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Information to Improve YOUR Golf Game (APRIL 2019)

Jack Nicklaus:
  "Letter To My Younger Self" 

This article by Jack Nicklaus is "worth the price of admission" to reading my newsletter.  Know a young kid who is really into learning to play golf? - know parents who want to be great with their young kids?  Well, treat yourself and read every word of this wonderful article...


I have talked about this topic before, but here at the "real" start of the golf season, it might be good to revisit it.  I see so many golfers who play with one shaft in their irons and then another - often much heavier - shaft in their wedges.  Might work, but for many not so.  Let Wedge Guru Terry Koehler give you some great advice for your wedges!


Rocket Powered Golf Club?  When when I first saw this I thought "April Fools?" - but I think it is legit, and lots of fun!!


And FINALLY - Tiger And Conor - What A Promotional Team!

Scoring Tips For "Us Old Guys!"  

Thanks to my golfing friend Doug Goeringer for sending me the first article a few months ago.  Many of you reading this are older than 60, and it is hard to give up "the way we used to be."  I personally believe that all of us, as we age, can play as well or better than we ever have played if we do some of the things talked about in this article.
To me, playing the correct tees and being sure we keep or improve our flexibility are biggies for continuing to play well and enjoy our golf.
Why not have this mantra - "Enjoy The Back Nine!"  My best golfing friend recently turned 80, and he decided a few weeks ago to play the most forward tees on our course - And He Has Beamed Every Since!!  

  Some Practice Goodies!    
Below are links to three great posts I found this past month, related to approaches to improving parts of your Golf Practice.  All a little different, all focused on helping you to Shoot Lower Scores!!
Worst Ball or Best Ball?  One of these two ways to practice on the course could appeal to you at different times.  Worst Ball - tougher.  Best Ball (I like 3 ball scramble!!) - nourishing!!  Both have a place in learning to play better.
John Graham Green Reading Drill.  John Graham, PGA Tour Putting Coach with Short Game Secrets, shared this beautiful little putting drill that you can use to reinforce your ability to read greens - using small golf ball markers to display the line you have chosen.
James Clear on Deliberate Practice.  James Clear wrote THE improvement book of 2019 - Atomic Habits.  Read this article he wrote on what deliberate practice is, and and to ensure that you make it effective....
(One more James Clear tidbit - in the book he talks about the value of embracing and loving boredom - priceless!) 
Centennial Academy Open House
AND Mizuno Fitting Day!
Visit me at the Centennial Golf Academy Open House on Tuesday April 30.  If you have not been there before, come and let me show you my Fitting Club Room, and also our wonderful hitting bays where I do fittings and putting instruction.  I will also hand out free copies of my book "The Fit Is IT!!" and of the Tom Wishon 12 Myths books - as long as they last!

Also on April 30, from 2 pm to 6 pm, we will have our annual
Mizuno Fitting Day on the range at Centennial.  Come to check out all of the new Mizuno club options AND the updated version of the Mizuno DNA Shaft Fitting Tool!

When you read this, my wife Diane and I will just be returning from a "bucket list" Paris To Normandy River Cruise.  No golf there - just a great time!

And next month, May - May is going to be a Very Interesting Month, more on that in the future!

Tony Wright 
Oak Ridge, TN