Promoting Local Revenue StreamsAugust, 2013

The interest in local dedicated funding streams for children in California is building.  We have had to move our September 27 conference to a larger setting because registration is so high.  We are happy to report that we now have space to accommodate everyone interested. So join your colleagues from 28 different cities and counties throughout the state and feel free to urge others to attend.
REGISTRATION RE-OPENED for First-ever Conference on Dedicated Funding for CA's Children
September 27, 9:30 - 2:45
Conference moved to larger venue: Waterfront Hotel, beautiful setting in Jack London Square, Oakland, CA 
This is a unique opportunity to learn about dedicated public funding streams for services to California's children, youth and families - what is possible and what it takes to get them enacted at the local level.  
The Conference will include a keynote by successful political consultant Larry Tramutolacase examples of dedicated funding streams in California, and what the polling tells us about the public's receptivity to funding measures for children.  You will learn about next steps your community can take, and a realistic timeline to get there.
Workshops by California's leading experts include:
  • Creating a children's budget - a first step in getting dedicated funds
  • Strategies, tactics and messages for conservative communities
  • Nuts and bolts of a local "soda" tax
  • Polling - when, why and what you can learn
  • Community organizing and building coalitions - the key to success
  • Managing a funding stream - addressing allocations, transparency and accountability.
Attendees will hear about special taxes, fees, budget re-allocations and other creative strategies. You will learn how to assess community readiness to undertake the challenge of getting revenue measures enacted, and receive a copy of "Sidewalk Strategies: A Practical Guide for Candidates, Causes and Communities," by Tramutola -- courtesy of the California Endowment, a conference sponsor.  
About the new venue: The Waterfront Hotel, part of the boutique Joie de Vivre chain, is on the water in Oakland's lively Jack London Square.  You will enjoy the view and the access to the outdoors during the Bay Area's most beautiful weather.

Go to http://tinyurl.com/mbrodkin for registration.
Info on Funding the Next Generation www.margaretbrodkin.com/projects
Which of the following do you have in place?
Research and planning
-Comprehensive assessment of needs, expenditures and service gaps.
-Community-wide goals and outcomes for children, youth and families.
-Agreement by core stakeholders about priorities for increased funding.
Capacity of network and leadership
-Network that works together across multiple areas of children's services and has overcome turf issues.
-Convening entity with credibility to organize meetings in early phase of the work.
-Willingness and independence to speak out openly about unmet needs and funding options.
-Network members or partners beyond children's service providers, such as a large membership organizations, parent groups, youth, faith, labor, and business.
-History of collaboration to increase local budgets for children's services.
-Network members who are politically engaged and have credibility with elected officials and community.
-Funders to support early work.
Political and civic culture
-Civic culture that supports children, e.g. media, volunteers, business, private funders.
-Political leaders who have prioritized children and are current or potential allies and champions.
-Successful ballot measures that have funded education, children or human services.
-History of success in "winning-over skeptics and opponents of public funding for kids.
Use these questions to start a community discusssion about next steps.
WE VALUE YOUR FEEDBACK - If you have ideas about the conference, materials that are needed, or suggestions about the best strategies for getting the word out about dedicated funding streams, please call or e-mail.
Margaret Brodkin headshot at desk  
phone: 415-794-4963
Organize a Meeting 
in your County or City
We will travel to communities around the state to introduce stakeholders to the idea of dedicated funding streams, facilitate discussions and planning sessions, or speak at community or regional meetings or conferences.  I have been truly inspired by the visits so far - so many wonderful and dedicated folks who want to see children get the opportunities they deserve.
Call to discuss possibilities, which can also include individual phone consultations, as well as phone conference calls with your team or staff.  Margaret Brodkin: 415-794-4963
Picking a Good Issue 
for Your Budget Advocacy
Begin your journey toward a dedicated funding measure by engaging in your community's budget process.  Have your coalition pick something to work on - to get added to your local budget.  In Merced, they worked to get a town swimming pool opened. 
A winning budget proposal:
* Improves the lives of children, youth and families.
* Feels important to the general public.
* Unifies the folks in your coalition.
* Rallies a critical mass of supporters.
* Creates visible results.
* Engages the voices of parents and youth.
* Can be enacted by clearly identified decision-makers.
* Is cost-effective.
* Includes a potential funding source.
* Leads to the next step in your campaign.

Project Sponsor

First 5 Association of CA

Collaborating Partners

- California Child Care Resource and Referral Network
 - Children Now 
 - Prevent Child Abuse California 
 - California Network of Family Strengthening Networks 
- California Coverage and Health Initiatives
- The Children's Partnership
- Youth Leadership Institute

Pro-Bono Legal Team
Orrick Public Finance Group

Sierra Health Foundation 
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