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Profit Margins 1st Quarter 2018

The shareholders and professionals at Glickstein Laval Carris, P.A. are pleased to provide you with our 1st Quarter 2018 newsletter.  We hope your 2018 has started out great!
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2018 Standard Mileage Rates Announced for Business, Charitable, Medical and Moving Purposes
By Bethany K. Lusby, CPA, MST


IRS, States, and Tax Industry Warn Employers to Beware of Form W-2 Scam
By Richard M. Ornstein, CPA, CGMA

The Internal Revenue Service, state tax agencies, and the tax industry urges all employers to educate their payroll personnel about a Form W-2 phishing scam that made victims of hundreds of organizations and thousands of employees last year.

Taxpayer Guide to Identity Theft
By Mary C. Dantuma, CPA, MST, CGMA

We know identity theft is a frustrating process for victims. The IRS is taking this issue very seriously and continues to expand on their robust screening process to stop fraudulent returns.

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