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Welcome to the latest edition of News from Hi Tech. 
Featured in this edition is the release of a White Paper as well as Hi Tech Case Studies.

Our marketing and operations team have collated some of the most recent projects and provided detailed accounts, some of which are included in this newsletter with further details on our website;

The Hi Tech White Paper provides thought provoking insights into the impacts of hand-arm vibration (HAV) which is particularly relevant for any industry that has extended use of hand held power tools or machinery. The team at Hi Tech undertook extensive research to look at how HAV is regulated (if at all) overseas and found that in the UK and Europe there is actually a formula to determine the recommended time and measurement of exposure levels to HAV. I recommend that you take time to read the White Paper and references included.

We wrapped up the end of the financial year at various locations performing our client's regular shutdowns. With careful planning and supervision we were able to complete each of these on time whilst at the same time delivering on efficiencies that could save our clients time and money for the next shutdown. Many of our efficiencies are due to the technology that we invest in not only at the back of house but at the coalface of our jobs. The upgraded job management system and global tracking system means that we can both ensure the safety of our field workers and closely monitor the efficiencies of our plant. Safety and professionalism are vital to our industry especially in light of new and emerging technology and competition.

We have some major goals ahead of us for the financial year ahead and I am confident that our experienced team with the support of our loyal clients will deliver on our targets and initiatives.

If you would like to know more about Hi Tech Industrial Services, please feel free to visit our website here or by contacting us on 1300 416 313. Remember to follow us on social media and keep an eye out for any new and exciting updates.
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Mark Turner
Managing Director
Staff Safety and Training 

Stuart Greaves, 24year old New South Wales field worker 

has successfully obtained his Heavy Rigid Road Ranger Truck Licence in June. He is the latest addition to the Hi Tech Team, now having experience in high and ultra high pressure water blasting and vacuum loading. Stuart has also successfully completed his Confined Space Ticket and MSIC Ticket. Congratulations Stuart. 

Hi Tech supports Australians with cancer by going dry this July

Hi Tech is pleased to announce that the following staff members are proudly supporting Dry July. 

  • Damien Turner, National Operations Manager
  • Melissa Phillips, Communications and Administrations

Melissa and Damien have pledged to stay dry this July and have joined the Hi Tech Industrial Services Dry July team. Help support the team raise funds for adults living with cancer within their local community.

Any donation is a good donation, so head to;

and send any spare change to 'Hi Tech Industrial Services'.

Thank you in advance for you support.

Hi Tech enters the social media realm of Face Book
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Hi Tech was pleased to announce the launch of it's new Facebook page in late June.  
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Hand-arm Vibration and the dangers you must be made aware of
Hi Tech Industrial services has released a White Paper on the the affects of hand-arm vibration within the construction industry. The paper addresses the implications Hand-arm Vibration Syndrom (HAVS) can have on employees and employers if they are not made aware of prevention strategies. HAVS is a serious, long term illness aquired by the overuse of power tools that expose its users to harmful levels of vibrations. There are currently no regulations in Australia for the recommended amount of daily exposure however, this paper addresses how you can help prevent exposure.
You can access the White Paper in full 
Safety Soapbox Update
-The Dangerous Goods Regulation 2005 (HCDG) is due for review and has been extended another 12 months
-57 incidents from June 17 - July 1 have been reported to Work Safe from construction, utility, quarrying and mining industries.
-Fatility on construction site in NSW 
-Front end loader fatality in QLD 


You can view these details in full here. 

Key Work Health and Safety Statistics, Australia 2015

Safe work Australia have released the Key Work Health and Safety Statistics, Australia 2015. 

The booklet provides key findings based on work-related injuries and disease, work-related injury fatalities and the cost of work-related injuries and diseases. 


You can view the booklet in full here. 

Mental Health 


Mental health and anxiety can be difficult to manage. Research shows that constructions workers are twice as likely to take their own lives when compared to the general population. So what can you do to help? If you know someone who is struggling, be aware of the signs and symptoms and offer them support. 

To learn more about mental health statistics around workers within the construction industry and ways you can help or get help, please click here or call; 

  • Mates in Construction (1300 642 111) (construction workers specifically)
  • Beyond Blue 1300 22 4636
  • Lifeline 13 11 14
UHP Water cleaning in record time!

Hi Tech Industrial Services were engaged by a client to clean oil, grease and copper fragments off of a concrete slab at an industrial manufacturing plant. Hi Tech utilised a High Pressure Pump and Aqua Cutter Robotic machine with a rotating head.

The power of the robot allowed for increased production...


Hydro Demolition and Surface Preparation in a Marine Environment

Hi Tech were contracted to carry out works that consisted of the removal of concrete via Hydro Demolition, enabling remedial works and Surface Preparation of the interlocking steel sheet piles in preparation for anti-corrosion coatings...


Read More  
Hi Tech successfully removed sewerage solids

Hi Tech Industrial Services were requested within the South-Western Sydney region to assist with the removal of waste water and sewerage solids from an interceptor holding pit with restricted access. Hi Tech successfully removed the waste via Vacuum Loading, utilising the King Vac 9000...

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COLD (abrasive) CUTTING
A Hi Tech Snapshot

An environmentally sound solution for cutting steel, composites and other surface materials, cold cutting is a cost effective and safer alternative to hot cutting, especially when there is the presence of chemical vapours or degassing. Hi Tech recommend the water abrasive suspension (WAS) cold cutting process with the aid of a water jet and sharp-edged abrasive material ,such as very fine garnet sand. Please watch our snapshot video about Cold Cutting, which can be viewed here.

Floor Saw and Robotics work hand in hand 

Hi Tech carried out Hydro Demolition works to the deck of an existing jetty, in preparation for the installation of new service hatches.

Removing concrete to from a clear opening of 900mmx900mm was carried out as part of Hi Tech's contract, using a diamond floor saw. Once the cut was made, prior to Hydro Demolition, Hi Tech allowed for the principle contractor to access the underside of the jetty and erect a debris catching frame, ensuring no pollutants would enter the waterway...


A Hi Tech Case study

Hi Tech Industrial Services were engaged by a client to assist in exposing steel beams for cathodic protection. The location of the steel beams were on the underside of a bridge, with the clients objective to control the corrosion of the metal as quickly as possible, ensuring the structural integrity of the bridge. To meet the clients needs, Hi Tech used a low lying robotic frame... 


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A Hi Tech Case Study
Scope of Works:

Hi Tech Industrial Services were contracted on a job in Queensland which involved the cutting of a concrete slab to expose reinforcement. The client required the Hi Tech crew to remove a 1 meter perimeter of concrete from the slab in order to tie in a stair well, to the newly exposed reinforcement.  Over a period of two weeks with a 2 person field team working, Hi Tech successfully removed the concrete via hand gun... 


Strong support received
train_highway.jpg A new light rail line has gained momentum as the West Line Business Alliance offer to part fund the line that would connect Parramatta to Strathfield via Olympic Park. The West Line Alliance feel that western Sydney deserve the line, ultimately creating thousands of jobs and thousands of new homes for the next 20 years. The NSW Government however, are considering an alternate route via Carlingford and Epping instead...
The booming housing sector allows for $590 Million to be spent on large ticket projects in NSW
"NSW has accelerated its infrastructure spending boom, as windfall tax receipts from a housing price surge has enabled the state to bring forward an extra $590 million in funding to fast track delivery of big ticket projects..."

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The states fight it out for skilled workers...
construction_crane.jpg According to a recent article, Tasmania and the Norther Territory are crying out for skilled workers as the infrastructure BOOM in Australia continues to gain momentum. The Federal Government is delivering on it's promise to invest in infrastructure development, ultimately creating more jobs. 

Read more on how this is impacting on our skilled workers. 

The Future of Water Blasting
You will find a video demonstration  here
of an semi-automated arm that is  connected  to a 450hp pump, designed to promote productivity and enhance operator safety. The compact unit is designed to fit in confined spaces and service those hard to reach jobs remotely. This is similar to the Pneumatic assisted arm unit within Hi Tech's fleet, which is used for specialised jobs.

Cement growth due to construction high
A report released from an international cement association concludes that thanks to continued economic growth in North America, global cement consumption is expected to grow at a steady rate for the next few years globally... 

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Humanitarian Medal awarded to Toowoomba Firefighters

Three Australians have been recognised for their humanitarian work following the Christchurch earthquake in 2011.

The three firefights from Toowoomba, QLD say they feel honored and will wear The Humanitarian Overseas Service Medals with pride and that their thoughts and prays still go out to all those affected by the tragedy.  

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Have we reached boiling point?
graphic-fist-globe.gif At the first Construction Climate Challenge (CCC) summit, held in Gothenburg, Sweden on June 24th, one keynote speaker claims that we have reached "tipping point for climate", addressing the need for government bodies, communities and industries to work together in order to reduce carbon emissions and remain sustainable... 

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