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Since the launch of our newly updated site, we've had over 300,000 YouTube licenses in the past 90 days!!! With over 30,000 unique visits a day, about 3,500 of them select the 'Free for Personal Use YouTube License!' daily! We add new music and new composers to the Freeplay Music library daily so keep checking back for newly uploaded music to use in all of your YouTube videos and more! With our automated licensing system, it's as easy as 1-2-3!

With our constant adding of new composers and artists into the Freeplay Music library, we've uploaded over 250 volumes of brand new music in the past month!! We've expanded our genres to everything you can possibly think of, from quirky, soundtrack and funk, all the way to nursery rhymes, ambience and opera so all of our users can have as many possible categories to search through. We pride ourselves on our quality of music as well as having great relationships with our composers! *If you're interested in listening to our Halloween playlist, please click here!

We're also offering an exclusive agreement to all of our composers, now allowing them higher revenue participation. If anyone is interested in the benefits of becoming an exclusive composer, how it works or would like to know more about it please call us or email for more info!

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Orchestral Moods Volume 1

This collection of finely crafted string and orchestral compositions from composer Mike Levine offers a variety of moods, ranging from gentle and soothing, to dark and mysterious. Orchestral Moods Vol. 1 takes classical orchestral style, and applies it in a simplistic fashion. With its simple harmonies and flowing melodic phrasing, make sure to check out these tracks while in search for that perfect mood.

Composer Jose Arias brings glitchy electronic tracks packed with some serious punch. Modern Electronic Vol. 3 has an odd flow to it, yet grooves none the less. Energetic synth sounds propel each of these tracks forward, with a use of vocal samples to give a more distinct sound. Make sure to check these tracks to find that solid groove your looking for.

Light, fun soundtracks blending soft synth textures with rhythmic melodies to create peaceful, ambient moods. Composer Warren Chadwick's tracks are elegant arrangements showing much restraint, but without getting boring. Each track in Soundtrack Moods Volume 17 sets the mood and brings you there 100%. Thoughtful choices of timbre allow the listener to get lost in the sound-world presented. Repetition makes these tracks groove, and give a sense of familiarity, while subtle variation tells the story.

YouTube To Stage Its Own Music Awards Show 


If YouTube has proven anything over the past eight years, it's that humans are big-time voyeurs. And one of the things we like to watch most is music. From a pre-teen Justin Bieber starting a revolution from his bathroom to Psy making the world realize we all love Korean hip-hop, YouTube has launched artists that a few decades ago might never have broken out of their own backyards.


To celebrate that power, the mother of all video platforms announced Tuesday that it would throw its first-ever YouTube Music Awards show on Nov. 3 - on YouTube, of course.


While there's no immediate threat to the venerable Grammys and cheeky MTV Video Music Awards, the Google-owned company has brought out a few big guns for the inaugural 90-minute show, which will hand out seven awards to nominees who over the past year garnered the biggest slice of YouTube views, shares and other metrics of online love.




Twice Grammy Award nominated composer Ernie Lake has been a part of Freeplay since the very early days of our library! He grew up in Brooklyn and started out as a drummer. After a few years he took an interest in engineering and producing. His first real gig was engineering a few tracks on the multi platinum Sisters With Voices (SWV) CD.  


Ernie decided to put his music into the FPM library because he likes "the fact that you can monitor and get correct accounting on your catalog and being affiliated with quality composers." His music is electronic/dance, pop and new folk. He is influenced by anything uplifting with story telling lyrics. Ernie's favorite band is Led Zeppelin and likes to listen to dance, pop, country and chill/lounge music. His other passions besides music are his wife and daughter.  


Please check out a few of his volumes listed below!!


Hip Hop Vol. 5 

Dance & Pop Vol. 10 

 Electronic Grooves Vol. 3 

Modern Rock Vol. 3

Trance-Floor Vol. 1 

Piano Solos Vol. 2  


To view more of Ernie Lake's music on, please browse by composer and select 'Ernie Lake' for a full list of his volumes.  



As per Freeplay's Terms of Use, Freeplay offers free network synchronization to all BMI / ASCAP & SESAC, national network content broadcasts in exchange for music cue sheet compliance.

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