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Summer 2017    

Each one must give as he has decided in his heart, not reluctantly or under compulsion, for God loves a cheerful giver.
2 Corinthains 9:7
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Kroger Awards Program

A huge THANK YOU to everyone who is supporting us through the  Kroger
 Community Rewards program!  

We just received our first donation check... $50 since March 1!
We would love to get more rewards from our community to help our Blount County neighbors in need. If you're not participating, just go to 
 and sign up, entering the Good Neighbors NPO number, 76273, or search for Good Neighbors. Select GNBC and click "enroll".
Thanks for all you do to help support us!

How Can You Help?
Make sure your church pastor and office staff know about Good Neighbors
Call Good Neighbors when you need help
If you encounter a neighbor that is struggling, refer them to Good Neighbors
Pray for our community and our neighbors daily

SNAP Good Neighbors Team Players!!
5th Annual Spread the Spirit Awards Celebration
November 2nd
6pm New Providence Presbyterian Church
Dinner and Recognition of the Amazing Neighbors in Our Community
The date has been set (November 2nd) and soon we will be seeking nominees for all 5 categories. This is the 5th annual celebration recognizing neighbors whose lives and work exemplify the spirit of Good Neighbors' mission to respond with compassion and dignity to those in need.  Each nominee will be recognized for their service and contributions within Blount County, our community.  We especially are seeking nominees who serve their neighbors in our community who are under-served and in need.  Nominees should be recognized for their efforts not just once in a while but in their every day lives. 
Dinner will be served.  There is no cost for the meal but there will be an opportunity to donate.
Categories include:
Youth (18 and under)
Adult (19 - 54)
Senior Adult (55+)
Organization  Above and Beyond 
(someone who may or may not be a good neighbor daily through their involvement at work, but go "above and beyond" what the job calls for.)
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"Good Neighbors of Blount County"
our web-site: www.goodneighborsbc.org
for more details If you have questions you may call the office at 865-681-5420 or email us at: contact@goodneighborsbc.org  
2017 Board Members
Diana Curtis, Chair
Tanya Smith, Vice chair
Stu Hammond, Treasurer
Eric Weatherbee, Secretary
Suzie Cutshaw
Katie Duncan
Becky Eckert
Barbara Foster
Virginia Hardwick
Bryan Irwin
Hollie Sigler
Jim Snyder
Erika Weaver
Dan Young
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From Where I Sit...
  Lisa Blackwood,
Executive Director 
What a difference a few moments make in the story! Just as June was beginning and Good Neighbors was celebrating the 2 year mark of being in this wonderful facility, we received a call that quickly changed our perspective. It seems that our landlords have changed their plan for the building and we must find a new home by late fall. Let that sink in a minute. This ministry that strives to help families stay in their homes and assure life's basic needs are met has been given an eviction notice. We see this scenario almost every day as we meet with our neighbors, The big difference is that our neighbors often have only a few days to work through the situation and we have a few months, but that feeling of unrest and insecurity (I will refrain from saying panic) is much the same. It's no one's fault in this case but the scenario reminds us of the coaching we provide: Don't hide your head in the sand; Don't avoid the landlord; Look at the options; Be faithful in prayer; Do your part to determine what is best and call on your friends and family for help.
So, today we are asking you, our friends, supporters and family to help us out. We covet your prayers as we seek a new home for Good Neighbors. A place that is "just right"; A safe and accessible place that will welcome our neighbors as we meet and share with them; a place that will allow GN to secure a long term home (moving is very expensive) and be affordable. As a very small non-profit that is of great importance!
No worries, we will get through this. There will be "just the right place" and we will wonder why we spent so much time worrying, but in the meantime much like our neighbors we are seeking a long-term solution.
From where I sit (even though it is temporary) I envision a community ready to step up and encourage, support and care. You know, that's one thing our neighbors often tell us - "we just had no idea that our community had so many people who care". Blount County is a wonderful place to be! Who knows!?!! Next time you see me I may be sitting in a new place!
Just pondering
Stories of Hope
Making A Difference in Our Neighbors' Lives
Sometimes you are confronted with a life-changing choice that turns your life upside down.  Think about taking on the responsibility and challenge of raising a 16 year old daughter that had been kept away from you for years.  First you barely know her, second she comes with some pretty hefty emotional baggage!  You have been single and living alone for years and suddenly find you have the chance to make a difference in your daughter's life!  This is exactly where Greg found himself a few weeks ago.  With help from local agencies including the Family Resource Center, you register her for school, gain legal custody and re-new the relationship.  All this comes with financial and emotional costs!  Legal fees, loss of work and preparing your home are taxing, but worth the struggle.  Greg needed a little help with his rent for the month.  He had paid a portion, but couldn't make the final payment.  His income level exceeded FEMA restrictions by $30 so that solution failed.  Enter GN and a local church willing to assist!  Rent is paid. Greg is back at work full time and one young lady has a whole new outlook!  Praises!  

 Six long years ago Michael came to Good Neighbors with a small utility bill.  He had taken time off from his family -owned business to care for his mother who was suffering from Alzheimer's disease. Once she passed away he found that he could no longer keep the business afloat and his savings had been depleted.  He sold his home and moved into a smaller place and even rented rooms to others.  Then almost 4 years ago he was assisted once again with utilities after he found himself unable to work anymore and trying to qualify for SSI.  Finally in May of this year, he received fabulous news!  He was approved to move into public housing and is so excited!  With only a few days' notice, he was unable to secure the rental deposit required.  After calling GN to ask if there was anything that could be done his anxiety was over!  Through the SURE program GN was able to cover the rental deposit and he was able to move in to his new, affordable and safe home! mother-son-hug.jpg
I must admit there are some days when you wonder if you are making a difference, but not this particular day.  The coach was meeting with Helen, parent of 3 children.  She had her 7 year old son with her at the interview and he was such a delightful little guy.  This family had been homeless and had been able to stay in a hotel for several days thanks to some generous friends.  But on this day, their time was up.  The family had been approved for an apartment and had paid the rental deposit, but simply could not pay the utility connection fees.  Referred to Good Neighbors by another agency, Helen and her family were served by the SURE grant and the utility deposit was paid.  Helen was most thankful and was leaving when we heard the 7 year old saying (with his hands in the air) "No more hotels! No more hotels!"  Just as he completed his third round of that chant, Helen placed her hand on his shoulder and commented, "Son, tonight we would have been sleeping in the car".  Yes, we made a difference, a real difference in the life of that family.
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