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Welcome to the latest GoldenEar  newsletter. Once again we're talking technology here. We know most of those who read these newsletters are already GoldenEar owners. And we know you've read about our overarching mission to bring you exceptional audio performance that belies the price (and size) of our speakers. But we'd like to explain some of the advanced technology and design that goes into making this goal a reality.

Below you'll find an article about the proprietary Class D amplifiers we use on all our powered models. They're far more advanced than you might imagine. 

Next is an article regarding passive radiators and how GoldenEar Quadratic Planar Infrasonic Radiator system designs differ from run of the mill passive radiator and ported speakers. 

Lastly, in Sandy's Place, Sandy shares one of his recent concert experiences: Eddie Palmieri at Lincoln Center.

As always, we hope you'll find this stuff interesting and informative. And don't forget, we truly value your thoughts and feedback concerning these newsletters. 
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GoldenEar Class D 
Classy Class D
In the last edition of our newsletter we discussed common audio amplifier classes. Now we'd like to tell you about the advanced amplifiers we've developed for our GoldenEar powered systems. You might suspect that since they "only drive the woofers" we've chosen to use off the shelf generic amplifiers, an easy and inexpensive choice. Well, nothing could be farther from the truth. In Sandy and the engineering team's mission to bring truly spectacular sonic performance to you at affordable prices they consistently put our resources where they count most: in elements that deliver on that stated mission. And the amplifiers we've developed for our speakers are perfect examples of that. 
Passive Radiator Bass
System Design
Quadratic Planar Infrasonic Bass Radiators
There are many kinds of loudspeaker enclosures including sealed boxes ("infinite baffle" and "acoustic suspension"), ported, transmission line, passive radiator, and a slew of bandpass designs. The primary technologies incorporated in these enclosures are focused on enhancing and/or modifying their bass performance.
Sandy's Place - Eddie Palmieri
at Lincoln Center

Eddie Palmieri 1
One afternoon, several years ago, I was on the phone with my friend Gabby. Gabby worked for Sotheby's, at that point in the Latin American department I believe, and we were discussing a 1955 portrait by Rufino Tamayo. I happened to be listening to some Bill Evans, and Gabby asked me if I liked jazz, to which I replied, yes, my favorite music. She then started with, "Well you know, my dad's a jazz musician....." I didn't have to let her finish, Gabriela Palmieri's dad is the 10 time Grammy winner, Eddie Palmieri. Since then, I have heard Eddie about a dozen times in many different venues. In Baltimore at An Die Music (small 50 person room) with Brian Lynch (a fantastic trumpet player who often plays with Eddie), at the Blue Note (not my favorite venue, but Gabby got us good seats), the Highline Ballroom (big hall with horrible sound), the 92nd Street Y, and many more.
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