March 8, 2019
Super Science Saturday is Tomorrow!
Science Spectaculars!
  • West High Rocket Club
  • SPICE Chemistry Show
  • The Physics Experience
Exploration Stations!
  • Micropipettes
  • Body Parts
  • Metallic Glasses
  • Stem Cells
  • Live Insects
  • SemiConductors
  • Crystals
  • Growing Plants
  • Microscopes
  • Clouds & Condensation
  • Heart Imaging

March 9
9 a.m.–Noon
Randall School
Want to offer your own Exploration Station? Or volunteer to help?
Contact Tom Zinnen at  or 608-265-2420 
Order or Eat at The Roman Candle on 3/11 & 3/19
 and Benefit Our Schools!
The PTO is partnering with The Roman Candle again this year to benefit our schools!
If you do the following on Monday, March 11th and Tuesday, March 19th then The Roman Candle will donate up to 20% to Franklin-Randall schools!

  • By phone: Call either the Monroe St. (608-446-4200) or Willy St. (608-258-2000) location and mention Franklin Randall.

  • At restaurant: Go to the Monroe St. or Willy St. location and present the attached flyer. 

Get the word out, and be on the lookout for other community events to be announced through the remainder of the school year!
March 11th - CANCELLED
Due to the event being hosted at The Roman Candle Pizzeria on this evening, we need to  CANCEL  this month's workshop on  Feedback and Logical Consequences

I apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused, and hope you will mark your calendars to attend the last two workshops in this year's series:

  • May 13th - Challenge, Skills, and Failure
  • June 3rd - Happiness and Creativity
  • 6:00 - 7:30 pm - The Roman Candle Pizzeria on Monroe St.

There is no cost for these workshops, but  please RSVP  to  to help us and our host plan accordingly.
Tuesday March 12:
PTO Meeting
Equity & Inclusion Committee Meeting
Please join us!
PTO Meeting 6:45-8 PM at Randall.

The focus for this meeting is Anti-Bullying—Learn about the anti-bullying policies and programs at Franklin and Randall Schools, as well as how you can talk with your child about bullying. All are welcome.
Please join the Equity and Inclusion Committee on Tuesday, March 12th at Randall School. We will meet at 6pm, just prior to the large PTO meeting.   All our welcome.
THANK YOU to our wonderful Volunteers!!!

THANK YOU to all the volunteers, carnival committee, PEG, girl scout troops, Mrs. Zarov and Mr. Wallace for all your help and participation in the Winter Carnival!
Thanks for Making Movie Night Great!!
 We would like to thank Bryn Martyna, Matt Bruss, Roosevelt Porto and custodian Jason Handel for helping make Franklin Movie Night a success. We appreciate your time, and the kids had a great time watching "Mulan." Thanks!
Calling Small Business Owners
Are you a small business owner who wants to do good in the community and increase traffic to your business?
Great news! The PTO has an opportunity for you!
Throughout the remainder of the school year, we will be partnering with local restaurants and small business owners to offer community events. What does this mean for you?

  • Mutually beneficial arrangement - families will be encouraged to support your business in exchange for providing a portion of funds back to Franklin/Randall schools.

  • Positive image - shows your commitment to doing good in the community and supporting our public schools.

If you are a small business owner who's interested in holding a community event, please contact Jamie Miller at
Join the
Advanced Learning Advisory Committee
Tuaj Koom
Feem Kev Kawm Mus Deb Pab Neeg Tawm Tswv Yim
Participe en el
Comité asesor para la
educación avanzada
Share your ideas about how we can strengthen services and supports for all students with AL needs
Nthuav qhia nej cov tswv yim hais txog qhov peb yuav txhawb cov kev khiav hauj lwm thiab cov kev pab rau cov me nyuam kawm ntawv xav tau kev pab txog AL, tshwj xeeb rau peb cov me nyuam kawm ntawv uas yog neeg Asmeskas Dub thiab Mev.
Comparta sus ideas sobre cómo podemos fortalecer los servicios y apoyos para todos los estudiantes con necesidades de aprendizaje avanzado
All teachers and families are welcome to participate to guide the direction of Advanced Learning in MMSD at the Advanced Learning Advisory Committee meetings. The next meeting will be:

March 14 from 6:00-8:00 
Spark Building - 8th floor Learning Lab
821 E Washington Ave, Madison
Dinner & Childcare (ages 4-12) provided
Interpretation (Spanish and Hmong) available.

Questions? Call (608)663-5245
Street parking is available close by, and there is also a public parking ramp next door.

In previous meetings the committee planned and revised 10 recommendations for changes to Advanced Learning which the board is considering now. This month they will review qualitative and quantitative data and School Level Implementation Plans.
Franklin Concerts
A rainbow of musical notes in a circle
Friday, March 15th
In the Franklin Gym

Kindergarten Concert: 8 a.m.
1st Grade Concert: 9 a.m.
2nd Grade Concert: 10 a.m.

Volunteers needed for concert take-down after the 2 nd grade performance.
Please consider staying for a few minutes to help ready the gym for student lunch time. 
Join the PTO Board!
Are you interested in getting more involved in Franklin & Randall schools? Do you want to know more about what happens there then the typical “fine” and “nothing” answers to questions from your kids? Would you like to get to know and work with other wonderful Franklin/Randall parents & staff? If so- please consider joining our PTO Board for the 2019/2020 school year.

We have a number of Officer and At-Large positions available to match different levels of availability! Please send an email to if you’re interested or have questions. We’d love to have you join us!
Latino Parent Meeting Report
February 21, 2019
We were expecting a smaller crowd this time because some parents had mentioned they would not be able to attend. To our surprise we had a pretty good size group of 22 parents. We were down to 1 slice of pizza when the last parent showed up!

Sylla and John visited with the parents during dinner. Immediately after dinner the meeting started, Key to Financial Freedom, presented by Jorge Antezana-Pimentel from UW Credit Union. This was one of the topics suggested by the parents at the beginning of the year. Jorge talked about income and expenses, and the importance of creating a budget and sticking to it. He stressed the importance of establishing good credit. He explained what a Credit Report is, how credit points are calculated, the things that affect your credit in a positive and negative way, range of a good credit score, and how to check your credit score. Jorge also talked about credit cards and interest. He gave a list of ways to identify possible fraud, and advice on how to avoid identity theft. Parents were very engaged and had many questions. They established a good connection with Jorge and will see him in the near future to discuss personal financial issues. 

General announcements followed the main presentation:
11 minutes added to school day starting Monday
Franklin Movie Night - flyer handed out. Parents encouraged to attend.
Winter Carnival - Reminder flyer
5-2-1-0 Health Challenge - Program explained. Families encouraged to participate.
Super Science Saturday - flyer handed out. Parents encouraged to attend.
Welcoming Schools - Info. on school and community reads, “I am Jazz.” Reminder of what Welcoming Schools means: respect the differences of others, being kind and making sure everyone feels like they belong.

The Franklin parents left and the Randall parents received a graph showing the progress of their child on the Reading and Math MAP tests, throughout the years. We reviewed the graphs to make sure parents understood, and we talked about the the growth goals. Parents asked about the points needed to be at the PROFICIENT level at the end of 1st semester, and the points needed to be proficient by the end of the year. We stressed the importance of reading every night and practicing math facts.

Our next meeting will be Thursday, March 21st, 5:30 at Franklin
Franklin Celebrated its First
Read Your Heart Out Day
In honor of national African American Parent Involvement Day, African American History, and our district's focus on Black Excellence, Franklin hosted its first ever Read Your Heart Out event. We invited parents of African American students as well as community members to come out and read a book to our students. We encouraged our readers to share books that were either written by an African American author, about the African American history or culture, or involved an African American protagonist. 

Over 35 guest readers were welcomed at Franklin throughout the day. Students in all grade levels shared poetry, songs and stories with our guests in celebration! The event was a huge success and we look forward to continuing this tradition in the coming years. 
From "Nurse Lovell"
INFLUENZA is here!

Influenza (also known as "the flu") is going around Wisconsin. Symptoms can include a quick onset of fever, fatigue, stuffy nose, sore throat, and cough, among other things. People tend to feel more miserable than with a common cold. Influenza does not cause vomiting (“gastroenteritis” which is sometimes mistakenly called “the stomach flu ” causes vomiting).  

The best way to reduce a person’s risk of getting the flu is by getting the FLU VACCINE. The FLU SHOT CANNOT GIVE YOU THE FLU. It’s NOT TOO LATE TO GET THE FLU VACCINE. However, the vaccine takes about 2 weeks to work fully.   

The flu is very contagious. It is spread by droplets in the air or direct contact. Remind your child to COVER their mouth (with the inside of an elbow) when they cough or sneeze. WASH HANDS frequently with liquid sanitizer (use the size of a quarter) or soap and water (scrub for at least 20 seconds = two rounds of the “Happy Birthday” song).  Please KEEP YOUR CHILD HOME WHEN THEY’RE SICK with flu symptoms.

Good luck! Hope you all stay as healthy as possible!  
¡La INFLUENZA ha llegado!

Influenza, comunmente conocida como gripe, ha llegado a Wisconsin. Algunos de los síntomas son, fiebre, cansancio, congestión, dolor de garganta y toz. La gripe no causa vómito. 

La manera más fácil de evitar que le pegue la gripe es vacunándose contra la gripe. Aún es tiempo. La vacuna toma unas dos semanas para surtir efecto. Para aquellos entre las edades de 2 a 49 años que tienen miedo a las inyecciones, la vacuna por medio de un aerosol nasal puede ser la alternativa. Consulte con su médico.
La gripe es muy contagiosa. Recuérdele a su hijo(a) el cubrirse con su brazo la boca y naríz al tocer y estornudar. Lavarse bien las manos seguido con jabón común o antibacterial o usar gel antibacterial.

Dejen a su hijo(a) en casa cuando presente síntomas de la gripe. Comuníquese a la escuela para avisar.

¡Manténganse sanos!
INFLUENZA los txog lawm!

Influenza (thiab kuj hu ua "the flu") muaj los txog Wisconsin lawm. Qhov paub ntawm tus kab mob no yog ib ce kub kub heev, nkees nkees, txhaws ntswg, mob qa, thiab hnoos, thiab lwm yam ib cag. Hom mob no tib neeg yov nkees heev dua tau khaub thuas. Influenza yov tsis ua rau xeev siab (“mob plab” uas tej zaum kuj xav hais tias nws yog “the stomach  flu ” ua rau xeev siab ntuav).  

Qhov yov pab kom tib neeg txhob kis tus mob flu no yooj yim ces yog yov tau mus txhaj tshuaj FLU VACCINE tiv thaiv ua ntej xwb. Koob tshuaj FLU SHOT YOV PAB KOM KOJ TXHOB MOB FLU. Nws TSIS TAU LIG RAU KOJ TXHAJ TSHUAJ FLU VACCINE. Tab sis koob tshooj no yov siv li 2 lub lim tiam tom qab txhaj tag nws thiaj yov ua hauj lwm txaus.   

Hom kab mob flu no nws sib kis zoo heev.  Nws kis tau los ntawm kev ua pa thiab sib chwv. Pab qhia kos koj me nyuam NPOG nws lub qhov ncauj thaum hnoos los yog txham (Muab sab lauj tshib hauv no npog qhov ncauj). Siv cov tshuaj sanitizer NTXUAV TES tsis so (hliv kom ntau li ib lub nyiaj quarter) los yog siv dej thiab xab npum los tau (txhuam kom ntev yam tsawg 20 seconds.  Thov TXHOB PUB KOJ ME NYUAM TUAJ KAWM NTAWV YOG NWS MUAJ QHOV MOB thooj li kab mob flu.

Thov tau txais qhov zoo! Vam tias nej txhua tus muaj kev noj qab haus huv! 

The Franklin Lost and Found is Overflowing!!!
Please have your child check it if you are missing anything; it is probably there! 

All items will be donated after the Franklin Music Concerts happen on Friday, March 15th. Stop in and check out our lost and  found! 

Thank you.
Franklin Lost and Found February 2019
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