo ha salido bien con los exámenes de vista y oídos de alumnos de kinder, 3ro y 5to grado.
Si tiene preguntas o comentarios comuníquese a la escuela con la enfermera, Cindy al 204-2301 (Franklin) o 204-3304 (Randall) o con Yvonne 204-2263 o 204-3328.  ¡Gracias!


Tag nrho kindergartners hauv Franklin yuav tau check qhov hnovlus thiab pomkev rau lub October 24, November 8, November 13. Tag nrho qib 3rd & 5th hauv Randall yuav tau check xyuas kev hnovlus thiab pomkev rau lub November 12. Yog koj muaj ib tug menyuam tsis nyob rau cov qib hais no, tiam sis koj xav kom check nws saib puas pom kev thiab hnovlus, thov koj hut au rau hauv Health Office tam sij no ntawm (204-2301 hauv Franklin, los 204-3304 hauv Randall).
Nurse Lovell thiab nursing students tuaj UW-Madison tuaj ua cov ntsuam xyua. Yog tus menyuam twg tsis dhau qhov check xyuas no, nws yuav tau check dua li ntawm ib-ob weeks tom ntej kom paub meej - - yog tus menyuam ntawd tsis dhau qhov check xyuas zaum ob, tus Nurse Lovell yuav xa ib tsab ntawv qhia vim li cas thiab yuav qhia rau paub tias koj yuav ua li cas mus. Yog koj tsis hnov dab tsi los ntawm Health Office thaum lub 12 hlis nos tas, qhia tau tias cov Kindergartner, qib 3rd los 5th tsis muaj teeb meem ntawm kev ntsuam xyuas no.
Yog koj muaj lus nug thov hu rau tus Nurse Lovell 204-2301 (Franklin) los 204-3304 (Randall). Ua tsaug! 
Time to Turn in Your Box Tops
Each Box Top you clip and bring in represents 10¢ for our school! There is a collection box in both the Franklin and Randall offices all year long, but the Box Tops fall submission date is coming up! Bring in those Box Tops by  October 19 for a boost in our fall Box Tops revenue.
Time to turn in your box tops!
Franklin-Randall PTO Now Accepting Grant Applications
The Franklin-Randall PTO 2018–2019 grant application process is open now through  November 4th. One of the ways our Parent Teacher Organization encourages creativity and innovation in our community is through financial grants. Once each year we invite all teachers, parents, staff and students to submit ideas for projects that could make a difference to our school community.

Read more about the  program and past funded projects on our website. Please E-mail Sarah Sullivan at  sasullivan2@wisc.edu  if you are interested in serving on the grants committee. 
Volunteer Opportunities
Franklin Library

Please consider volunteering in our Library Media Center helping to shelve books and/or assist in other special projects. Volunteer times are completely flexible to what works best for your schedule!

If you are interested, please contact Ms. Shelley at  smblock@madison.k12.wi.us or stop in the Library! Thank you! 

Franklin Recess

We still need a few more volunteers to help out on the Franklin playground during recess. We have openings on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday every week from 10:55-12. Our playground volunteers are a huge help to the teachers and staff and it's a great time to spend an hour outside with kids!

If you can help out, please email anne.l.saracino@gmail.com  
or fill out the google form.
Save the Date for a Special Afternoon
When : Sunday, November 4th, 1–4 p.m.

Where : Franklin Elementary

What is this event? : This is an opportunity for your family to visit the “Specials” spaces in Franklin School. In addition to learning more about Welcoming Schools, there will be family activities in Music, Art, Gym, and the LMC.
Clothes Needed at Franklin
The nurse's office at Franklin is in need of clothes donations. Please consider the following items:

  • Elastic-waist Unisex Pants - size 4T-8
  • Winter Boots - size 10-1
  • Small Mittens and Gloves
The Franklin-Randall   G l o w   B a l l   D a n c 2 0 1 8 !
Image of the Franklin Falcon and the Randall raccoon dressed for dancing at the Glo-Ball Dance.
Help Make the Glow Ball Great!

Franklin/Randall's annual Glow Ball will take place at Franklin Elementary on Saturday, November 10 from 5:30-7:30 p.m. This fabulous event relies on volunteers to help set up, monitor halls, make popcorn, sell tickets and clean up. Please sign up for a shift at   http://bit.ly/GBhelp2018 .   Most shifts are scheduled to span only part of the evening so everyone has a chance to enjoy the fun with their kids! 

New this year, we invite requests for songs. Please email your favorite group dancing tunes to Katy Hanzlik at  katyhanz@gmail.com . You are also welcome to explore this  playlist of kids party songs . Some of the music videos show the dance moves that go with the songs. Have fun practicing these dance moves with your loved ones! We cannot wait to celebrate a musical evening together! 

¡Vayan apartando la fecha, y empiecen a practicar sus pasos! El baile Glow Ball Dance será el  sábado, 10 de noviembre, de 5:30 a 7:30pm en el  gimnasio de Franklin. Disfruten la música entre pulseras que brillan en la obscuridad.

Algo nuevo este año, ustedes pueden solicitar canciones por adelantado, comuníquese a  katyhanz@gmail.com, o a la escuela con Yvonne. Si tienen acceso al internet, visite este sitio para disfrutar estas canciones:  http://bit.ly/GlowBall2018. Se incluyen movimientos de danza en algunos de los videos que vienen con las canciones. ¡Diviértanse practicándolos! ¡Esperamos con entusiasmo pasar con ustedes esta noche de música! 
Support the PTO while you shop!
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