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What's Your Home Theater Goal?
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You're among our most important contacts. You may own GoldenEar products or, at the very least, you've expressed an interest in what we do to make GoldenEar unique among speaker brands. We appreciate that very much and want to ensure that you get as much enjoyment from your audio system as you can. 

That's the overarching goal of this newsletter and will remain so as we send out more issues, new product announcements and new product reviews. We'll try to strike a good balance, technical articles will be included, but not too "geeky" to enjoy - informative and fun above all else. Happy listening and welcome aboard!

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It's About Time ...


Not to brag or anything, but the last year has been a great one for GoldenEar. What's even more incredible is that we've been able create a successful speaker company from scratch during these difficult economic times (not to mention the morphing of the audio industry we grew up in into an iPod™/headphone business). We'd like to think it's all due to our superior intelligence, fabulous marketing prowess and amazing good looks (OK. Semi-amazing good looks). But the truth is, it's mostly due to Sandy's vision and the engineering team's developing spectacular products at prices that make them truly terrific values.

And your discerning taste in buying lots of them. Thanks.


Over a year ago we invited GoldenEar owners to pony
up and subscribe to our forthcoming newsletter. A goodly number of you did just that. Unfortunately, we got so busy building a dealer network and developing products and supporting our customers that the newsletter just slipped way back in priority and never got written. Until now.


It's our intention to make this newsletter much more than a marketing exercise. We're gonna fill it with articles designed to help you maximize the enjoyment you get from using GoldenEar products (and the rest of your audio and audio/video systems). We're trying to cover a broad range of readers so some of you may find segments of these newsletters old hat. Others may find the very same verbiage pretty advanced. And at times we may get a little technical. Your feedback will hopefully help direct our efforts as we continue to send these out to you. We may even challenge some innate beliefs and misconceptions ("Hey, there's something wrong with this surround system!! There were a couple of seconds when I couldn't hear those rear channels. I better crank 'em up a bit.")


We're asking you to be more than just a passive reader. We'd like to hear from you regarding topics you'd like us to cover, questions you have regarding pure stereo and home theater and
any other relevant audio topics. If we don't know the answer, we'll try to get it for you. And if you can, send in some pictures of your system with a description and we'll try to publish some in future issues (there's also a spot on our website forum for you to show off your system). Note that any materials you send should be free of copyright encumbrances' and open for us to publish in these e-mails. Be sure to include your e-mail address in case we have questions for you as well. Send 'em to, subject line "Newsletter".


Thanks, hope you enjoy the newsletter
SuperCinema 3D Array System
The Incredible New SuperCinema
3D Array Soundbar System
What's Your Home  
Theater Goal?


Ask most audio oriented Home Theater buffs that question and you'll likely get a range of responses. Many will say "I'd like to duplicate the movie theater experience (sans the sticky floors)." Some will say "To reproduce the movie soundtrack as accurately as possible (you know, that ol' Hi-Fidelity thingie)."


We'd agree with those goals too. But after a whole bunch of years in this business we've observed an interesting phenomenon; the reality is many Home Theater buffs would be more than satisfied if they had three fundamental audio "elements": 


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Sandy Receives CEA Award
CEA's Gary Shapiro presents Sandy Gross with the CEA Award
Sandy Gross Awarded Small Business Executive of the Year by CEA              
The following is reprinted from TWICE Magazine on Oct 10, 2012.


Steve Smith, San Francisco - Sandy Gross of GoldenEar Technology was named Small Business Executive of the Year, an inaugural Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) Innovation Entrepreneur Award presented during a luncheon at its 2012 CEA Industry Forum.


Gross is co-founder of Polk Audio, Definitive Technology and his latest business, GoldenEar Technology.


At Polk he was in charge of marketing and product concepts. In 1988 Gross left Polk, then founded Definitive Technology in 1990. The company designed high-end stereo and surround-sound speakers. He retired as president in 2009 and started his third loudspeaker company, GoldenEar Technology, in 2010.
Gross is often called upon by other entrepreneurs, in the early stages of developing their companies, for advice. In his acceptance remarks he thanked audio pioneers like "Henry Kloss and Saul Marantz, who were mentors of mine," as well as his wife Anne Conaway for her tremendous support and help over so many years. He added that he has been "very lucky to make a career in high-end audio, a business that provides pleasure and entertainment."

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