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Welcome to the latest GoldenEar  newsletter. Our main focus in this issue is ways to add wireless streaming content and possibly some remote control to high performance audio systems.
Our first article deals with software apps and sources that provide content. This is such a rapidly evolving segment that we thought an update might be helpful.
The next article discusses streaming hardware using proprietary communications, Bluetooth or WiFi. These devices are available at many levels of price and performance. If you're looking to stream content for background listening, an inexpensive unit may be all that you need. But if your streaming goals include high performance, you'll want to look at potentially higher priced, better performing systems. Your GoldenEar dealer should be an excellent source of knowledge in this area.

Finally, in Sandy's Place, Sandy shares his latest musical adventure, Kris Kristofferson at The City Winery, including a short video clip from the performance.

As always, we hope you'll find this stuff interesting and informative. And don't forget, we truly value your thoughts and feedback concerning these newsletters - email us at to share them with us. 
Happy listening,

The GoldenEar Team
Software Based Streamers and Other Interesting Sources 
Methods to play on-line and stored content through your GoldenEar audio system
There are several alternatives to get streaming music to your GoldenEar speakers through your current system. We've listed a selection of services and devices below with brief descriptions. Where we have experience with them and/or there've been reliable reviews, we're passing along some opinions. But we obviously don't have hands on experience with every device or service out your GoldenEar dealer to see what's right for you.

Embedded Streaming Application - DTS Play-Fi
This is a free technology that's embedded in several manufacturers' electronic devices with more coming to market all the time. According to DTS, "Play-Fi offers premium whole-home wireless audio available from the largest ecosystem of brands in the world. Stream your favorite content with astounding audio quality, from every device that you've got..."
Hardware Devices for Streaming
to Your Current System
Devices to send on-line and stored content through your current audio system
Electronic Bluetooth, WiFI and other
streaming devices
There are any number of streaming devices already available that will plug right into an existing audio system using RCA connectors, 3.5mm stereo audio jacks and/or digital connections (typically Toslink or coaxial). Additionally there are lots of Bluetooth and/or Wi-Fi enabled devices that will stream content from your cell phone, tablet, computer and/or network attached storage (NAS) like a hard drive or USB dongle through to your system. 

As a general rule, WiFi streaming delivers better audio quality and longer wireless range than Bluetooth (see the note on aptX below). The devices in this article can stream content to and through your current audio system if you don't already have a smart device (Blu-Ray player, TV, etc.) that provides this capability. Some can wirelessly send content to enabled headphones or other enabled devices as well. They'll let your legacy audio components stream content from local and Internet sources. These units are only examples from the array of devices available. Consult with your GoldenEar dealer for further information.
Sandy's Place - Kris Kristofferson at The City Winery
Kris Kristofferson at City Winery
Kris Kristofferson at City Winery
Kris Kristofferson is certainly one of America's most enigmatic songwriters, not to mention performer, recording artist and film actor. At the age of 80, he has had a long and colorful career, and is still performing at the top of his game in many ways, at least to this writer, as well as the other attendees at the concert we attended.

Kris went to Oxford on a Rhodes Scholarship. On graduation, he enlisted in the US Army, and trained as a helicopter pilot. This became of some significance when he landed a helicopter on  Johnny Cash's front lawn in order to get Johnny's attention for his songwriting, which is what Kris initially focussed on, to great success. Cash recorded  Sunday Mornin' Comin' Down, Jerry Lee Lewis did  Once More with FeelingJanis Joplin (whom he dated) did, of course,  Me and Bobby McGeeGladys Knight and the Pips did  Help Me Make it Through the NightWaylon Jennings did  The TakenRita Coolidge (whom he married) did  Tennessee Blues, and the list goes on and on. At some point, Kris began recording his own songs, to great success. Then, he became a movie star; perhaps his most famous role was alongside Barbara Streisand, in A Star is Born. Of course, musically, he joined with  Willie NelsonJohnny Cash and  Waylon Jennings and formed the group  The Highwaymen.

Anne and I saw and heard Kris at  The City Winery in NY, which is a really terrific, small venue. Although the reviews on his performance were mixed, we loved him. Just like Frank Sinatra in his later years, Kris's voice was not at its peak, but in terms of timing and emotion, just like Frank, he was absolutely fantastic. I had heard Kris several years ago at The Society for Ethical Culture and clearly his voice was purer then. But then there is something very special in hearing a gravelly voiced Kris. He performed solo, with a guitar. Although not at his best in some ways, in other ways, WOW!!! I especially enjoyed his performance of the classic,  Me and Bobby McGee, which I had heard Janis perform live as well. Who was better? Can't say, both were masterpieces. Click Here to watch a little video I shot of Kris, an American Legend. Enjoy!
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