Randall Receives a Gift with a Lift
The Madison Metropolitan School District’s focus on racial equity received a glorious boost at Randall Elementary School. The Commonwealth Mason Lodge #325 donated $600 towards the purchase of books featuring the theme of Black Excellence. As an added link to learning, students will be encouraged to bring their selected books home to read orally to their caregivers and other family members. (Pictured are Free Masons Joe Swanton and Matt Ivens with Principal John Wallace.)
December Hmong PEG Meeting Notes
The Hmong PEG group met at Bayview on 12/05/18. Parents, families, and staff all enjoyed a pizza and salad dinner together. Many of the younger children stayed on for the daycare that was provided during the parent meeting. Updates were provided on the importance of informing school of absences, and West High Resale information. The PEG homework challenge work was collected from students and new assignments were passed out. Some of the students met the challenge and received a prize and all were motivated to try again for next time. Topic of the evening was Welcoming Schools presented by MMSD coordinators: Jennifer Herdina and SJ Hemmerich. A slide show was shared that covered the following topics: Equity for all families, all types of families, socio-emotional learning, safety for all, preventing bullying, respect of all identities, LGBTQ identities, and everyone should belong (culturally, race, and gender). Parents participated actively in the discussion. Some shared their cultural dissonance with some of the topics, but all felt much appreciated for the information and generally happy that their children were receiving this instruction at school. Next meeting is Feb.8, 2018. Notes submitted by B.Hamel.
Assistance Needed in Franklin Gym
Chris in the Franklin gym is looking for a half dozen adult volunteers to help take down the large gymnastics equipment, after school, on Thursday, December 20th starting at 3:45pm. It will take about 90 minutes of your time.

If you are interested and available for all or part of this time, please contact Chris at:  crumbelow@madison.k12.wi.us
Were you affected by the August 2018 flooding? Apply for Disaster Assistance
As you may know, severe storms and heavy rain caused widespread flooding in our area this past summer. If your home was damaged by the flooding in August 2018, you may be eligible for disaster assistance. You can apply on the  website . You will need the following information when you apply:

  • Social Security number (one per household)
  • Address of the damaged home or apartment
  • Description of the damage
  • Information about insurance coverage
  • Telephone number
  • Mailing address
  • Bank account & routing numbers for direct deposit of funds

You may also apply at the Disaster Recovery Center in Middleton. Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) caseworkers are available to help you with registration and case status updates. The deadline to apply is  December 17, 2018.

Disaster Recovery Center
Hours: 9am-6pm (Monday-Saturday)
Lost & Found
Please take a few minutes before winter break to check the Lost and Found at Franklin for any items your child may be missing. Items will be cleared and donated on Dec. 21.

Helpful hints for children’s belongings:
Label all outerwear and clothing layers with your child’s first and last name.   Items that children take off throughout the day can easily be left behind. Long sleeved clothing such as hoodies and sweaters get taken off during gym class and end up in the lost and found. 
Consider using a paint marker or fabric paint to label dark items.  Black gloves are abundant in the wintertime lost and found. Using an easy-to-see label on the inside or outside of dark-colored items will be easier for your child to identify their lost item.
Good labels help items get returned to your child.  Volunteers periodically go through all lost and found items looking for children’s names. When first and last names are accurate, the items go back to the classroom so that the teacher can return them to the correct owner. 
Franklin Playground Volunteers Still Needed
Kids playing on the Franklin playground in winter.
We still need a few more volunteers to help out on the Franklin playground during recess.

We have openings on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday , and Friday from 10:55–Noon .

Our playground volunteers are a huge help to the teachers and staff and it's a great time to spend an hour outside with kids!

If you can help out, please email Anne Saracino or fill out the google form  here.  
Thanks for Supporting the Regent Resale
Thank you to all of the Regent Resale donors and shoppers! The sale was a success, with a total profit of nearly $4,000, which will be shared between the West PTSO and the F/R PTO. 

Special thanks to the following volunteers: Leigh Luedtke, Beth Ross, Ann Sydnor, Anne Saracino, Sarah Bahauddin, Nancy Massoglia, Sarah Wanish, Karla Knobel, Melissa Vaughan, Jennifer Forlenza, Dana Scheckel, and the Lauer family.

An extra thanks to Jenny Pilling for her great marketing work.

See you in the spring!
NASA's Ultima Art Campaign
As you may know, NASA's New Horizon flew by the   dwarf planet Pluto in 2015 , which was amazing in itself. However, it has continued on its journey, directed towards the Kuiper Belt object named   Ultima Thule . It will reach Ultima Thule on January 1st. 

How cool!! 

NASA recently announced an "Ultima Art Campaign" for Students. The idea is for students K-12 to send NASA their best space artist rendition of what they think New Horizons will encounter on January 1st. This campaign can get your kids excited about space exploration and is a venue for young artists.   The file size limit is 25 MB and is due December 27th

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