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April 28, 2012
Earlier this month we celebrated the relaunch of vaunted political and cultural journal The Baffler. Now we have another chance to celebrate their return and to help ensure a long, bright future. Pledge to their Kickstarter Project to help them raise the remaining funds needed to make The Baffler the best magazine it can be.

May is just around the corner, so it's time to start planning ahead for the moms, dads, and grads in your life. Our annual selection of Mother's Day and graduation cards is on display now, with Father's Day cards on the way in a few weeks. And of course we all know that books make the best gifts to accompany those cards, so ask any of our friendly booksellers if you need a suggestion.

Lastly, a brief reminder that local novelist Gish Jen will be giving the Massey Lectures in American Civilization this week. The series, entitled "Tiger Writing: Art, Culture, and the Interdependent Self," will take place Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday afternoons at 5:30pm. Full details can be found here


'Til Next Week,

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New on Our Shelves: The Latest in Fiction, Nonfiction, Scholarly Books & In Store Book Printing
Fiction This Will Be Difficult to Explain and Other Stories 
by Johanna Skibsrud 


W.W. Norton, hardcover

In award-winning author Johanna Skibsrud's new collection, nine loosely connected and hypnotic stories introduce an unforgettable cast of characters. Youth confronted with the mutterings of old age, restlessness bounded by the muddy confines of a backyard garden, callow hope coming up against the exigencies of everyday life--these are life-defining moments that weave throughout the everyday lives of the remarkable characters in this book. Time and again, they find themselves confronted with what they didn't know they didn't know, at the exact point of intersection between impossibility and desire.

Nonfiction The Spanish Holocaust:
Inquisition and Extermination in Twentieth Century Spain 

by Paul Preston

W.W. Norton, hardcover
The remains of General Francisco Franco lie in an immense mausoleum near Madrid, built with the blood and sweat of twenty thousand slave laborers. His enemies, however, met less exalted fates. Besides those killed on the battlefield, tens of thousands were officially executed between 1936 and 1945, and as many again became "non-persons." As Spain finally reclaims its historical memory, a full picture can now be given of the Spanish Holocaust--ranging from judicial murders to the abuse of women and children.  
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No Enchanted Palace The Origins of Sex:
A History of the First Sexual Revolution 

by Faramerz Dabhoiwala

Oxford University Press, hardcover

In The Origins of Sex, Faramerz Dabhoiwala provides a landmark history, revolutionary to our understanding of the origins of sexuality in Western culture. For millennia, sex has been strictly regulated, by the church, the state, and society, who vigorously attempted to punish any sex outside of marriage. But by 1800, everything had changed. Drawing on vast research--from canon law to court cases, from novels to pornography, and the diaries and letters of people great and ordinary--Dabhoiwala shows how this dramatic change occurred, tracing the interplay of intellectual trends, cultural shifts, and politics.          

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Printed on Paige
Each week, we feature a book printed in Harvard Book Store on Paige, our book-making machine. Featured books range from fresh works from local authors to near-forgotten titles discovered in our extensive print-on-demand database.  
Paige The Young Folks' Cyclopedia of Natural History 
by John Denison Champlin

Print on Demand, paperback
"All young folks and most grown folks are interested in animals. The boy who owns a dog, the man who drives a horse, and the child who watches squirrels in their gambols or listens to birds singing, are alike moved to inquire into their origins, to study their relationship to others of their kind, and to learn something of their life-histories. . . . The present work is an attempt then to fill what seems to the writer a vacant place among books relating to Natural History: for it includes in a single compact volume, at a moderate price, an outline of the entire Animal Kingdom, from the largest mammal down to the tiniest insect." --from the preface (Originally published in 1905)
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Bargain Books
Bargain Books are new books at used-book prices. We have a limited number of copies of these titles, so if you see something that you're interested in, come in and check it out soon. To see more of our Bargain Books section, visit our Bargain Books page.
Louisa May Alcott
by Susan Cheever
$5.99, hardcover (originally $26)
Louisa May Alcott's independence defied the conventional wisdom of her time, and her personal choices and literary legacy continue to inspire generations of women. A distinguished author in her own right, biographer Susan Cheever brings a unique perspective to Louisa May Alcott's life as a woman, a daughter, and a working writer.
by Jonathan Franzen

$5.99 paperback (originally $15.95) 
Patty Berglund was an ideal neighbor, who could tell you where to recycle your batteries and how to get the local cops to actually do their job. With her husband Walter, environmental lawyer and total family man, she was doing her small part to build a better world. But the Berglunds have become a mystery. Why has Patty become an implacable Fury coming unhinged before the street's attentive eyes?
The Complete Cartoons of The New Yorker  
by Robert Mankoff

$24.99 hardcover (originally $60)
Since its founding in the 1920s, The New Yorker has had a profound cultural impact on the country and the world, and has almost single-handedly elevated the cartoon to an art form. For the first time ever, every cartoon ever published in The New Yorker is collected in one place. Accompanying the cartoons are essays by eminent New Yorker writers.    
Recent Finds Downstairs in the Used Book Department


Featured used books go fast, so if any titles interest you, stop in to check them out soon. We will hold the book if you are the first caller to reserve it. To reserve a book, call (617) 661-1515 and ask for our Used Department. We're also always looking for books to buy. Learn about selling your used books, including textbooks, here.
The Collected Stories of Isaac Bashevis Singer
by Isaac Bashevis Singer
Originally published by Farrar, Straus & Giroux in 1953
$65 (hardcover with slipcase) in Very Good Condition
This signed and numbered limited edition collection of Isaac Bashevis Singer's short stories was printed for the Book-of-the-Month Club, a national book club that has been in existence since 1926. Only one thousand copies of this edition were printed, and it includes forty-seven of Singer's best-loved stories.
Drawing Seeing/Seeing Drawing
by Willem de Kooning 
Originally published by Arena Editions in 1998
$40 (paperback) in Very Good Condition
This book accompanied an exhibition of de Kooning's drawings at The Drawing Center in New York City that was curated by Klaus Kertess, who also wrote a forward for the book. According to the book's introduction, "drawing for de Kooning was an intimate component of his practice, inseparable from the process of painting."
Julius Seyler and the Blackfeet
by William E. Farr
Originally published by University of Oklahoma Press in 2009
$30 (hardcover) in Very Good Condition 
Farr presents the work of German impressionist artist Julius Seyler, who spent the summers of 1913 and 1914 in Glacier National Park, where he painted and forged a relationship with members of the Blackfeet tribe of Native Americans. Seyler became so intimately involved with the Blackfeet that he was adopted into the tribe.

Author Events


Tickets on sale Tuesday:

Bill Bradley (5/22) 


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All Upcoming Events 

Harvard Square Book Circle 
Mon, April 30, 7PM

The Harvard Square Book Circle, our in-store book club, will discuss Philip K. Dick's Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?   
At Harvard Book Store        Learn More

Dorothy Wickenden 
Tues, May 1, 7PM

Dorothy Wickenden, executive editor for The New Yorker, discusses her family history, Nothing Daunted: The Unexpected Education of Two Society Girls in the West.
At Harvard Book Store
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Alison Bechdel
Wed, May 2, 6PM

THIS EVENT IS SOLD OUT. View our Sold Out Event FAQ  
At the Brattle Theatre       Learn More

Deborah Copaken Kogan
Thurs, May 3, 7PM

Novelist, memoirist, and photographer Deborah Copaken Kogan reads from her new, Harvard-centric novel The Red Book.
At Harvard Book Store
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Kenneth W. Mack
Fri, May 4, 3PM

Harvard Law School professor Kenneth W. Mack discusses Representing the Race: The Creation of the Civil Rights Lawyer.
Co-sponsored with the W.E.B. Du Bois Institute. 
At Harvard Book Store
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Loung Ung
Fri, May 4, 7PM

Author, lecturer, and activist Loung Ung discusses her new memoir, Lulu in the Sky: A Daughter of Cambodia Finds Love, Healing, and Double Happiness.
At Harvard Book Store      Learn More

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