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Wednesday, November 30
Governor Otter will speak at the Associated Taxpayers of Idaho 70th Anniversary Conference

December 1
Governor Otter will speak at the State of the West Symposium   

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Governor's Trade Mission to China a Success
The October 28-November 5 trade mission was coordinated by the Idaho Department of Commerce and the Idaho State Department of Agriculture.  The destinations were selected by a survey of Idaho businesses.  Participants represented a variety of industry sectors including potatoes, wheat, dairy, agricultural and temperature-controlled supply chain equipment, dietary supplements, personal care products, forage, animal feed and supplements, recreational vehicle sourcing services, and university research/international education. Thank you to everyone who made it such a success for the participants and the entire state of Idaho. I look forward to our next trade mission to expand Idaho's diverse and growing business community and interests. To read insights from company participants, click here

Idaho's thriving business community is expanding in a number of markets and in a number of exciting ways. I'd like to take this opportunity to recap some of the highlights from our latest trade mission to China, where Idaho businesses were able to explore opportunities for developing new relationships and attracting new customers.

China remains a market rich with possibilities, and the 14 Idaho companies that joined me in Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou to find partners and solidify deals are a true testament to the great opportunities these missions offer to Idaho businesses. 
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Idaho Department of Commerce Director Megan Ronk and I spoke at length with agricultural industry leaders in China about expanding the Gem State's commodity footprint to sell our great harvests to the Chinese people.
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Double L Group Presents To Chinese Customers   

The Double L Group of Heyburn had the chance to update its Chinese customers on the company's world-renowned services, including commodity transport, product handling and storage solutions. In addition, I was proud to present the group's customers with Idaho's Valued Partner Award. We're grateful for the strong business relationship Double L has built in China. I look forward to the company's continued success, not only here in the United States but around the world.
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Idaho's Host - The Chinese Council for the Promotion of International Trade (CCPIT)
Our delegation's official host in China was a great group of people dedicated to fostering productive international trade partnerships between China and the rest of the world. Thank you to the Chinese Council for the Promotion of International Trade and everyone who made the Idaho delegation feel welcome and valued.

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Meeting With Huangpu District Vice Mayor and Kyani, Inc.
Kyani, Inc. of Idaho Falls is a nutritional food company at the leading edge of an industry that's helped many on their personal fitness journeys. I was happy to have Michael Breshears, Kirk Hansen, Paul Haacke and Michal Chen join our delegation and add value to our trip in China. I'm confident that Kyani's opportunities in the Chinese market will be well-served by their attendance and contribution.
Fengxain Government Officials, Idaho Officials Meet With Melaleuca
With over a million people shopping with the company every month, it was fitting for Jake Mangum of Idaho Falls-based Melaleuca to join Idaho's trade mission to China. Melaleuca was a small startup in rural Idaho 20-plus years ago, but now it does business all over the world. Thank you again to Jake, the entire family at Melaleuca and our Chinese counterparts for helping to reach and serve millions of customers.
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Idaho Officials, Kyani Representatives Tour the Port of Nansha
Connecting the Nansha District of mainland China with Zhuhai and Hong Kong, the Port of Nansha is important for fulfillment of Idaho's trade agreements in the world's second-largest economy. Representatives from Kyani and the Gem State were happy to get a full tour of this incredible trade hub.