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It has become even more apparent to me over the last quarter how important family run businesses are to our economy and, to the diversity within our workplaces. I now have two sons working at Hi Tech with Damien just ticking over 9 years with the company and in a global economy that tends to move from crisis to crisis I am reminded that family businesses tend to have a proven track record of achieving better results in difficult times- we are resilient. At  Hi Tech our longevity has been partly due to forgoing the excess returns available during good times  to ensure our survival in the more challenging times, this allows us to focus on a culture of commitment and purpose and retain the skilled and dedicated workers we have.  At our recent strategic planning session, the team identified the need to continue to innovate and keep pace with mega trends in our industry, these being only two of the objectives we are working to achieve by 2017 and beyond as I continue to be the custodian for Hi Tech's future generations.
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Mark Turner
Managing Director
Staff Safety and Training 
Hi Tech recently put some of our NSW and QLD crew members through the High Pressure Water Jetting Operator training course in late August.  The course consisted of both practical and theoretical elements which allowed the crew members, both experienced and new to the trade, to reflect on best practices.  Thanks to Ethan from Train Right Industrial Servcies for conducting the course.
8 Years for NSW Supervisor
Congratulations to NSW Supervisor Shane Madden who has reached 8 years of service here at Hi Tech. Shane has been an invaluable asset to Hi Tech and an integral part of the operations of the business. As a highly skilled water jetting operator and supervisor, he has assisted in guiding Hi Tech to achieve some of it's greatest results. Shane is known for his hard working attitude and professionalism on site along with his mechanical engineering background which means he understands the workings of the pumps, as well as operates them. Shane first began working for Hi Tech in a Trainee Water Jetting position 8 years ago. He has successfully completed a supervisor training course and today leads NSW Hi Tech crews on all major infrastructure projects. 
9 Years for National Operations Manager
The 17th of September marked the 9 year work anniversary for our National Operations Manager, Damien Turner. Damien commenced work with Hi Tech in 2006 in a trainee Water Jetting position. Damien worked under some major projects including the Tugan By Pass, Clem 7, Kurnell Desalination Plant and the Gateway Bridge just to name a few. Damien was promoted in 2009 as a Senior Water Jetting Operator, where he began to achieve some phenomenal outputs which included removing 7 m³ of concrete  in one shift. These rates according to Managing Director Mark Turner, are the best he has ever witnessed throughout his 35 years plus experience in the industry.  Damien, having also completed his business management studies was further promoted to Operational Manager in 2011. 
October; National Safe Work Month
Drug and Alcohol Testing made madatory on construction sites

The coalition government introduced new changes to the Building Code for the mandatory testing for drugs and alcohol, due to commence from the 16th of October 2015. This mandatory testing will take place on majority of Commonwealth funded projects with respect to the ZERO tolerance for drugs and alcohol on construction sites. 

Read the article in full here. 

WHS- September in review
In the month of September there were 57 reported incidents across Australia including;
26 near misses, 5 fractures, 12 lacerations, 5 electric shocks and one burn. There was a fatal incident in NSW where an underground mine worker became trapped between his machine and the mine wall. Another fatality was reported in QLD with a pumber falling through a residential roof. Read more from Safe Work Victoria e-newsletter here.
Who have you asked?
On September 10, Hi Tech staff supported national R U OK? day by pledging to help create a company culture where all employees feel supported and confident in their ability to talk to one other and offer support. 
The day represented the importance and the impact one simple question can have on our well-being. By simply asking those around us "R U OK?" and even asking yourself, can make a world of difference. Hi Tech encourages its employees to show there support and ask "R U OK?" not just on one day of the year, but every day
For more information about how you can help someone in need, visit;  or contact;

Mates in Construction (1300 642 111) (construction workers specifically)
Beyond Blue 1300 22 4636 or

Lifeline 13 11 14


*Taken from the 2015 Post Contract Analysis Survey
Surface Preparation for new concrete and coatings
Hi Tech Industrial Services were required to provide specialised Hydro Demolition works of recent within Sydney to assist in the remediation and preparation of concrete, on a major state government project... 

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Concrete Scarification
Scarification or 'Concrete Scabbling' is an important component to the preparation of any concrete surface whether for coating applications, restoring existing concrete or laying additional concrete. It is essential that you achieve the right grade of surface profile, which requires the right type of machinery and experience, to achieve the best results.
View Hi Tech's latest Scarification works here.  
Hydro Demolition to remove concrete cancer
Hi Tech were contracted to remove sections of concrete on a bridge in South Western Sydney, that had become infected with concrete cancer. Hi Tech needed to expose the steel reinforcement to allow for ongoing repairs...
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Hydro Demolition at it's best!
To enable wharf rehabilitation of a mooring dolphin, Hi Tech were enlisted to removed concrete that had become infected with concrete cancer.
Hi Tech utilised Hydro Demolition, by means of hand gun over four stages of works which included the ultra high pressure jetting of...

Vacuum Excavation of steel balls

Steel balls from a ball mill needed to be removed for industrial cleaning. Hi Tech utilised Vacuum Loading to suck up over 20t worth of the steel balls that were roughly the size of a 20cent piece each. Hi Tech successfully returned the balls to the ball mill, after utilising high pressure water to clean the tank in which they were stored. 
To learn more about our industrial cleaning services, please visit our website here.

COLD (abrasive) CUTTING
Removal of steel petrol tank
In order to cut  an access point into a buried unleaded fuel tank for decommissioning, Hi Tech utilised the Cold Cutting method. Cold Cutting uses ultra high pressure water and garnet to ensure precision and safe cutting of the steel tank without any explosions... 
Hand lancing to remove concrete underneath dolphin
Hi Tech were contracted in August to remove the concrete beneath a steel plate on a concrete dolphin, located on the coastline of NSW. 

Hi Tech needed to expose the pins, without causing any damage, for repairs. Hi Tech also needed to remove extra flooring and concrete chamfer, due to cracks caused by ships docking. 

Read More or click on the image to watch a snapshot of the completed works.

Hydro Demolition at mine site
Hi Tech were engaged to remove concrete from the face of a ROM Backstop via means of Hydro Demolition, in order for the steel reinforcement to remain intact. Two trained operators removed approx 2m³ of concrete with a hand gun operated high pressure pump...

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Part 2
Hi Tech returned to the Sydney Jetty late in August to complete works which commenced in July, including floor sawing and Hydro Demolition,  in preparation for the installation of new service hatches.  The client was very impressed with the robots capabilities and the work ethic of the NSW supervisor Shane Madden.

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What's new to the Hi Tech You Tube Channel?

Industrial Cleaning Snapshot;
Learn more about Industrial Cleaning and some of Hi Tech's capabilities.

Surface Preparation Snapshot
View some of Hi Tech's completed projects involving Surface P reparation  and Scabbling of concrete surfaces.
Waste services via cloud based application
cloud_computers.jpg Will waste applications allow for more efficiencies or infact create more inefficiencies due to individuals being able to request 'on demand' services from their mobile devise? 
Sludge waste makes concrete less permeable
common waste water bi-product could be used as a replacement in concrete, to make it less permeable and more resilient. 

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about how incinerated  sludge could make more sustainable concrete.
Australia needs to go green to improve health
sunny-tree-boughs.jpg Did you know that by 2025 approximatley 80% of adults will be overweight with chronic disease the main cause of death in Australia.
Studies show that Australians need to move away from the 'built' environment, to a more natural ecosystem that supports health and an active lifestyle.

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Crane collapse in Saudi Arabia

The dangers of a construction boom in Saudi Arabia were imminent as a crane collapsed in September killing 107 people, injuring 400. There was a major lack of safety precautions on the demolition site, warranting a full review. 

See footage here.

The effects of asbestos worldwide...

Although asbestos is now banned or restricted in 52 countries, developing countries are still widely using and manuficturing the product. Millions are at risk from contracting cancer from the deadly white fibre...


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What can you do to improve the success of your business?

In a short film from Work Safe QLD, watch a story here on how the Port of Brisbane implemented a health and wellbeing program in the workplace,  ultimately creating a more successful business



If you would like more information on how you can improve the health and wellbeing or yourself or your workplace, please click here to find out how small changes can lead to a healthier and less stressful lifestyle.

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