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Welcome to the autumn newsletter and "hello and thank you" to my new subscribers. Hoping you have enjoyed your summer, mine has been one of the best and I am not long back from Provence, which supplied absolutely loads of colour and inspiration (click side menu to take a photo journey) plus a visit to Cezanne's studio. 

Since the last newsletter, there's been quite a bit of new artwork, some of which you will find dotted around this email (click on the images for a closer look and more information). The five canvases above were born out of last year's visit to Monet's garden and you can read more about the inspiration for these in my blog post Cycling to Giverny which was a guest piece featured on the Fat Tires Tours Paris website recently.

Below, there's the usual exhibition news plus some information about why I am strongly promoting the purchase of art direct from me in the run up to Christmas - see below to discover all the many advantages and price savings that come with doing that - as well as some breaking news about an art award I just received in the US, which is a really encouraging start to the season.

Have a wonderful autumn!

Helen x
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Open for business 

The BIG thing that I want to convey to followers of my work, this autumn, is that I am one hundred per cent "open for business", selling art direct without an intermediary. So, what does that mean?

As an artist, it can be hard to convey to people that your work is available to purchase direct at any time, without a need for the conventional 'shop front' of a gallery, art trail or exhibition. There can even be an awkwardness around the subject...and yet it is the most practical and satisfying way of ensuring that the right art gets to go home with the right people.

Then there is the matter of the sheer cost of investing in original art. The reality is that when you purchase art through a gallery, both you and the artist are paying that gallery a significant introduction fee, which is factored into the price of the artwork - and appropriately so, given the amount of work and expense that goes into presenting a lot of art under one roof in a prime high street location.

My longest held aim has been to reach a situation where I get to deal as directly with customers as possible...mainly because I love chatting to people and watching their reactions when they find the right piece for their wall.

With all this in mind, I have decided to pull my work out of commercial galleries for the remainder of 2014 so that I can put all of my efforts into encouraging people to consider the benefits of buying art direct. The continuance of this into 2015 relies upon the kind of reaction I receive: if people show enthusiasm and spread the word far and wide, who knows, this could be the way I develop the majority of my business, going forwards. 

So what are the benefits of purchasing direct from the artist?buy

Well, you get to see a whole load of original work, and any prints that are in stock, all at the same time, available at a considerable discount compared to 'gallery price' plus special seasonal offers (for instance, I am looking to discount some of my work in the run up to Christmas to reclaim storage space). Variables such as alternative framing and prints to canvas or even commissions can also be discussed, plus you get to chat directly to the artist, that is ME! 

All of this can be organised in the most relaxed way, without any pressure or commitment.

Even if you're not local, most of these benefits apply and I can get the work to you...working with you to share as many images and details as possible so you can feel happy you have made the right investment.

To organise a viewing or to directly purchase art from the website (I have specialist art couriers all lined up and ready) simply email me to arrange. Its as simple as that!
Breaking news...

While preparing this newsletter for publication, I received notification of being awarded 4th place in the American Art Awards in the category 'realism still life' for the painting The Yellow Window.

Judging was carried out by 25 top US galleries and hundreds of artists from 51 countries took part so I am pretty thrilled at receiving an award for my first entry.
Forthcoming events

The current exhibition at Gallery Fifty Five has just under a month to go - after which I will be taking a break from commercial galleries until 2015.

Work will still be included in the following exhibitions:

  • Winter Exhibition, The Old Firestation Gallery, Henley on Thames 18 - 21 Oct
  • The Reading Art Exhibition, St Josephs School, Reading 24 - 26 Oct
Both are diverse and enjoyable events, with modest commissions going towards the administration costs and, in the case of The Reading Exhibition, to a local charity raising money for a children's hospice. More on both of these events in the next newsletter.
Cards now printed in the UK

Fully-customisable cards of my work have been around for about a year now, dispatched from the US, but am very happy to announce that they are now also being printed in the UK. This means that orders to a UK address will ship within one business day or to any European address within 2-5 business days.

Prices start at around �1.50 for multi-packs. Single cards available too.

Click HERE to go to the shop front and play with all the custom features.