Funding Sources for Children 
  with Special Needs: A Preview

Amanda By Attorney Amanda M. Buzo


I have the pleasure and honor of co-presenting with Frank Hickman at the Milestones Annual Autism Spectrum Disorder Conference in June. Our first of two sessions will be an overview of funding sources for children with special needs. I thought it might be of interest to our readers for me to provide a sneak peek. 


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To Graduate or Not to Graduate: That is the Question
This is the time of year when parents of special needs children become alarmed by school district plans to graduate their child prior to age 22 - the last year of special education eligibility. The decision to graduate a child does not exclusively belong to the school district. Here are some points and pitfalls that parents must be aware of when the school district proposes to graduate the child prematurely.

April 2013 Issue 




Attorney Andrea Aycinena is Vice President of Maximum Accessible Housing of Ohio


Attorney Lisa Montoni Garvin is Chair of Rising Star Learning Center's Strategic Planning Committee 



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