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Game Improvement Golf Newsletter

Information to Improve YOUR Golf Game (JUNE 2019)

It Is GREAT To Be Back!! 
Yes it is.  I had prostate removal surgery on May 13, and I have been amazed at how successful the surgery was.  Many many prayers and good wishes from people - I am very thankful.

Yes I did not do anything physically taxing during my recovery - but I DID (and am still) doing some reading and watching videos.  All with the intent of continuing to find things to help all of you Play Your Best Golf.  This month's newsletter contains some of the information I learned and discovered for me and for you.


My friend Brandon Horvath recently reminded me about a great John Graham ( Short Game Secrets) video he did with Brad Faxon.  I hope you listen to all of this, but in particular to the Putting Drill - seeing the Maximum Break of a Putt - that is discussed about 18 minutes into the video...


Think avoiding bogey or worse matters to the big guys?  Well, it depends, but enjoy this great article by Mark Broadie.  As expected, Tiger sets the standard!!

TrackMan University Goodies  

For a year or so, I have wanted to complete some on-line training through a web site called "TrackMan University,"  Here is a link to that site...
As I write this newsletter, I have almost finished doing the exams for this training - yay!  Many of the videos that are on this site are available as YouTube videos - so why not share them with you!!
If you take about 20 minutes to watch all of these, you will have a greater appreciation for how to create the most distance with your driver, what the Ball Flight Laws really mean, and how golfers actually create straight shots.  So here you go, enjoy these video links!!

  The Practice Manual And The  
Fluid Motion Factor:
Variability and Compensations!   
This past month I reread one of my favorite golf improvement books - Adam Young's The Practice Manual.  I also rewatched some of the Steven Yellin's Fluid Motion Factor training videos (I am a certified Fluid Motion Factor Instructor).  Hang in with me while I provide some interesting quotes from The Practice Manual - and then I will provide some insights that can help you play YOUR Exceptional Golf...
"Technique is the procedure used to complete a task."
"Skill is the ability to coordinate the entirety of movement to produce the desired outcome." "Skill is adaptability."
"An ability to compensate may actually define a skill rather than detract from it."

"Encourage both a lower need for compensations, and at the same time encourage more positive movement variability."

"The central nervous system does not eliminate degrees of freedom, but instead it uses all of them to ensure flexible and stable performance of motor tasks."
We use techniques and skills to accomplish tasks - like hitting drives, pitch shots, and putts.  To play OUR Best Golf, we want to keep unnecessary compensations to a minimum (like play with custom clubs that really fit our game), but also realize that movement variability to create golf swings is ALWAYS there.  
We NEVER swing exactly the same way to create a shot result.  NEVER.  But the GOOD news is our brains and central nervous system know how to use variability to create great results - IF WE DO NOT GET IN THE WAY BY TRYING TO OVER CONTROL OUR GOLF SWINGS!! 
The Practice Manual and The Fluid Motion Factor are on exactly the same page - Optimizing Golf Performance!
August 2 It Is!!  

I am looking forward to my first round of golf again - planned for August 2 - the day before my 70th birthday - can't wait!!

I will be back at custom fitting and putting instruction the last week of June (three new sessions already booked).  And I also will start teaching some Fluid Motion Factor classes - to help golfers learn how to access their best golf results - "What They Already Own." 

Have a great start of your summer!!

Tony Wright 
Oak Ridge, TN