Right to Legal Counsel Extends to  
  Guardianship Review Hearings

Elena By Attorney Elena Lidrbauch


When a guardianship application is initially filed, certain steps must be followed by all probate courts.  The case is initially assigned to a court investigator who must meet with the prospective ward (the individual under guardianship) and inform the prospective ward of his or her rights.  Included among these rights are... 


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Stray Acorns

When I gave a talk at a CEVEC parents' group meeting recently, I opened with the first paragraph of a book I'd been reading:


There is no such thing as reproduction.  When two people decide to have a baby, they engage in an act of production, and the widespread use of the word reproduction for this activity, with its implication that two people are but braiding themselves together, is at best a euphemism to comfort prospective parents before they get in over their heads.  In the subconscious fantasies that make conception look so alluring, it is often ourselves that we would like to see live forever, not someone with a personality of his own.  Having anticipated the onward march of our selfish genes, many of us are unprepared for children who present unfamiliar needs.  

June 2013 Issue 




Attorneys Janet Lowder and David Myers were once again selected for inclusion in The Best Lawyers in America.  Janet is listed in the areas of Elder Law and Trust & Estates.  She is also listed among the 2013 Lawyers of the Year in Trusts & Estates.  David is listed in the area of Elder Law.


Attorney Lisa Montoni Garvin is Vice President of The Family Planning Association of Northeast Ohio.


Attorney David Myers is a member of The Ohio State Bar Association 2012 Bar College



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Pursuing an Appeal When Public Benefits are Denied 


By Attorney Franklin Hickman


The staff at Hickman & Lowder receive almost daily requests for assistance when public benefits have been denied or reduced.   The following guidelines may be helpful in deciding whether and how to pursue an appeal: 


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