April 12, 2019
Reminder: Marvelous Math Day
Happening this Sunday!
We hope to see you this Sunday, April 14 , from 1–3 p.m. in the Franklin gym for puzzle solving, tower building, 3D-model creating and more during Marvelous Math Day. Join your Franklin and Randall friends for a family-friendly afternoon of self-guided exploration, games and puzzles celebrating math. If you have any questions about this event, please email Leigh Luedtke at   jimandleigh@gmail.com .  
Change to End-of-Day Door Locking Procedure
In the coming weeks, Randall will be adopting a new procedure in regards to locking all doors at the end of the school day. Currently, Randall unlocks their doors to allow easier access for parents/guardians picking up students at the end of day. However, we are changing this procedure to mirror Franklin and ensure greater safety. Please be aware this may affect after school kids who leave the building for any reason and need to come back in. There will be no one in the office past 3:15 pm to buzz students and/or adults in.

Adults needing to sign out students from Randall’s After School Program will be buzzed in by Wisconsin Youth Company Staff.
Full-size plastic hangers needed
A rack with clothes hangers on it.

The Franklin Health office could use full size plastic hangars, if you have any “hanging” around. 
Thank you! 
2019 Parent Workshop Series:
Developing Minds to Think Creatively!
GOAL:  This workshop series was created to help parents analyze and develop formal and informal learning experiences to increase the opportunities for creative thinking in their children. Research has shown that creative thinking improves cognitive function, emotional health, social connection, and sense of belonging to a community.


MAY 13th – TOPIC: Challenge, Skills, and Failure
June 3rd TOPIC: Happiness and Creativit y

6–7:30 p.m.

Where:  The Roman Candle Pizzeria – Come early to order food and socialize!
2636 Monroe St.

Presented by:  Heather vonOesen Dean
M.Ed., NBPT (MC-Gen), B.A. in Studio Art/Art History, ESOL and Gifted Endorsement

is scheduled for May 17th
Students running laps around the school’s playground.
What is the Flash Dash?  A healthy and fun fundraising event! For 20 minutes students and staff will run laps around our school’s playground in both traditional and non-traditional ways.

What will Franklin use the money raised towards?  The funds raised will go towards Franklin’s playground renovation.

How can I help?  We will need several volunteers the day of the event (sign-up coming soon). You can also help by sponsoring a student and making a donation.
MORE INFORMATION on volunteer opportunities and sponsorship COMING SOON! 
Randall Garden News
Thank you to everyone who donated plants to the Randall Garden through Plant Dane! 36 native plants were donated, and Ms. Beshay’s 4th grade class will be prepping the garden, planting the plants, and tending the garden toward the end of the school year, as part of their science curriculum. Thank you, Katie Ginder-Vogel, for all your work on the project!

The Eagle Scouts, volunteers and LEAP students continue to finish the raised beds and repair/ prepare the existing beds for class projects and Unity Days. 

We’ll need volunteers to tend the garden this summer, so think about whether your family is interested in volunteering some time in the garden this summer! More to come!
Playtime Productions’ The Red Shoes
Local all-children theatre company, Playtime Productions , will perform The Red Shoes 15 times throughout the area in April and May.

Most performances have a $2 per person suggested donation, and some are free.

The  schedule can be found here . Please  contact  Donna Wong  with questions.
Banner image for The Red Shoes with a dancer wearing red shoes.
Goals of the Franklin-Randall Parent Teacher Organization (PTO) include helping children, parents, teachers and schools build a strong and positive school community.
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