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Issue D 2017 
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Tips for Collecting Past Due Balances
By W. Neal Carris, CPA
It's inevitable; every practice has patients with unpaid balances. In many offices, patient past due balances account for 30% of receivables. While it's unpleasant to ask patients to pay what is owed, it is critical to your practice that you collect this revenue. Below are some tips to help you collect past due balances.

Five-Step Plan to Develop a Data and Device Destruction Policy
By Richard M. Ornstein, CPA, CGMA

Digital advancements are a welcome change across many industries. The medical industry has experienced the convenience of these advancements through the innovation of digital patient files. The ease of accessing records through one device, rather than hundreds of patient files is appealing, but it also brings about security challenges. The days of securing files in a locked room are over, and although patient information may seem more secure on a device, there are still risks that need to be identified and mitigated.
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