Welcome to the latest GoldenEar newsletter. In this issue we're providing a timely update on the emerging world of High Resolution Audio. Discs, streaming, downloads and hardware all make up this interesting source of high quality sound. We even touch on a little controversy as well.

Next we're really excited to introduce you to the second generation of the Triton Two and Triton Three. We've managed to enhance their performance and value with a significant infusion of Triton One DNA. There's little doubt the new Triton Two+ and Three+ will set standards again.

In Sandy's Corner, Sandy shares his thoughts on tubes and one of his favorite pieces of audio history.

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HRA - High Res Audio Update

In Volume 1, issue 5 of our newsletter ( Click Here ) we talked about various streaming and other sources of high quality music files. A lot has happened since then and we thought an update might be in order. We figure since all you current GoldenEar owners have some of the best performing "High Res" speakers available, you might want to know some more about what's happening in High Resolution Audio.

Recently there's been an industry wide effort to promote higher quality music sources, primarily spearheaded by Neil Young's Pono effort and Sony's high resolution hardware and software products. A fair number of hardware and software companies have jumped on board this initiative. With minimal effort you can find High Res capable Digital to Analog converters (DAC) in lots of products: streamers, portable players (but not so many high res capable cell phones) along with integrated amplifiers, receivers and processors that now include high resolution capabilities. For personal/portable listening lots of higher performance headphones and ear buds have come along to embrace this higher resolution playback.

The New Second Generation Triton Two+ and Triton Three+ Debut at CES 2016

As hard as we try, we just can't leave well enough alone. The original GoldenEar Triton Two and Triton Three were extremely well received, winning multiple loudspeaker and product of the year awards, and have established a strong following in the high performance audio community. But the extensive engineering and research conducted during the development of the Triton One led us to believe that we could substantially enhance not only their performance but their exceptional value as well.

The Triton Two was an evolution of Sandy's speaker design philosophies starting with his first creations in the early 70s, through the breakthrough products that he and Don Givogue created in the early 90's. The original basic concepts and technologies developed for GoldenEar systems included our superb High Velocity Folded Ribbon tweeter, high - powered built - in powered subwoofers, cast - frame upper bass/midrange drivers and linear phase crossovers. These fundamentals later evolved into the Triton One which refined all that had come before while breaking substantial new ground. The sonic results speak for themselves and the Triton One has been positively compared with loudspeakers selling for more than ten times as much. Not surprisingly, the Triton One has won virtually every major industry award, including numerous Speaker - of - the - Year and Product - of - the - Year awards from many of the world's most prestigious and well respected audio publications. Now, we're excited to announce the second generation Triton Two and Three, the Triton Two+  and Triton Three+ , incorporating many of the Triton One technologies and refinements.

Sandy's Place - My Futterman H3aa Amplifiers
Sandy with New Triton Three at CES 2012
What is a Futterman, you might ask? Once upon a time, there was an electronic genius named Julius Futterman, who had a small company called Harvard Electronics where he designed and built OTL, or Output Transformerless amplifiers. Now what does that have to do with me? 
When I was in college, I as most people, believed that the current transistor amplifiers were far superior to tube amplifiers. I was listening, at the time, to a Dynaco SCA 80, which I very much enjoyed. As the big, heavy, hot running tube amplifiers had fallen out of favor, owners were selling them in large numbers, and replacing them with shiny, new, "low distortion", cool running transistor amps. This was in the early 70s, BTW. One day, while looking through the Sunday classifieds, I saw an ad for an HK Citation 4 and 5 tube amp and preamp. Being adventurous, I bought them, took them home, hooked them up to my Tannoy 15" Golds in Stromberg Carlson Acoustic Labyrinths (transmission lines), fired them up and OMG!!!!!!! WOW!!!!! From that moment on, I was addicted to tube amps (well at this point in time, certainly, solid state has come a long way and can be great).

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