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Information to Improve YOUR Golf Game (JANUARY 2018)

The 2017 Pro Golf Synopsis!!    

Richie Hunt is a golf statistician who creates a yearly document called The Pro Golf Synopsis.  It is a fabulous read for golfers interested in how to improve their course management and shoot lower scores, and to learn how their favorite golfer performed in 2017 (he has stats in the document for performance of EVERY Tour Pro!). He also provides some terrific course management guidance for golfers - an example is "The Golden Rule For Golf Decision Making" - which is make your club decisions based on your average shot, not on your great swing results. 

Here is an excerpt from the 2017 edition - about how different types of breaking putts affect Tour golfer performance...

More than 300 pages of information, an absolute steal for $10.  Here is your link to purchase this (I get nothing from promoting it...)


At the December David Orr Flatstick Certification training I attended, one of the first things David emphasized to us as putting instructors is that "Putting Is Always An Inside Job."  The mental side of putting is huge.  Here is an article on his thoughts on this...


Just for fun! - Here are some videos of some Insane Golf Trick Shots!

Iron Club Length and Center Contact:
The Basics MATTER! 
Fitting for length is such a basic part of the custom fitting of irons - but one that is easy to take for granted about its importance.   The goal about all elements of a custom iron fitting is to promote THIS (thanks to my Canadian friend Brian Morrissey for this photo from his web site)...
Center contact - high smash factor - best distance easily.  All while being in an athletic setup that will promote you making your best golf swings. 
This is not to say that club length is the only custom fitting parameter that can promote center strikes.  But if you are NOT playing the right length clubs, you will have to make swing compensations that can affect your ability to achieve the results you desire.
So a few things to consider in being fit for length for your irons...
  • First - wrist-to-floor charts for club length are always a good starting point.  But hitting different length iron test clubs - and seeing what your posture is and what your club contact is - is even better.
  • Second - if you are a golfer who has for example "always hit irons 1/2 inch over standard" - well maybe they are right for you - but maybe not.  Be open to finding a great fit for your iron club lengths.  You may be pleasantly surprised!
  • Third - the MOI/swingweight feel of irons will definitely vary with different lengths.  A rule of thumb is making a club shorter by 1/2 inch will reduce the swingweight by 3 swingweight points.  Maybe shorter will feel too light - but headweight can always be added to improve weight feel and performance.
  • Finally - most of the great custom fitters I know do not build clubs to standard 3/8 inch length differences - the build to close to 3/8th inch length differences.  This will result in a set of clubs that allow you to create a consistent athletic setup throughout your iron set.

Get the iron club length right FIRST - you will be glad you did!


My Favorite Golf Improvement
Books of 2017!

There were three books I read this past year that have had a personal impact on how I play golf and how I think about learning and self improvement in my golf and in my life...
Golf From Point A by Susie Meyers and Valerie Lazar.  My favorite golf specific improvement book of 2017.  The back cover of this book says: " Point A shows you that simple is highly effective and improving your game is more about where your mind is than where your backswing is."  Definitely a book worth reading.

The Mindside Manifesto by Dr. Bhrett McCabe.  If you watch the Golf Channel, you most likely have seen Bhrett talking about how he helps athletes achieve greatness.  Again from the back cover of the book:
"A fully engaged life always begins in the mind, which directs thoughts, feelings, and actions to create the pathways and habits that are untimately responsible for success."  What I call a "50 sticky marker book."
The Art Of Learning by Josh Waitzkin.  This book is a favorite of Scott Fawcett, who developed the Decade golf strategy system.  My absolute favorite, and thought provoking, book of the year.  Josh is a chess master who was the topic of the movie "Searching For Bobby Fischer." But he is much more than that.  The book talks about the mental side of his success in chess and now in martial arts.  Golden information for life and golf improvement.
And an added bonus!  There is also an Art Of Learning web site, and on that site you can access some Self Study Guides.  I have browsed these guides, and they are also great.
The 2018 PGA Equipment Show!
In a week, I will be off to this year's PGA Equipment Show - for the 8th time.  For me, this is a must thing to do to continue to improve as a custom club fitter and putting instructor.  I have a lot to accomplish at the Show this year - and also an exciting secret mission that I plan to report on next month!

Stay Warm - Play Golf When You Can!

Tony Wright 
Oak Ridge, TN

The Custom Club Fitting Experience 
Of Your Life - And Lower Scores ALWAYS!