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I am pleased to provide you with the April edition of news from Hi Tech Industrial Services. Within this edition you will find detailed accounts of successful projects carried out by Hi Tech Industrial Services and how our methodologies, since 1991 are successful, efficient and trusted. There are articles included demonstrating the innovative ways that Hi Tech is meeting the current demands of our ever evolving industry. Read about upgrades to our paperless job management system and the launch of our new state of the art global tracking devices, installed within all vehicle and plant machinery.
You will also find key industry reports and articles surrounding current trends and predictions within construction, as well as new and technologically savvy machinery to hit the market.

If you would like to know more about Hi Tech Industrial Services, please feel free to visit our website here or by contacting us on 1300 416 313. Remember to follow us on social media and keep an eye out for any new and exciting updates.
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Mark Turner
Managing Director
New staff appointments

Hi Tech is excited to announce the appointment of two new staff members who have joined the team early in 2015;

Jim Olson
-Accounts Manager.

Jim has over 25 years experience in accounts across a vast range of industries. He has worked for LinFox and Hewlett Packard to name a few. Jim has a Masters of Business Administration, Diploma in Human Resources and a Bachelor Degree of Business in Accounting.

Melissa Phillips
-Communications and Administration.

Melissa is a young and enthusiastic individual who comes from primarily a communications background as well as having a Masters in Education. 
Staff Safety and Training 

Steven Turner, 22 year old New South Wales field worker 

has successfully obtained his Heavy Rigid Road Ranger Truck Licence in April. He is the newest addition to the Vacuum team, now having experience driving and operating the King Vac 9000. Steven has also successfully completed his Confined Space Ticket, MSIC Ticket and EWP Ticket.

New upgrades to the PAPERLESS management system 
cellphone_laptop.jpg Hi Tech is in the process of unveiling the new upgrades to their paperless management system, which originally was launched in 2014. The cloud based organisational system provides dashboard based solutions and integration between the employee, the client and job site. The upgrade means that all planning,  project, safety, environmental, quality and human resource management will be accessible on any job site via any smart devise. The intelligence behind the software aims to enhance productivity and minimise downtime generating daily reports that are now accessible to Hi Tech's clients on demand. The platform offers industry leading functionality from  equipment inventory, injury reporting and on-line auditing just to name a few.  
Hi Tech strongly believes that since the implementation of their paperless management system, jobs are running more efficiently and are proving cost effective when compared to their previous management system. Many of Hi Tech's clients are pleased with the fact that they can now access reports from varying site locations in a matter of a few seconds.
Tracking of the future at your fingertips

Hi Tech is pleased to announce the launch of a new state of the art global tracking system. With safety, productivity and fuel consumption the key factors initiating the update, Hi Tech can now virtually track, manage and receive reports at any time, via any smart device thanks to the system upgrade. The system allows us to provide accurate reporting to our clients, ensuring we meet the job deliverable's. All vehicle and plant machinery have been successfully fitted with the new system over the past few weeks.
National operations manager Damien Turner has said
" I am able to accurately track and report on all vehicle locations, ignition time, scheduled maintenance and fuel consumption. I am also able to monitor driver fatigue in accordance with the Nation Heavy Vehicle Regulator. This information is accessible on site or at my desk and saves considerable time and resources whilst allowing me to project manage more efficiently."
UHP Water Jetting via hand lance at it's finest

Hi Tech Industrial Services removed a tar like substance from a chemical storage bund with high pressure water via hand lance. 

The removal of the substance allowed for resurfacing using an epoxy coating and highlighted the expertise of the Hi Tech crew members.
High Tech's methods, proven to be faster
Hi Tech's method of surface preparation, utilises high pressure water and a hand gun. Using this method they successfully scabbled mount pads approximately 30 times faster than conventional methods on this particular job. Scabbling is a type of surface preparation that...
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Removal of oyster build up in storm water pipes
lighthouse-coast.jpg Hi Tech have successfully removed a build up of oyster shells from the internal walls of  numerous storm water pipes located on the Upper Easter Coast of Australia.
Storm water drains require regular mechanical maintenance to remove the build up of sediment, litter and in this instance, oyster shells. To help ensure the integrity of the pipe for future re-lining...

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Hi Tech successfully located and surveyed 32 potholes in 2 days
Hi Tech Industrial Services were contracted in by a local Western Sydney Council to assist in the preparation of a proposed road widening. This meant that before any construction works could begin, all live underground cables and pipes needed to be located and then exposed via potholing. 
A Hi Tech Case Study
Scope of Works:
Hi Tech Industrial Services were contracted on a project which involved the cutting of small man holes to 52 tanks both above and below ground to enable cleaning and decommissioning. 
Over a period of two months with a 2-3 person field team working...
Robot technology removes concrete in record time
The removal of damaged and decaying concrete in a railway tunnel has been achieved in record time in the US. Hydro Demolition via a robotic, similar to that of the Hi Tech Robotic fleet, has removed and repaired concrete urgently. This was due to transport demands and a confined working space. Hydro Demolition was the only suitable method of choice.
Surface Preparation delivers project on time with no penalties
glove-flag.jpg Construction experts in the US are in awe of the timely results achieved on the Liberty Tunnel Project. Experts say that if it wasn't for Hydro Demolition, there would of been no way possible to complete this job within the allowable working hours, unless millions of dollars were invested in building a whole new tunnel from scratch and more time allocated. 
Future road works set to rise to $19 billion by 2017
An article released on behalf of the Australian Construction Industry Forum, concludes that infrastructure opportunities are abundant in 2015 for New South Wales. As the Tony Abott government sets out to fulfill it's infrastructure promises, the dollar value of work is set to rise to over $19 billion by 2017. 
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The Future of Vacuum Efficiency
blue_cogs.jpg "it's a bird, it's a plane, it's a Sky-Vac truck-mounted boom vac!" 
This incredible machine reaches up to 128 feet both in the sky and digging underground. It was a highlight at the Water and Wastewater Equipment, Treatment and Transport show 2015. To learn more about this machine, please click here.
What do we need? Construction research.  When do we need it? NOW!
library.jpg "In an increasingly globalised construction industry, creating stronger connections and sharing knowledge between industry and researchers nationally and internationally is critical if we are to improve economic, social and environmental outcomes...".
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Is a lack of education to blame for workplace related deaths?

According to Safe Work Australia, since April 2nd 2015 there have been 41 work related deaths, with majority being in the construction injury. Despite growing awareness about work related injuries, we are still falling short according to safety leaders.

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New training for trade based apprentices
construction_crane.jpg Why is it that 50% of all trade based apprentices drop out within their first year? Is it that Australia needs to revamp our current training systems offered to trade based apprentices? 
In a current article, a construction leader claims that the current model is outdated and needs updating.
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The effects of vibration in the workplace

Recent studies show that approximately 24% of workers are exposed to workplace vibration daily. The longer a person is exposed to workplace vibration, the greater the risks become that are associated with workplace injury, muscular disorders and health effects. How can you protect yourself and your workers against the effects of workplace vibration?

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