Geneva Point Center, Celebrating 100 Years in 2019
Geneva Point Center
December 2018
 Seasons greetings from Geneva Point Center

From Our President
Kirsten Nielsen

As 2018 draws to a close, and we look forward with great anticipation to our centennial year, it's a good time to remember what a unique and special place Geneva Point Center is.
Our mission statement:
Through the beauty of our natural setting and inclusive hospitality, Geneva Point Center provides a place to rejuvenate, nurture relationships and prepare to build a better world.
For 100 years, religious groups, youth camps, family reunions and other gatherings, large and small, have met at Geneva Point to relax, renew their spirits, strengthen family ties, commune with nature, and contemplate how they might help to build a better world.
A young woman who grew up attending camp at GPC will be married there next fall. She says:
"Geneva Point Center is a second home for me after spending time there every summer for over 30 years. The grounds are stunning, and the staff is incredibly friendly. Beyond all of this, though, are the memories that are safely made and kept there. After so many years, every tree, bench, building and rocking chair reminds me fondly of time spent there with family and friends. I think the reason GPC is so special to so many people is because it is a sacred home to our memories. That is why it was an easy choice to hold our wedding there next year. My dad passed away several years ago, but I know his spirit will be there on our wedding day, just like it always is. I look forward to every visit to GPC, and to the new memories that I will make there."
I invite you to consider how you can help ensure that Geneva Point Center can continue its mission as a place where special memories are made.
Wishing you all the best for the holiday season and in 2019,
Kirsten Nielsen
President, Board of Directors

 Geneva Point Center 
100th Anniversary Weekend Celebration
June 21-23, 2019
Mark your calendar!

In 2019 Geneva Point Center will celebrate its 100th year. We have reserved the entire campus for a weekend long event. See below for how to get a calendar to mark it on.
Contact the Geneva Point Office to make your reservations. The weekend will kick off Friday evening with a Director's Reception for all sustaining (monthly) contributors and all other active 2019 contributors.

Most of the feature events will happen on Saturday, June 22nd. Among the features of that day will be historical exhibits from camp and conference groups and families of GPC's past and present, historical lecture, open swimming and boating, guided walking tours, banquet and special presentation, concert and dancing.

Whether you can attend or not, you can be a part of the celebration. Share your GPC memorabilia (photos, documents, artworks, classic t-shirts, stories, artifacts, etc.). Send items or let us know what you have by mail to 108 Geneva Point Road, Moultonborough, NH 03254 or by email to

From Our Executive Director
Peter Claypoole

When it gets to this quiet time of year at Geneva Point I tend to reflect on what we do here and why it is so important. When I ask that question of our campers, guests, volunteers and others, I hear stories and comments about family, friends, nature, and community. People tell me about the sense of peacefulness and being at home they experience. I hear about escape from the stress of the rest of the world, renewal, learning, inspiration and being recharged to go back out into the world beyond our gates. Those all resonate through my own reflections but there are two words that I find myself coming back to this year.

Partnership is the first word. For the entire 99-year history of Geneva Point, most everything that happens here is the result of some type of partnership between this extraordinary place and another group or organization that does something special. Whether it is a church, local school, college or university, quilting group, youth camp, family conference, special needs organization or a family, we are always in partnership to do something distinctive and positive. All of these groups have a mission of their own that complements Geneva Point's mission, and together we make these extraordinary events come to life each year. Some of those partnerships last for decades and are still a part of our annual camp and conference season. Nearly every day of July and August is taken up by just exactly those kinds of long running partnerships. I am looking forward to celebrating all of those partnerships as we celebrate the 100th anniversary of Geneva Point Center.

Stewardship is the second word. Geneva Point's 184 acre campus on the shore of one of the world's most beautiful lakes is increasingly rare and valuable. Nowhere else on the lake will you find such a long (nearly a mile), peaceful, undeveloped expanse of shoreline. The protection and care of our woods, shoreline and historic buildings is the common ground that connects everyone in the Geneva Point Center community.

I am excited about our 100th year in 2019, and to working with all of our partners to make great events happen and continuing the stewardship of this amazing place. I want to thank everyone who volunteers their time and talent or gives their financial support. Thank you as well to everyone who attends a conference, summer camp or other event because in doing so you are also supporting Geneva Point's mission of service and stewardship.

See you in 2019!    

Peter Claypoole, Executive Director

Remembering Jane Foster

Jane F oster, a great Geneva P oint Center friend, supporter and leader passed away on May 9, 2018. She served nine years on the Board of Directors. Among other roles, she served on the board's Governance and Finance Committee and as Corporate Secretary. Her thoughtful, positive and practical presence on the Board helped GPC through some of its most challenging years. She was a generous supporter and also inspired others to give their financial and volunteer support. When her service on the board ended in 2013, she was recognized for her service at the Annual Meeting in May of that year. We remember her singing and smiling and reminding us why Geneva Point is so important.

Remembering Dick Stuart

Former board member Richard Stuart died on November 30, 2018. Dick concluded his nine years on the board in 2010 and was honored for his service at GPC's annual meeting in October of that year. He first came to the Geneva Point staff in 1987, having been recruited by former GPC Executive Director Harry Widman. He served on the staff in a variety of capacities for a few years before going on with his education and career in ministry and counseling. His connection with GPC continued for the rest of his life as board member, volunteer and generous contributor. He was a great advocate for Geneva Point among the many causes and missions he cared about. He truly did make the world a better place.

July 14-20, 2019

As part of the 100th year celebration, Geneva Point will reintroduce an old favorite annual event called Camp Family .  

Camp Family is for individuals, couples and families that have some connection to Geneva Point and are looking for a new way to stay connected, enjoy the place, reunite with old friends and make new ones.  It is perfect for former staff or board members, those who attend or attended other camps or conferences at Geneva Point and want to come again, or others.

The general idea is to offer a relaxed time at Geneva Point with your meals provided and a light fare of optional activities including beach time, swimming, kayaking, canoeing, outdoor games, walks in the woods, campfires, music and dancing.  The program is being designed to be simple , flexible , enjoyable and affordable for families or individuals.  There will be a week long (Sunday-Saturday) package or short week (Sunday-
Thursday) package.  
Your Support Matters

We made it to 100.  To help launch the next century of camps, retreats, conferences and other great events on Lake Winnipesaukee, you matter!

Your annual support is critical to our success. Our mission, as a camp and conference center and as stewards of a beautiful natural setting, only becomes more important as the world grows more complex and turbulent.
We need you. Your continuing support will directly contribute to Geneva Point's highest priorities:
  • Preservation and restoration of the Barn
  • Refurbishing of Gibbes House guest rooms and other guest accommodations
  • Care and improvement of waterfront facilities, programs and safety
  • Attending to critical infrastructure projects
  • Attracting and supporting outstanding staff and volunteers
  If you send an annual gift of $100 or more, or make a monthly sustaining pledge of $10/month or more, you will receive our special  100th Anniversary 2019 calendar and an invitation to a special appreciation event on Friday, June 21, 2019.

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