...to know Christ and to make him known
Matthew 18:15-20
Jesus said, "Come unto me, all ye that labor and are
heavy laden, and I will give you rest"
~Matthew 11:28~ 

Labor Day will be celebrated Monday.  For most of us it's just a day of rest.  It's the day that marks the end of summer, when "most" children return to school, life and our schedules, that were a little lighter perhaps during the summer. Life and work for many of us has changed since this pandemic hit.  Labor Day is celebrated in most industrialized nations to honor working men and women, usually though who really need to honor are people in what we have called the "working class." 
Now the Bible has a lot to say about work and labor.  It even tells us that we should work for six days and rest on the seventh day. This has been quite a summer.  But God was and is acting in my life and in the life of others this past summer.  God says I know you've had a hard summer, I even know you've had a tough life, but come and rest awhile, you labored long enough, let me help carry the load.   
God accept us and loves us, in our struggles for justice and acceptance, in our life's beginnings and in our life's endings, in our grieving and in our joys.  In all of this...God is present.  We only need to look and reflect on it.  As some of you rest this weekend  and Monday from your labors, stop and reflect on the presence of God in your life this past week and see if God wasn't there all along.  I hope you have as good a week and I pray you have even a better year!
Fr. Munoz

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~*~*~*~Special Sept. 6th Sunday Event~*~*~*~
Bishop Susan Brown Snook is offering a Diocesan Worship Service at 10 a.m.

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The service bulletin can be printed
Adult Formation Series: The History of the Church

Beginning Sunday's September 6th 11:30 AM - 1:00PM

Sunday September 6th Diocesan Wide Worship Service with Bishop Susan at 10 AM.

Schools are going to a look a little different this year and we still want to continue supporting our community.  In August, we usually collect donations for the art program at Richland Elementary School.  This year since we aren't meeting in-person we're trying to get creative about this outreach project.  Richland has an AmazonSmile account which donates 0.5% of eligible purchases back to support the art program.  Go to www.smile.amazon.com and log in with your Amazon username and password.  Choose "Friends of Richland" as your charity.  If you use the Amazon App you'll want to turn Smile on under settings.  When you shop on Amazon simply go to www.smile.amazon.com and you'll see in the upper left corner that you're supporting Friends of Richland.
*~Wednesday Bible Study 10 am to 11 am~*

Grace is now doing Bible Study on line via Zoom Meetings, and Fr. Frank is guiding the discussion.  Please feel free to join, even if you have not participated in the past.  We are currently reading Matthew 21.  If you have any questions, or difficulty getting on through the Zoom link, call Susan Newlin, 978-771-6839, or email her at 

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Eucharistic Adoration

Do you know what eucharistic adoration is?  Private eucharistic adoration often involves prayer near the tabernacle or aumbry where the sacrament is reserved. In other words,sitting quietly or meditating alone in the church.
We will be allowing eucharistic adoration shortly at Grace on a reservation basis.  At this time, we are looking for volunteers, who have keys to the church, to come and open the church and then sanitize the area between reservations.  If you are interested, please email 
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~*~*~*~Sacred Ground Racial Dialogue Series~*~*~*~

Since the killing of George Floyd, several parishioners have been meeting to discuss what we can do as a faith community to try to respond to the issues of systemic racism and racial violence.  Primarily, we have been trying to educate ourselves by reading and discussing the many dimensions of racial injustice but wondered if there wasn't a way to do more.  We have recently discovered that the national Church has developed a program called the Sacred Ground Race Dialogue series, which is intended to help congregations and other Episcopal groups engage with these challenging topics and promote racial justice and healing.  Bishop Susan has tasked the Diocesan Advocacy committee with the role of helping interested congregations with implementing Sacred Ground and some parishes have already begun the program.
Very briefly, Sacred Ground involves having congregations or parts of congregations come together to form what is described as a dialogue circle.  The members of the dialogue circle would commit to a series of 10 sessions to be held on a bi-weekly basis.  Each session has a curriculum attached to it, consisting of films, video and readings to help guide the discussions at the meetings.  A more detailed summary can be found at https://episcopalchurch.org/sacred-ground/about 
Is there interest here at Grace in participating in Sacred Ground?  We would need 6 to 8 individuals to form a dialogue circle and the ability to use the church's Zoom account to set up the meetings.  If you are interested, please contact Dale Bruso at dale.bruso@brusoconsulting.net or 415-850-4409.
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