Guardians: Take Note!  

Frank By Attorney Franklin J. Hickman


The Supreme Court issued extensive new rules affecting all guardians in Ohio, effective June 1, 2015.  


Major highlights include... 


From Our Blog: Probate Problems

Here is an example of a common question we receive in relation to probate: "My mother recently passed away. I believe I have an inheritance, but I do not have a copy of her will and the Executor will not share it with me. What are my legal rights in this situation?"


I posed this question to Attorney David Banas, who said...


Volume 5, Issue 2



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June 18-19, 2015
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Attorneys Franklin Hickman and Linda Gorczynski will present "When Behaviors Lead to Discipline: Legal Protection for Disabled Students."

Attorney Franklin Hickman will present "Funding Alternatives for Children with Special Needs" and "Your Life and the Law: An Overview of Legal Issues."

Attorneys Janet Lowder and David Banas will present "The ABLE Act: Another Tool in the Tool Chest."

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