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Profit Margins 2nd Quarter 2017

The shareholders and professionals at Glickstein Laval Carris, P.A. are pleased to provide you with our 2nd Quarter 2017 newsletter.  We hope you are all doing well!
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Determing if Your Business is Subject to State Tax
By Bethany K. Lusby, CPA, MST
Operating in one physical location is no longer ideal for businesses that want to remain profitable in the ever-changing landscape. To adapt, many businesses are straying away from traditional business models where they would typically operate in physical locations and moving towards virtual business models. As businesses expand their operations across state lines, it becomes increasingly complex for states to collect taxes.
How the New Audit Rules Will Impact Estate Planning
By W. Neal Carris, CPA

Future changes to partnership audit rules will impact estate planning. Typically, one would not assume these changes would impact estate planning but they do, considering many estates have LLCs taxed as partnerships to obtain valuation discounts. Entities taxed as partnerships will need to update their operating agreements so they:

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