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September 23, 2011

Big news from the book world! Awesome publishing house HarperCollins has just announced that they will make thousands of their current paperbacks available on Espresso Book Machines around the world. That means, starting in November, when you come to Harvard Book Store and the guy in front of you buys the last copy of Gay Talese's Honor Thy Father off the shelf, you need not despair! We can print a fresh copy in mere minutes. Now Harvard Book Store will never be out of stock on so many amazing titles: The Golden Notebook, The Alchemist, Medium Raw, Mystic River. . . the list goes on and on.  


The Wall Street Journal has an article about HarperCollins's industry-leading move. While you have to be a subscriber to read the full article, the headline fairly well nails it: "Out of Stock, Still in Luck." You can also read the full HarperCollins press release right here.  

While HarperCollins is adding thousands of titles, here at Harvard Book Store, we're creating content for the book machine one little awesome book at a time. Last night, we unveiled Minimum Paige, a comics anthology created by local Cambridge-area artists as well as winners of a worldwide comics contest. Watch this wonderfully suspenseful book trailer to learn more. . . and see a special cameo from HBS owner-turned-superhero, Jeff Mayersohn:  

Minimum Paige  


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The Weekly Bestsellers already Discounted 20%  

New on Our Shelves: The Latest in Fiction, Nonfiction, Scholarly Books, & In Store Book Printing
 The Back Chamber
by Donald Hall

Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, hardcover
In The Back Chamber, Donald Hall illuminates the evocative, iconic objects of deep memory--"a cowbell," "a white stone perfectly round," "a three-legged milking stool"--that serve to foreground the rich meditations on time and mortality that run through this new collection. While Hall's devoted readers will recognize many of his long-standing preoccupations--baseball, the family farm, love, sex, and friendship--what will strike them as new is the fierce, pitiless poignancy he reveals as his own life's end comes into view.
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 The Death and Life of Great American Cities (50th Anniversary Edition)
by Jane Jacobs

Modern Library, hardcover
This Modern Library edition, with a new introduction by Jason Epstein, celebrates the 50th anniversary of a classic in Urban Studies. "A great book, like a great man, 'is a strategic point in the campaign of history, and part of its greatness consists in being there.' . . . Jane Jacobs has written such a book. Readers will vehemently agree and disagree with the views; but few of them will go through the volume without looking at their streets and neighborhoods a little differently, a little more sensitively." --The New York Times (1961)
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Scholarly Mary I: England's Catholic Queen
by John Edwards

Yale University Press, hardcover
The lifestory of Mary I--daughter of Henry VIII and his Spanish wife, Catherine of Aragon--is often distilled to a few dramatic episodes: her victory over the attempted coup by Lady Jane Grey, the imprisonment of her half-sister Elizabeth, the bloody burning of Protestants, her short marriage to Philip of Spain. This original and deeply researched biography paints a far more detailed portrait of Mary and offers a fresh understanding of her religious faith and policies as well as her historical significance in England and beyond.
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Printed on Paige
Each week, we'll feature a book printed in Harvard Book Store on Paige, our book-making machine. Featured books will range from fresh works from local authors to near-forgotten titles discovered in our extensive print-on-demand database.  
Printed on Paige
 Minimum Paige: A Harvard Book Store Comic Anthology 

Print on Demand, paperback

Hot off the printing press at Harvard Book Store to your hands, it's the first ever HBS comics anthology, Minimum Paige! Published on our in-house book machine Paige M. Gutenborg, Minimum Paige has something for every reader. Whether it's action and adventure, friendship versus competition, the supernatural and the autobiographical, or even marshmallows, you're bound to find something from this deep pool of incredibly prolific and talented writers, artists, and creators who prove you don't need a whole novel to tell a great story.   


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Bargain Books
Bargain Books are new books at used book prices. Limited copies are available of these titles, so if you see something that you're interested in, come in and check it out soon. To see more of our Bargain Books section, visit our Bargain Books page.
The New Annotated Dracula
by Bram Stoker
$9.99, paperback (originally $39.95)

"Dracula is a Victorian high-tech thriller, at the cutting edge of science, filled with concepts like dictation to phonographic cylinders, blood transfusions, shorthand and trepanning. It features a cast of stout heroes and beautiful, doomed women."  --Neil Gaiman, from his introduction

The Evolution of God  
by Robert Wright
$5.99, hardcover (originally $25.99)  
Through the prisms of archaeology, theology, anthropology, and evolutionary psychology, Wright shows how and why religion can strengthen the social order and why modern science, contrary to conventional wisdom, affirms the validity of the religious quest.

The East, the West, and Sex: A History of Erotic Encounters
by Richard Bernstein
$7.99, hardcover (originally $27.95)
This illuminating book describes the historical and ongoing encounter between Western travelers and the morally ambiguous opportunities they found in foreign lands. Bernstein's narrative teems with real figures, from Marco Polo and his investigation into the harem of Kublai Khan to modern-day sex tourists in Southeast Asia, as well as the women that they both exploit and enrich.

Finds Downstairs in the Used Book Department


Featured used books go fast, so if any titles interest you, stop in to check them out soon. We will hold the book if you are the first caller to reserve it. To reserve a book, call (617) 661-1515 and ask for our Used Department. We're also always looking for books to buy. Learn about selling your used books, including textbooks, here.

The Burmese Kitchen: Recipes from the Golden Land

by Copeland Marks and Aung Thein   

Originally published by M. Evans and Company, Inc. in 1987
$40 (hardcover) in Very Good condition 
In The Burmese Kitchen, food writer and historian Copeland Marks uses his unique talent for making exotic cuisines accessible to the American cook.  "Copeland Marks deserves highest honors for his boldness in codifying the exotic cuisines of the world for Western cooks." --Craig Claiborne
Searching for Sebald: Photography After W.G. Sebald
edited byLise Patt                                          

Originally published by The Institute of Cultural Inquiry and ICI Press

$21 (paperback) in Very Good condition 

Although many recent scholarly texts address Sebald's complex prose, Searching for Sebald is the first to explore Sebald's fictive world through the idiosyncratic and anti-heroic photographs that propel and interrupt his labyrinthine narratives.  

Picasso Guitars: 1912-1914
by Anne Umland

Originally published by The Museum of Modern Art in 2011

$13.50 (hardcover) in Very Good condition 
Pablo Picasso's modest yet radical cardboard and sheet metal Guitar sculptures--made in 1912 and 1914, respectively--bracket an incandescent period of structural, spatial, and material experimentation in the artist's long career.

Author Events


Tickets for events with Randall Kennedy with Tour� (9/29), John Lithgow (9/30), Deepak Chopra with Leonard Mlodinow (10/5), Anne Enright (10/6), Dava Sobel (10/10), and Maria Tatar (10/12) are on sale now. Tickets may be purchased at Harvard Book Store, online at harvard.com, or over the phone with a credit card at 617.661.1515. Subscribe to the Harvard Book Store Google Event Calendar here.
All Upcoming Events  

Martha Southgate
Fri, Sept 23, 7PM

Award-winning novelist Martha Southgate reads from her newest book, The Taste of Salt.
At Harvard Book Store
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Stephen Greenblatt 
Mon, Sept 26, 7PM

Harvard professor of literature Stephen Greenblatt discusses his newest work, The Swerve: How the World Became Modern.
At Harvard Book Store Learn More

Harvard Square Book Circle  
Mon, Sept 26, 7PM

Our in-store book club will discuss Zadie Smith's On Beauty, winner of the 2006 Orange Prize for Fiction.
At Harvard Book Store, lower level
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Susan N. Herman
Tuesday, Sept 27, 7PM

Susan N. Herman, president of the ACLU, will present her new book Taking Liberties: The War on Terror and the Erosion of American Democracy.
At Harvard Book Store
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John Warner and Chris Monks 
Wed, Sept 28, 7PM

McSweeney's Internet Tendency editor and debut novelist John Warner will discuss his book The Funny Man in conversation with fellow editor and writer Chris Monks.
At Harvard Book Store Learn More

Randall Kennedy and Tour�, with Henry Louis Gates, Jr.
Thurs, Sept 29, 6PM

Law scholar Randall Kennedy and cultural critic Tour� discuss racial politics in the "age of Obama," moderated by Du Bois Institute director Henry Louis Gates, Jr.
At the Brattle Theatre
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John Lithgow 
Fri, Sept 30, 7PM

Award-winning actor, bestselling children's book author, and now memoirist John Lithgow talks about his new book Drama: An Actor's Education.
At First Parish Church
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