Welcome to the latest GoldenEar newsletter. In this issue we've decided to make you all great A/V demonstrators. Just imagine, all your friends and acquaintances sitting slack jawed in your home theater or listening room as you ply their emotions with the spectacular feats of your amazing audio/video presentation. Oh, boy, are you gonna be popular. And tall. Very tall. Handsome too.

Next, on our continuing efforts to keep you updated concerning source material that will highlight the capabilities of your system we've got an update on high-resolution streaming that should be of interest.

In Sandy's Place, Sandy tells us about his recent True Confessions interview from the June 2016 issue of Stereophile Magazine and includes a copy of the interview article.

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Do You Demo?
There are so many breathtaking audio and video scenes to choose from

Let's face facts, seriously listening to an audio system tends to be a somewhat anti-social activity; we mostly to do it alone. When was that last time you heard of someone getting three of their closest friends to sit close together to listen to the latest Rihanna release? Mark that a "never", right? Personally, I can tell you that after almost 50 years in audio it's pretty rare to find someone who actually wants to hear my system, outside of friends in the business or musicians. Oh sure, there's the polite acquaintance who tells you they'd like to hear the system but usually within a moment or two of the demo start, their interest starts to wane.

However, there are those times when someone is sincerely interested in hearing your high performance audio/home theater system. In those cases do you give'em a real "Professional Demo" or do you simply choose whatever source is convenient at that moment and let'er rip? Our choice would be to do the demo like a pro. So we're going to let you have a peek behind the proverbial curtain and share the finer points of giving your buddies a "knock your socks off" demo.

We'll separate the demo into two components; the demo itself and the material you choose to play, and we'll talk about the differences between home theater and audio demos as well.

High Resolution Files Will be Available Through Streaming 

The RIAA High-Res music logo. Watch for it soon when streaming music files.
As you've heard from us before, high resolution audio sources are a must-have for getting the best fidelity from your GoldenEar system. So, here's some great news: The RIAA (Record Industry Association of America) is encompassing streamed high resolution music files under its already introduced Hi-Res Music logo (above). Streamed files will have to comply with the high-res music definition agreed upon by several music industry groups in 2014. The logo calls out downloads and streams that offer higher resolution files than Red Book CD standards (44.1kHz and 16-bit depth), with a minimum 48kHz sampling rate and 20-bit depth. The files must be sourced from studio masters meeting the same minimum standards. They can include analog masters that have been digitally re-mastered to the standard.
Sandy's Place - True Confessions Interview in Stereophile
Well, you knew that it would come someday, all the dirt from 44 years in the hifi industry in a tell-it-all expose! Well, not exactly.....  

Several months ago Stereophile's editor John Atkinson approached and asked if I would do an interview for publication in the magazine. Quite honestly, I was very flattered as I feel this is a great honor. John put me together with David Lander, an exceptional journalist who has been in audio for decades. We actually did the interview over the phone and by email, with David asking questions and me replying. 

This is not a product-centric type of interview, it's more my life and times in audio with some interesting segues into slot cars, which prepared me for my life's work in some obtuse way, making movies, my life in Hollywood, or what I did during my midlife crisis (what's life without a midlife crisis?), founding three speaker companies, designing exceptional products and meeting exciting people. I hope that you enjoy it as much as we enjoyed putting it together. Oh, and all the stuff that is inappropriate for an interview like this? You will have to wait for my novel: The Speaker Wars Trilogy.  

Click here or on the image to read and/or download this fun interview.

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