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Great Picture, Lousy Sound - But We've Got the Cure!
Sandy's Place - The High Velocity Folded Ribbon


As the Holiday Season draws closer, all of us at GoldenEar would like to wish you Happy Holidays and a prosperous, fun and healthy New Year, filled with lots of joy, great home cinema experiences and wonderful music. We feel privileged to help bring you this enjoyment through GoldenEar speakers.

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Happy Holidays and happy listening!

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Lousy TV Sound and the GoldenEar Cure

The GoldenEar SuperCinema 3D Array (SC3DA) Soundbar is a  true high performance alternative in the soundbar category that's capable of real High Fidelity stereo music reproduction, in addition to home theater surround sound for movies. So what makes the GoldenEar SuperCinema 3D Array different (and better) than other sound bar solutions? First, some back story....


Amazing Video is Finally With Us


Over the past several decades, renderings of large wall hanging televisions appeared countless times in magazines like Popular Mechanics™ and Popular Science™. And they predicted these TV's would be available in the near future. But, for the longest time their crystal ball was way off. Now however, high resolution flat screen TVs and affordable high resolution projectors are real. Today you can buy these sets at amazing prices from any number of manufacturers. Actually, there's never been a better time to get spectacular, engaging video performance at home, with HD and now Ultra HD digital displays. Yes, today's video technology can bring you a whole new level of involvement and enjoyment. Talk about getting lost in the experience; just set up good sized high performance video in a darkened room and you can be visually whisked away to wherever the action on screen is taking place.

Today's High Definition Flat Panel TV's Give Us Great Picture but Horrible Sound

Something's Not Right Hear


But wait! There's a fly in this ointment. Experts correctly advise that great audio reproduction is at least 50% of any truly immersive viewing experience. And the ubiquitous flat screen TV leaves a lot to be desired in its audio performance. Dialogue reproduction is often difficult to understand, music is a shadow of itself and there's essentially no real bass. The culprit turns out to be the flat screen form factor; its narrow depth combined with ever smaller bezels means there's little room for the speakers and enclosures needed for decent acoustic performance. So you end up with great video from a beautiful, slim wall mounted TV and essentially lousy audio.


So there you sit watching a spectacular picture on your new TV, cranking up the volume, trying to understand what's being said. If you're a normal, manly kind of guy you might say, "Let's get 5 honkin' big speakers and a giant subwoofer along with a surround sound receiver to really let that new flat screen TV shine." Unfortunately, the typical SOR (Significant Other Response) to such a suggestion is often less than enthusiastic. Well, fear not. We creative types in the audio industry have come to the rescue. We've developed an audio product that can dramatically improve the acoustic performance of a flat screen TV, and when well designed, can aesthetically match the TV to boot. This magic solution is called ... wait for it ...The Soundbar!


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Sandy's Place - GoldenEar's High Velocity Folded Ribbon


Sandy with New Triton Three at CES 2012

For a very long time, most high quality high fidelity speaker systems have used some variation on the dome tweeter for high frequency reproduction. Through generations of refinement these ubiquitous drivers became the gold standard for HF sound. And although they certainly can produce reasonable high frequency output they do exhibit several limitations. Here are some of the important issues and how our High Velocity Folded Ribbon (HVFR) masters them:


A Tweeter Moves How Fast??!!?


1 - Moving mass - You want the tweeter to have extremely low mass for accurate signal tracing. Its diaphragm (dome, cone, panel or in our case, folded ribbon) has to move extremely fast to keep up with the sound frequency it's reproducing. For example, when a woofer is generating 60Hz its cone must move back and forth 120 times a second (60 positive pressure pulses and 60 negative pressure pulses). When a tweeter is creating 16kHz its diaphragm has to move back and forth (or, with our HVFR, squeeze together and expand apart) 32,000 times in a second!! Only a diaphragm with exceedingly low mass like the HVFR can respond that fast, with any hope of real accuracy.


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