News from Governance June 29, 2015
An International Journal of Policy, Administration, and Institutions

Co-Editors  Alasdair S. Roberts and Robert H. Cox   Book Review Editor  Clay Wescott 
JCR: Governance is world's only top-ten journal in public administration and political science


Journal Citation Reports released its data on journal impact factors on June 19.  Governance has been ranked #3 in public administration by impact factor, and #10 in political science by impact factor.  It is the only journal that is ranked in the top ten for both fields.  


Governance was also ranked #2 in both fields based on JCR's immediacy index.  Journal Citation Reports says: "For comparing journals specializing in cutting-edge research, the immediacy index can provide a useful perspective."

Using light to gauge state capacity in Ecuador
Too often, we gauge state capacity only at the national level.  In the current issue of GovernanceImke Harbers  reminds us that there are important variations in state capacity within countries too.  Harbers applies an innovative technique to measure differences in state capacity across Ecuador.  Nighttime light emissions are used as a measure of economic activity, which is then compared with data on collection of direct taxes.  Harbers finds significant variations in capacity, with "clusters of high capacity" around major cities.  Data suggests that areas of high capacity are also distinguished by higher levels of satisfaction with government services.   Read the article .
Overcoming resistance to vaccination in Israel
The anti-vaccination movement is a global phenomenon.  In the current issue of Governance,   Anat Gofen and Catherine Needham explain how the Israeli government has promoted compliance with vaccination requirements.  The key has been "personalizing the service of routine childhood vaccination" -- for example, by altering the timing and bundling of shots.  This has been an informal but effective response to noncompliance.  It has required a shift away from the conventional notion of public health interventions as unalterable protocols.  Compliance is achieved by redesigning services rather than simple enforcement of established rules.   Read the article .
Book reviews: Corruption in India, financial governance in Africa

In the current issue of GovernanceJon Quah reviews  Public Services Reform in India: A Fight Against Corruption  by Shiladitya Chakraborty.  "Corruption remains a serious problem" despite decades of anti-corruption efforts in India, Quah observes.  While this book provides useful historical analysis, it may disappoint specialists looking for fresh approaches to corruption control.  Read the review.

And Anand Rajaram reviews Public Financial Governance for Inclusive Development in Africa by Salvatore Schiavo-Campo. "In much of Africa there has been almost no progress" on public financial management, Rajaram observes.  Schiavo-Campo "provides compelling arguments to explain this disappointing performance."  Read the review.
Seven pieces of advice for prospective authors
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