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Game Improvement Golf Newsletter

Information to Improve YOUR Golf Game (OCTOBER 2018)

Conor Moore Impressions:
The People Pleaser! 

I just cannot get enough of this guy and his golf impressions.  I suspect you can find a number of links to him - but this one is more of a "why and how" he is doing what he does.  And it also includes some of his great impressions!


It is very easy to get hung up in trying to create swing technique to create "spinny" short wedge shots.  However, this video shows you something simple that can help your results!


Thanks Jack Bagocus for this link to combining some great Moe Norman shots with Shot Tracer Technology! 


Life Is Too Short
To Work On The Uninspiring!

Strokes Gained Putting:
What Is YOUR Score?

You readers know that Mark Broadie's book Every Shot Counts describes a Strokes Gained Putting metric - for understanding and evaluating your putting performance.  I have often wondered - how would my putting stack up against Tour Level putting performance?
Well- as a little experiment - I created a spreadsheet using information from Mark Broadie's book to calculate Strokes Gained Putting for a round of golf.  The spreadsheet I developed calculates Strokes Gained Putting based on Tour Level Golfer data and data for golfers who shoot in the 90s.
I played this past Friday, and the putting data for my round is shown in the image below...
Based on Tour Level Performance, my SGPutting for the round was -3.37 strokes.  Compared to an average round for a Tour Pro, my number of putts was 3.37 higher.   
My long distance putting was good, no 3 putts for all first putts of 20 feet or longer.  Needed to make more putts in the 5 to 15 foot lengths.  I had 7 putts from 5 to 15 feet on Friday.
I plan to continue to do this analysis for every future golf round - and use the results to guide my efforts to Make More Putts.  It took 5 seconds after each hole to write down the data I needed to collect.
If YOU would like me to calculate SGPutting results for one of your rounds, contact me by email.  AND I will send you a printout of your SGPutting Data Results.  INTERESTING INFORMATION! 

Michael Lardon "Finding YOUR Zone"   
    Mental Scorecard!       

I am enjoying reading "Finding Your Zone" by Dr. Michael Lardon.  Lots of great insights in this book, but one small part is worth putting into your game - creating a Mental Process Scorecard.
Consider asking yourself these three questions for each shot that you hit during a round of golf...
  • Did you visualize the shot you wanted to hit before hitting it?
  • Were you fully committed to hitting the shot before you hit it?
  • Did you back away from the shot, and let your mind clear, if you had any doubts before hitting it?
If you did these three things for each shot you get a YES.  If you answer no to any of these three things, you get a NO.   
So for each of your shots during a round, what percentage of YES scores did you have?  Tour Pros who commit to this process scorecard get in the range of 90%.   
The BEAUTY of this is now Matter What Your Scorecard Score you can control your Shot Process Score.  And I bet your Scorecard Scores can improve if you can improve your Shot Process Scores.
At this link, you can get access to a downloadable Mental Scorecard from Dr. Lardon.  Worth doing I believe!
(I learned about Dr. Lardon's books from my DECADE course management app videos...). 
Play The Melody!
I realize not all of you will listen to my podcast interviews.  BUT - this 3 minute excerpt from Golf Improvement Podcast #116 is worth your time to help you improve your ability to Putt Your Best .  

My personal golf clubs are PHENOMENAL for my game - and so are the clubs I have created for my golfing clients.   


Tony Wright 
Oak Ridge, TN