...to know Christ and to make him known
John 17:11
To our Grace Family!

What do I believe about stewardship of money and other resources?
I simply remind all of us that at the core of what we do in raising money for the church is responding to the unbelievable generosity of God.  Most spiritual masters say that gratitude is at the core of growing and deepening the soul.  I also live with a firm belief that what we have belongs to God, not to us.  What we have is only under our control for a time, our health, our gifts and our money.  The position this puts us in is one of being stewards.  A steward is a person who is in charge of something that belongs to someone else. Your parish, Grace, has always belonged to God.  When we support and care for Grace, we are taking charge of a gift given to us by God so that others may find God in their lives and come to the fullness of life God intends for them.

Please email me a t Fr.Frank.Munoz@outlook.com  or call me at 

Coach House Renovation UPDATE

Dear Friends

Fr. Munoz and I met with ServPro last week for their final walk through.  We spoke briefly with the construction manager at ServPro who will be evaluating the items in storage to see what is salvageable.    Now we're waiting on  the Church Insurance Agency to give us a figure to work with for reconstruction. 

Janet Marseilles, Senior Warden
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*~*~*~Sunday Services~*~*~*

We have created a recurring weekly Sunday Service Zoom meeting.  For ease of logging in it has the same link and meeting ID every week.  

Time: May 24, 2020 10:00 AM Pacific Time (US and Canada)

       Every week on Sun, until May 31, 2020, 7 occurrence(s)

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 761 7097 2272
Password: 393937

*~Wednesday Bible Study 10 am to 11 am~*

Grace is now doing Bible Study on line via Zoom Meetings, and Fr. Frank is guiding the discussion.  Please feel free to join, even if you have not participated in the past.  We are currently reading in the middle of Matthew 9.  If you have any questions, or difficulty getting on through the Zoom link, call Susan Newlin, 978-771-6839, or email her at 
Donna Huss Food Drive for North County Food Bank

Hi Everyone,

I love food and almost everything associated with it like cooking, eating, grocery shopping, watching cooking shows and reading cookbooks. I have been fortunate that I have never known true hunger nor been food insecure. That is not the case for many people. 

Some of you may not know that for the last couple of months, I've been volunteering at the San Diego Food Bank - North County location. In just a few months the change there has been tremendous. The North County location provides food for non-profit organizations and families. Prior to the pandemic, this location would service about 30 families a day plus the non-profits. Now they are averaging 250-300 families a day and the non-profits! 

The need is great, which is why I am hosting a Virtual Food Drive for the entire month of May. Due to the how the Food Bank procures food, every dollar can provide 5 meals. The Virtual Drive is very easy and slightly fun. Just click on the link and you'll see a virtual store where you can "shop". Just drag the item(s) across the scanner and checkout with a credit card. You'll receive an email receipt for charity tax deduction purposes. Pretty easy!

This is not meant to pressure anyone - I know times are difficult and uncertain for many. If you want to join me with a few dollars, please do, if not that's okay also.

Thank you for considering it!

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During this time your offerings can be made either by mail or through Paypal on the website at: www.gracesanmarcos.org
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