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Annual Chagoi Butterfly Sale

Chagoi The Gentle Giant
Upon first sight, the Chagoi, as compared to many other breeds of Koi is quite plain looking. There are no fancy patterns or bright colors. They are a simply one colored, non metallic Koi that usually come in some shade of greenish, brownish, or reddish brown, with the occasional cream or beige. They also come in the Gin Rin (sparkly scale) version as well.  In looking at them, probably the thing that strikes you most will be the reticulation of the scale pattern. Each scale is traced in a very thin line of black that makes each individual scale stand out. It resembles a faint fish-net pattern over the entire body. Faint, yet noticeable, but not overwhelming. So overall, and as compared to all the flashy breeds, the Chagoi appearance is quite subtle.

They are judged for quality by the consistency of their color over the entire head and body, as well as the evenness of their scale reticulation. Depending on the age of the fish, the head should generally be the same color/shade of the body. Body conformation is also a big factor in determining the quality of any given Chagoi. They should have big shoulders and a general beefy look. Below are some example photos of various types and shades of Chagoi.

  With no other breed of Koi does the saying "don't judge a book by it's cover" apply more so than with Chagoi. Why, you may ask? Well the Chagoi has some very special characteristics and traits that are built right into their genetics. One of those things is
SIZE! You see, the Chagoi is not only  THE fastest growing Koi of all the breeds, but as well it generally achieves a much greater overall size as well. These fish are commonly reaching lengths of 40 inches! This one trait alone makes them very popular to folks "in the know" about Koi breeds.
Ok, so size does not matter to you. Well the Chagoi have yet another trait, and to me it is the one that sold me on them. Years ago I refused to breed Chagoi because they resemble the common carp to a small degree. In looking at all the other fancy-smancie breeds, why would I ever breed a plain brown or green Koi? Here's why ;
You see the Chagoi also has the general trait of being the friendliest most docile Koi going. Some are so friendly they actually enjoy interactions with their owners. Even to the point of enjoying being held and petted! They are so calm and docile usually that they tend to help calm all the other Koi that live with them. This in turn can make all your fish much friendlier towards you. They calm the whole pond down, and this in turn allows a much better chance of hand feeding your fish. Here at the farm, I have at times even fed my fish from a baby bottle, when I find time to interact with them!

Once you get a Chagoi and witness their personalities, you will instantly start to see them in another light. Today, the Chagoi is one of my favorite all around breeds due to all the factors mentioned above. I just love their personalities combined with the fast growth and overall massiveness they achieve. They truly are the gentle , loving giants of the Koi world.

About The Sale

The sale starts Friday, June 16th at 10 am and will run through Sunday June 18th and ending at 5PM . This is one weekend only so don't miss out! All fish will be sold on a first-come first-serve basis. This sale applies to walk-in sales at the farm only, so no phone or internet orders will be taken. You must come to the farm to purchase these fish.

All fish must be taken the day of purchase as we cannot hold any for later pick up and no fish can be reserved prior to the start of the sale.

We also have some other miscellaneous larger pond grade fish(not Chagoi) that will be on sale a s well. All told there are about 40 fish included in this sale with 31 of them being Chagoi Butterfly. They will be starting as low as $75 up to $250, and they generally range in size from 15" to about 20" approximately. 

Later on this season we will have another sale on larger fish and Chagoi Butterfly for those that can't make it to the farm, and need fish shipped, but again this sale now is for walk-in sales at the farm only.