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Tomas Finds His Tomorrow
Saving Face by God's Grace
Meet the MET Students
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Dr. Al Jones

We express our deepest sympathy to the family and many friends of Dr. Al Jones.  He passed from this life May 15.  He was a great supporter and friend to Health Talents.  
We will miss him. 
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She puts the "compassion" in Caregiver
Laverne Watts  knew all too well t he  difficulty of having a baby born with cleft lip and palate.  For years she longed to go on a medical mission trip to encourage parents in that same situation.  This year she got her chance.  

She took a little home-made book with pictures of her daughter from infancy up to adulthood.  Not one to let Spanish defeat her, she visited  each parent and child waiting for surgery. With pictures, gestures and a few translated words, she expressed her empathy and encouragement to the fearful families.  
Hugs and tears verified that she was understood.

53rd Pan American Lectureship
Our First Visit to Belize City, Belize
Oct. 29 - Nov. 3, 2016    
 Theme:Be Faithful Unto Death

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May 2016

Once again, we find ourselves inspired and encouraged by stories of God's fingerprints in Guatemala!  Read on and share this good news! 
Tomas Finds His Tomorrow

Gathered at the water in Las Cuevas. Photo by Tomas Chan.
Six thousand one, six thousand two, six thousand far will you walk in search of your tomorrow? Tomas ran from his past, hid from today and drowned his sorrows in one bottle after another, but today he seeks his tomorrow. Step by step, trudging along more than a mile to the community of Chuchipaca to see if it was really true, could there be a medical clinic and a healer who might help him?

He finally arrived, waited his turn to see Dr. Lisa Dunham and told her of his search and of his problem. "I've been throwing up blood since I began drinking again, I want to stop, but the evil spirits talk me into drinking and sexual sin...I can't get away."

Tomas is almost completely deaf and Dr. Lisa struggles to hear him and to communicate clearly, but she treats his medical issues and tells him, "come back next week and I will have someone to help you."

Saving Face by God's Grace
by: Dr. Silvia Albizures de
Noe Chan and Nicolas
I have some special pictures I want to share with you! In the picture to the right you see Noe Chan.  He is a former ABC student, scholarship recipient and now our new Physical Therapy  practitioner.  

The little boy in the picture with Noe is Nicolas, an eight year old w ho came down with Bell's Palsy this year after a bad dental infection.  Noe has developed a special wire to help the muscles of Nicolas' face to get them to return to their proper place while  being stretched and exercised.  We thank God for Noe and his skills to help little Nicolas.
Before therapy
After therapy!
Meet the MET Students

Our Medical Evangelism Training interns arrived ready to soak up culture and learn about evangelism in the health care world.  We have 12 students every year from different universities around the country come together and live with families in the two regions of Guatemala where Health Talents works.  They recently finished a long weekend of missiology orientation time with Roger McCown and our Guatemala medical evangelism team at Clinica Ezell, and have since completed a week of language training Quetzaltenango. 
They are a great bunch and we look forward to getting to know them better over the next four weeks.

They are:  Jonathan Eledge, McKenzie Evans, Kimberly Hanners, Justin Hunn, Jessica Joy, Jonathan Miller, Morgan Parson, Miranda Prints, Ethan  Ricketson, Brittany Schaake, John Simmons and Kaitlin Uchida.