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System Setup - Speaker Types and Levels
How Many Subwoofers?
Sandy's Place



We're back at it again. In this issue we're talking about surround sound system setup, how many subwoofers you might want to consider to make your life complete, and a new regular feature by Sandy, with this issue's article on some exciting new products.

The system setup info in this edition addresses the things you'll need to do before you perform the actual channel level setting. Next issue we'll go through that procedure step by step. And if you can't find your old Buck Rogers SPL meter we'll provide some supplemental information about affordable SPL meters and apps that you can use for the setup procedure. We will continue to give you lots of tools and help like this to try and ensure you get the most from your G
oldenEar system. Stay tuned...
If you have any questions or comments regarding this content, please send 'em to us at and we'll address them in the next issue. Of course, if you have immediate set up questions regarding your
system you can call our Tech support line at 410-998-9134, or email

Happy setup and happy listening!

The GoldenEar Team
Setting Your System Speaker Levels
Using a Sound Pressure Level Meter or App


Properly checking and setting the volume levels for all its channels is one of the most misunderstood yet simplest things you can do to your surround sound system to improve or, at the very least, verify its performance. We say improve because (as we've drummed into you in past issues) humans have a natural tendency to enjoy exaggeration in much of what we experience. Whether it's the larger-than-life color intensity of Kodachrome slides, over-the-top, retina frying TV's set to "Vivid", or asphalt cracking car stereo Mega-Bass, we just tend to like everything larger than life. And that's OK, as long as you understand that there's an alternative too. An alternative that reduces the exaggeration and sets the performance levels based upon the goals of the movie director or music producer.

TritonCinema Two Lifestyle  

The benefits? More accurate reproduction of recorded sound throughout your listening room, deeper involvement in the experience, more sense of "being there" with easier "suspension of disbelief".


What follows are the preliminary things you'll need to do before you can perform a manual system setup using an SPL meter or app. Next edition we'll give you step by step "how to do it" instructions that will take you to surround sound nirvana, bring joy to all your friends and family and maybe even cure seasonal allergies. (This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration or Lucasfilm . Proper system setup is not designed to cure any known medical conditions but has been known to generate a syndrome called "excess smiling" among viewers and listeners.)


There's a lot of information in here. Please take the time to carefully read each instruction. You'll be rewarded with excellent system performance if you do.


Read the Full Article ... 

One Sub, Two Sub, Three Subs more...


ForceField 5

The question of how many subwoofers to use and where to place them in the room comes up frequently so we thought we'd address it superficially here and give you lots more detail in a future issue.


Scientific research has shown that multiple subwoofers, strategically placed within a room, can deliver smoother bass response to more seats than one giant, honkin' subwoofer randomly located in the same room. Triton Twos and Threes, with their built-in powered subs, are the perfect way to get these multiple-sub benefits without extra boxes in the room! 


Now this isn't to say that if you place an 18-inch driver, 14 jigawatt sub in just about any typical residential room you won't be able to inflict pain on all but the most dedicated bass junkie. But if you agree that sheer quantity of bass isn't the primary goal but quality of the bass combined with several people being able to enjoy it is a lofty goal than we'd ask you to consider multiple subs. Again, making a pair of Triton towers with buil-in subs the perfect answer to better in-room bass performance.


Your initial reaction might be, "Sure, these guys are saying this because they wanna sell me more subs." Well, we DO want to sell more subs, but that's truly beside the point here. Incorporating multiple carefully located subwoofers in a room gives you a much better chance of getting  spectacular bass performance over a wide seating area. Since locating the typical "Big Box" sub is almost always an issue when it comes to domestic tranquility, the built-in subs in the Triton speakers eliminates the need for those extra boxes. And if you have a SuperCinema or AonCinema system, we've specifically designed GoldenEar ForceField subs to deliver excellent bass performance from unusually compact enclosures.


Right now all we'll say is in a rectangular room, one or two subs located at the center of the front (a pair of Tritons gives you those front center subs) and one or two subs located at the center rear (another pair of Tritons in the rear would be the ultimate solution) will do you proud. Add just for fun, add a couple ForceField subs located at each side wall center and you will have bass nirvana for everyone in the room! We'll explain the details in future editions, so hang in there.

Sandy with New Triton Three at CES 2012
Sandy's Place

As you've read above, we're working hard to ensure you get the most pleasure possible from your GoldenEar speakers. I personally hope you enjoy listening to them as much as I and my team enjoy designing them for you.
I thought you might also enjoy being one of the first to read about all of our latest exciting new GoldenEar product introductions in these newsletters. And I'd really love to share some of our unique designs and technology implementations (like folded ribbon tweeters and our world-beating passive radiator designs) with you. So that's my purpose in writing this column - stay tuned!

For this newsletter I'd like to tell you about three exciting new products that are just now arriving at our dealers showrooms.


ForceField 5

The extraordinary ForceField 5 incorporates all the advanced technology and innovative concepts introduced in the ForceField 3 and 4 but in a larger and even more powerful low-frequency beast. The ForceField 5 combines a long-throw 12" driver (which incorporates a huge high gauss magnet structure) driven by a GoldenEar-designed DSP-controlled 1500-Watt digital amplifier and pressure coupled to a large, downward-firing quadratic planar infrasonic radiator.
I'm personally very excited about this sub as I believe it's one of the best I've ever created. It's capable of delivering clean, articulate, musical bass and floor shaking special effects without strain or boom. Actually, I believe incorporating the ForceField 5 in your system will easily bring  major smiles to your face. Find out more about the ForceField 5 hereMark Fleischman, in his Home Theater Magazine, May 2013 review said:


 "I was dumbfounded by how much bass output the sub could muster."


"This sub will likely serve a large room with headroom to spare."


"The ForceField 5 sub handled low-frequency barrages with floor-shaking confidence..."


We couldn't agree more!


Invisa HTR-7000 and Invisa MPX 


The Invisa HTR-7000 and Invisa MPX were designed and engineered to deliver an amazing stealth home theater system that both disappears as well as delivers sound quality which rivals our free standing speakers. The HTR-7000 is a flush mount front main left, right or center channel in-ceiling speaker which incorporates basically the same cast-basket 7" driver and High Velocity Folded Ribbon drivers used in the Aon 3. They are combined with our FocusField™ Technology utilizing a unique Non-Periodic Waveform (NPW) Diffraction Control and Wave-Launch construction in a 30 degree angled configuration which focuses the sound field optimally for seated listeners in a typical living room. And, of course, they can also be used as rear or side surrounds too. They retail for $499 each. Optional Square Grilles are also available.

The Invisa MPX is a MultiPolar In-Wall/In-Ceiling speaker which combines 2 cast-basket 5.25" bass/midrange drivers (the same basic drivers coming in the new Triton Seven) which are angled left and right for wider dispersion and enhanced spaciousness and configured in a D'Appolito Array around one of our signature High Velocity Folded Ribbon Tweeters. They are perfect as rear or side wall or ceiling mounted surrounds and will find a happy home in a complete Invisa stealth system, or combined with any of our free standing speakers. They also make great sounding in-wall front main speakers for 2 channel or home theater applications. The Invisa MPX also retails for $499 each.

Please click here for more information on these new Invisa models. 


Onward and Upward,


Sandy Gross

President and Founder
GoldenEar Technology



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