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Hegwood Newsletter - June 2016
Welcome to the June addition of the Hegwood Electric Newsletter.  Our newsletter delivers a snap shot report for technology updates and industry news about Industrial Automation and Controls..and our role in all of it.  We hope this gives you some "mind candy" to think about and in particular your own applications and requirements.  If you want some more information on any particular subject and how we can assist,  please contact us .
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We hope everyone had a pleasant Memorial Day weekend. We honor those who died in service of our country by attending parades, remembrance, and most often, being with family. For the USA, Memorial Day is also the unofficial start of the summer season. For us at Hegwood Electric, this summer we're continuing our growth by adding new customers, processes, and tools to facilitate the growth. Why do we continue this push for growth and improvement? It's our  Passion for Creating solutions  that drives us. Don't worry, we're not workaholics. The beach is calling and my daughters are in the midst of softball.
How to Select a Variable Frequency Drive

An article in Control Design by Tom Slevic discusses the selection of VFD's.  Often times a VFD is selected by horsepower.  However, according to the author, "The size of the VFD should be chosen based on maximum motor current at peak demand and not chosen based upon motor horsepower." With over 45 years of experience, we can help you with these types of decisions. Give us a call.

Link to the article here -  How to Select a Variable Frequency Drive

Engineering and technology is part of our passion. When combined with sports, WOW! Whether you're a golfer, runner, softball, baseball, or basketball player, this article has a little something for you. Although Hegwood Electric can't help you with these items (we like Industrial stuff), it's amazing how technology is working into all aspects of our lives.

Link to the article here -  The 10 Best New Sports Equipment Technologies

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I'll end this newsletter with a quote on technology.  The use of technology helps us Create Solutions which we at Hegwood Electric do with Passion. A favorite newsletter of mine is titled "Free-Man's Perspective" by Paul Rosenberg.

"Technology is far more than shiny devices or even impressive specifications, so many megabytes, megavolts, or whatever. In fact the scientific details, while necessary, are mere sideshows to the main event:

Technology is a restructuring of reality according to the passions of the engineer.

And make no mistake, an engineer without passion isn't much of an engineer, and he or she is quite unlikely to break new ground." 

Paul Rosenberg - May 2016, Technology and Culture

I hope you have found this newsletter informative and entertaining. If you have any interest in our products or Hegwood Electric services, please let us know.



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