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Keeping the Promise: 
Sustainability Summit 
Hayward Promise Neighborhood hosted the "Keeping the Promise Sustainability Summit" for all of its partners to collaborate with community members as the beginning process of creating a 3-5 year strategic sustainability plan for Hayward Promise Neighborhood.

Attendees had the opportunity to share ideas on how Hayward Promise Neighborhood programs, networks and components of the infrastructure could be improved moving forward. The highlight of the afternoon came when partners shared their "funding commercial." They shared what they would say in the event they were asked by a donor why they should fund Hayward Promise Neighborhood. 

As Hayward Promise Neighborhood was one of the first cities to receive Promise Neighborhood funding, the Sustainability Summit is being used as a model nationally for other Promise Neighborhood sites. 

Although this current cycle of federal funding is coming to an end, the work must continue for us to keep our promise. As a committed partnership we will do what is necessary to sustain the effort. 

  Thank you all Hayward Promise Neighborhood partners for your participation to the Sustainability Summit. 
  Advisory Board member April Vinson (left) shares ideas with Carlos Londono, Tiburcio Vasquez Health Center. 
Strong Kids, Strong Families, Strong Communities Celebration

May 18th has been declared as Hayward Promise Neighborhood Day in Hayward. Mayor Barbara Halliday presented Hayward Promise Neighborhood with this recognition at the "Strong Kids, Strong Families, Strong Communities" end of year celebration. The commendation recognized Hayward Promise Neighborhood for empowering local leaders, developing an alliance of Jackson Triangle apartment owners and managers, implementing the first mobile pantry in the Jackson Triangle, brought together agencies to work toward collective impact, and providing 35 solutions (programs) to provide educational, health and social support systems to Hayward Promise Neighborhood families to ensure success from cradle to career. 

Over 370 people came out to celebrate Hayward Promise Neighborhood students and parents at the "Strong, Kids, Strong Families, Strong Communities" end of year celebration. It was an inspirational evening as attendees heard from community members, students and parents how Hayward Promise Neighborhood programs and services are making an impact in their lives.  

Program Spotlight: Cal State East Bay Nursing
California State University, East Bay nursing students are learning the value of nursing beyond just physical care. They're also learning how to connect patients to needed social services to ensure they have a safe and stable environment to return home to.  The nursing students are partnering with Hayward Promise Neighborhood as a part of their community health clinical requirement in the Bachelor's in Nursing degree program; teaching the nursing students how to create healthy communities. 

The nursing students are conducting workshops and interactive activities for Hayward Promise Neighborhood students in their classrooms at schools and with parents in the Parent Centers at the school sites. 

"The nursing students really take ownership of creating the lesson plans," said Davette Bullis, California State University, East Bay Nursing Instructor. The nursing students develop their own presentations and learn to figure out the most effective ways to connect with the children and parents. 

This quarter the nursing students presented to parents in the Hayward Promise Neighborhood Parent Centers on substance abuse and stress reduction, shared about careers in health at the Tennyson High health fair and Hayward High health classes as well as teaching Winton and Cesar Chavez Middle School students how to monitor their heart rate and the importance of exercise. 

"Working with the Hayward Promise Neighborhood students has changed my perception holistically of nursing. It's not just about what we're seeing at a hospital, we've been able to learn how what's going on in people's homes and their community can impact their health," shared Tamera Martin, graduating senior nursing student at Cal State East Bay. 

Upcoming Events 
  • June 17, 9-10:30 am at The Hub (Room 14): 24823 Soto Rd., Hayward:  Community Workshop focused on buying healthy and nutritious food.

  • June 23, 11 am - 12 pm  at the Hub: 24823 Soto Rd., Hayward: Fresh Food for Families - free food distribution for all residents. No preregistration required. 
  • June 22, 5:30-8 pm at Harder Elementary School: 496 Wyeth Rd., Hayward - Community Video Screening & Discussion. Bring the entire family for dinner and a movie as (childcare provided) we watch the film "Raising of America" and participate in group discussions on the importance of early childhood health and development. 

  • June 28 - August 4. , 12-1 pm at Eden Greenway Park, Weekes Park & Sunset Park. Words for Lunch: All kids under 18 years old will receive a free lunch and participate in reading activities.