March 1, 2019
Winter Carnival Tomorrow!
Making candles at the Franklin-Randall Winter Carnival.
The Carnival is  tomorrow  from 11:30 a.m. -3:00 p.m. at Randall. Come eat some delicious food and play some games. The first 200 people will get a gift certificate for a free kids meal to Benvenuto's!

If you have any raffle tickets to turn in please bring them to the carnival before 2:30 p.m.  

The Carnival relies on its volunteers to help make it a successful event and we have many spots still open. Please take a look and see if you can help. Thanks!

5-2-1-0 Challenge for Students
When:  Mon, March 4 – Sun, March 17  (2 weeks)
Who:   Any student who wants to participate.    
What: Earn points by doing a variety of healthy activities. 
Where:   Points can be earned at home and school, but keeping track of points should happen AT HOME. 
Why:       To promote healthy habits and have fun!
Prizes:    After week 1 and week 2, the class with the highest points in each GRADE earns a prize of teacher’s choosing (such as an extra recess or a dance party).  After week 2, the class with the highest points in the SCHOOL earns a special prize delivered by the principal.
For VIDEOS which explain the 5210 Challenge and mindfulness activities, in English, Spanish, and Hmong, go to either school’s website (links below).

If you have any questions, please ask Nurse Lovell (204-3305, 204-2301, ). 


5-2-1-0 Challenge /  Reto
Los estudiantes y el personal de Franklin y Randall ganan puntos en casa o en la escuela por comer alimentos sanos, hacer actividad física y tener buenos hábitos de salud.
Lunes el 4 de marzo al domingo el 17 de marzo (2 semanas)
Esta competencia de salud está basada en el programa de salud  5-2-1-0, reconocido a nivel nacional. Es una manera muy fácil de enseñar a los niños a establecer y apoyar hábitos saludables. 
5 – porciones de frutas o legumbres
2 – horas máximo de tele o videojuegos
1 – hora o más de ejercicio
0 – bebidas con azúcar; tomar más agua y leche
Para mayor información, busque las hojas de información que enviaremos a casa en la mochila de su niño(a), mira el website de nuestra escuela o llame a Yvonne.

5-2-1-0 Kev sib tw rau tsoom me nyuam  - yov muaj sai sai no!
Thaum twg:  Monday, lub 3 hlis tim 4 – Sun, lub 3 hlis tim 17  (2 lim tiam)
Leej twg:         Txhua leej cov nyiam sib tw.     
Yog li cas: Yov tau txais qhab nee yog thaum koom ua cov num kom zoo pab rau yus lub cev.
Nyob qhov twg:   Tau txais cov nqi zog no hauv tsev kawm ntawv thiab tim tsev, tab sis tswj ua nyob HAUV TSEV.
Vim li cas:     Ua  kom swm pab txoj kev noj qab haus huv thiab kev lom zem!
Nqi zog:    Tom qab 1 thiab 2 lim tiam, lub chav twg tau txais qhab nee ntau tshaj plaws ntawm txhua QIB, tus xib hwb hauv chav kawm yov them ib qho nqi zog rau tsoom me nyuam, xws li ( pub me nyuam tawm ua si kom ntev los yog ib qho seev cev  ua si ).  Tom qab tag lim tiam 2,  lub chav tau qhab nee siab tshaj hauv TSEV KAWM NTAWV yov tau txais ib qho nqi zog tshwj xeeb heev los ntawm thaj khu.
Daim YEEB YAJ qhia txog cov num hauv qhov 5210 Challenge thiab mindfulness muaj ua lus English, Spanish, thiab lus Hmong.  Mus rau hauv ob lub tsev kawm qhov website (links hauv qab no).

Yog koj xav paub ntxiv, thov hu rau hu nug Nurse Lovell (204-3305, 204-2301, ).
Hmong PEG & Community Meeting Notes
The Hmong Parent Empowerment Group gathered on February 20th for a meeting and pizza dinner. Click below to see the full meeting notes.

Super Science Saturday
Science Spectaculars!
  • West High Rocket Club
  • SPICE Chemistry Show
  • The Physics Experience
Exploration Stations!
  • Micropipettes
  • Body Parts
  • Metallic Glasses
  • Stem Cells
  • Live Insects
  • SemiConductors
  • Crystals
  • Growing Plants
  • Microscopes
  • Clouds & Condensation
  • Heart Imaging

March 9
9 a.m.–Noon
Randall School
Want to offer your own Exploration Station? Or volunteer to help?
Contact Tom Zinnen at  or 608-265-2420 
Donate Native Plants to Randall's Garden
Randall Elementary School is looking to expand its native plant garden, in order to provide wildlife habitat, a natural space at school, and learning opportunities for students. You're invited to donate plants to the Randall garden through the Plant Dane Native Plant Program through March 19. Visit the Plant Dane  donation page  and select “Randall Elementary School” to donate. Plants are $2.25 each and must be ordered in multiples of 4. Friends and family members are also welcome to donate! Thanks for spreading the word and helping to expand the Randall garden! 
~The Randall Garden Committee
Franklin Concerts
A rainbow of musical notes in a circle
Friday, March 15th
In the Franklin Gym

Kindergarten Concert: 8 a.m.
1st Grade Concert: 9 a.m.
2nd Grade Concert: 10 a.m.

Volunteers needed for concert take-down after the 2 nd grade performance.
Please consider staying for a few minutes to help ready the gym for student lunch time. 
Please check the Franklin Lost and Found
Franklin Lost and Found February 2019
The Franklin Lost and Found is overflowing! 

Please have your child check it if you are missing anything; it is probably there! All items will be donated after the Franklin Music Concerts on Friday, March 15th. Stop in and check out our lost and found! Thank you.
100% Renewable Electricity Resolution
Students across MMSD have started a petition for the MMSD Board of Education to establish a 100% renewable electricity resolution, including a provision to install rooftop solar systems at schools. This resolution would accomplish 3 key goals: provide students hands-on educational opportunities in a growing clean energy job market, save taxpayers and MMSD money to re-allocate to improving learning outcomes, and strengthen the MMSD's commitment to being an environmental leader in Madison. More information about the resolution can be found at , and individuals can sign the petition at .


Los estudiantes de todo el Distrito Escolar Metropolitano de Madison (MMSD) han iniciado una petición para que la Junta de Educación de MMSD establezca una resolución de energía 100% renovable, incluida una disposición para instalar sistemas solares en las azoteas en las escuelas. Esta resolución lograría 3 objetivos clave: brindar a los estudiantes oportunidades educativas prácticas en un creciente mercado de energía limpia, ahorrar a los contribuyentes y al dinero de MMSD para que se reasignen a mejorar los resultados de aprendizaje y fortalecer el compromiso del MMSD de ser un líder ambiental en Madison. Se puede encontrar más información sobre la resolución en , y personas pueden firmar la petición en .
Young at Art
The Madison Museum of Contemporary Art (MMoCA) "Young at Art" Exhibition is coming up Sunday, March 17, reception 3-4:30. Artwork from six Frankin/Randall students will be shown. The show will be up at the MMoCA from March 16-April 21 .

Sophia Richards, 2nd Grade
Ruby Clay, 2nd Grade
Ruby Lindsley, 2nd Grade
Joshua Yehling, 4th Grade  
Amelie Yelle, 3rd Grade
Lauren Alibali, 5th Grade
Goals of the Franklin-Randall Parent Teacher Organization (PTO) include helping children, parents, teachers and schools build a strong and positive school community.
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