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March 4, 2020
Time management - A key to running a home-based business

Time management is one of the biggest hurdles owners of home-based businesses encounter, according to longtime local psychologist Dr. Vincent Rose. Rose presented tips on time management to local business owners during a recent Home-Based Business Lunch and Learn sponsored by Gloucester’s Economic Development department at the Bay Transit facility located off Fiddlers Green Road.

Gloucester to recognize Flood Awareness Week

March 8-14 marks Flood Awareness Week in Virginia. This is an ideal time for residents to prepare for potential flooding ahead of spring rains and the upcoming hurricane season. Throughout the week and into the spring season, Gloucester County will focus on educating the public about flood risk and the importance of flood insurance for those in high risk areas.

Gloucester County currently enjoys a 20 percent discount to flood insurance premiums thanks to the County’s participation in the Community Ratings System (CRS). The CRS is a National Flood Insurance Program run by FEMA through which localities’ floodplain management efforts are measured and rated using a prescribed series of available creditable activities.

Image: A garage in the Jenkins Neck area of Gloucester shown just after Hurricane Isabel passed through the area in 2003 depicts the destruction that flood waters can cause. (Image courtesy Gloucester-Mathews Gazette-Journal)
Board of Equalization County of Gloucester

Virginia Public notice is hereby given that the Board of Equalization for the County of Gloucester is scheduled to meet on the days listed below. The Board will hear submitted applications that have been filed claiming an error in assessment of Fair Market Value, Lack of Uniformity, and Errors in Property Description or Characteristics. The Board will also hear from the assessor and staff, and after consideration, INCREASE, DECREASE, OR AFFIRM the assessment. Before a change can be granted, the taxpayer or agent must overcome the legal presumption that the assessment is correct.

Applicants have been notified of their hearing date and time via certified mail. Meetings of the Board of Equalization to hear objections will be held at the Colonial Courthouse, 6504 Main Street, Gloucester, VA 23061. The scheduled dates and times are:

March 31, 2020, Beginning at 9:00 AM - Organizational Meeting
April 03, 2020, Beginning at 9:00 AM - Appeal Hearings
April 07, 2020, Beginning at 9:00 AM - Appeal Hearings
April 08, 2020, Beginning at 9:00 AM - Appeal Hearings
April 09, 2020, Beginning at 9:00 AM - Appeal Hearings
April 10, 2020, Beginning at 9:00 AM - Appeal Hearings
April 14, 2020, Beginning at 9:00 AM - Approve Minutes and Orders April 17, 2020, Beginning at 9:00 AM - Approve Minutes and Orders

By Order of the Board of Equalization 6489 Main Street Gloucester, VA 23061 (804) 693-1325
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Gloucester County is currently recruiting for the following positions:

  • Administrative Assistant for Community Engagement and Public Information

  • Custodian

  • Assistant Director of Utilities

Please visit our website for the complete job posting, job description and to apply.
Gloucester receives national award for its budget presentation

Gloucester County’s Department of Financial Services has received the Government Finance Officers Association’s Distinguished Budget Presentation Award for its budget for the fifth consecutive year.

The award represents a significant achievement by the County, reflecting the commitment of the governing body and staff to meet the highest principles of governmental budgeting, according to the GFOA. In order to receive the budget award, Gloucester County had to satisfy nationally recognized guidelines for effective budget presentation.

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