Welcome to the latest GoldenEar  newsletter. Our main focus in this issue is our exciting new Invisa Signature Point Source speaker. It breaks new ground in defining what an in-wall speaker can deliver. You no longer have to sacrifice sound quality for the sake of interior design preference, or domestic harmony.
Next there's a review of a Don Henley concert attended by one of our team members. All you Eagles fans should get a kick out of it. Henley's latest album, "Cass County" is, in our humble opinion, worth buying too. Check it out.  Finally, in Sandy's Place, Sandy shares some recent additions for his latest favorite demo tracks . As always, there are some great recordings that will really show off your GoldenEar speaker system.

And make sure to check out the latest reviews (see Quick Links), the new Triton Reference is getting some incredible reviews from the industry's best reviewers. As always, we hope you'll find this stuff interesting and informative. And don't forget, we truly value your thoughts and feedback concerning these newsletters - email us at to share them with us. 
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The Invisa Signature Point Source 
GoldenEar Challenges the Status Quo of In-wall Speakers
Invisa Signature Point
Source (SPS)
Over the past couple of years we've been sending out these newsletters while trying to stick with our stated goals of limited sales and marketing content and more general help and information material. In particular we haven't really spent much time talking about our in-wall / in-ceiling Invisa products. At this year's CEDIA show (Custom Electronics Design and Installation Association) we debuted an exciting and dramatic new Invisa model that we feel is very special.  Todd Anderson, of wrote about the demo experience there:
"The entire demo room was filled with a sense of room-widening spaciousness ...."
Don Henley at MGM National Harbor
Everything You Could Hope for From a Legend
in the Country/Rock Genre

Don Henley at the MGM National Harbor
In June I attended a Don Henley concert at the new MGM Casino at National Harbor, MD. As a long time Eagles fan I wondered if he would back away from that musical heritage since his original Eagles partner Glenn Frey had passed away. Perhaps he would focus on his own catalog of music plus songs from his latest album, Cass County, released in 2015.  Cass County is the county in Texas where Henley was born.
The stage was set with a large number of vintage table radios hanging well above it. The opening consisted of
Sandy's Place - Some of the Latest Additions to My Favorite Demo Music
Sandy with New Triton Three at CES 2012
Over the years, many people have visited me at dealer events, trade shows and regional consumer shows and most everyone has commented on my selection of demo material. As you know, I have occasionally shared my "favorite demos" list in this newsletter and on our website forum. While the list remains consistent, with those tracks that are my all-time favorites - I play them again and again because they're so good - I also find new material all the time, some of it special enough they find a home on my demo play list in place of some of the long time residents of that list. Not that these aren't still great tracks, but it's always fun to have something no one has heard before too. 

I should point out that I have always selected material that allows me to "suspend disbelief" when listening. What I mean is, I want to sit down to listen and in moments forget I'm listening to a stereo system and be transported to the performance or control room of the studio. Here are the latest additions to "Sandy's Demo Tracks", let's call this Part 3 ...

Gordon Goodwin's Big Phat Band, album titled Life in the Bubble. The title track is great, modern big band, sounds very good and makes for a strong demo.

Neil Young , Live at Massey Hall 1971 . " Old Man" with its intro puts you right in the middle of the hall and it's so intimate that you can almost see Young fidgeting and then playing the tune. This is one of those tunes that most people recognize immediately and love the nostalgia, at the same time being amazed at the sound quality of this 46 year old recording.

Dean Martin, from the  Dream with Dean album. Track 04 - " If You Were the Only Girl (In the World)" is another one that sounds so real you can almost reach out and touch Deano as he sings. Once again, people will be drawn to the nostalgia along with the incredible lifelike recording. If you are a "vintage" music listener, this track will bring you to tears!

The Beach Boys, from the Surfer Girl album (yes, vinyl) from 1963, "In My Room" is a spectacular vocals demo that will simply light up listeners. The clarity of the voices and the tremendous spaciousness of the recording is jaw dropping. And once again, those that have been around a bit will really latch on to this amazing track. This particular cut is actually a  24-96 vinyl rip that I got from Michael Fremer. We "down-rezzed" to 16/44.1 to put on my demo CD. Needless to say, if you have the record, play that!

Jean Guillou, the label is Dorian Recordings, catalog number is DOR-90117 and the album title is Pictures at an Exhibition - Petrouchka.  Track 2, "Gnomus" (from Pictures at an Exhibition) will test any system's deep bass capabilities. Crank this one up and stand back!

John McEuen, the album title Made in Brooklyn, Chesky label. Track 1 "Brooklyn Crossing". Listen for the purity of each instrument and the sense of space around each. This natural recording really shows off the tonal correctness of the GoldenEar speakers, as well as their ability to create instruments in their own defined space.
I hope you enjoy listening to these new demo tracks on your GoldenEar speaker as much as I do on mine. Onward and Upward!
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