March 26, 2020
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Father Len is encouraging Holy Apostles to pray together 3 times each day in solidarity with our Parish and the rest of the world. You'll hear the Church bells if you live close by; otherwise set an alert on your phone.

9:00am: Christ accepts the cross: Pray for the infected and the ill.
The law of the TAMID was the name given to the sacrifices that were offered every day in the temple. So each day the offering would begin the sacrifice of the morning lamb and finish with that of the evening lamb. All the other sacrifices would come between these two times. The morning lamb would be offered up third hour of the day with its death, the temple trumpets with sound and the Temple gates will be open. Then at about the ninth hour, the evening sacrifice would be slain and offered on the altar, at which time all the sacrifices would be finished. What is the third hour? 9:00 am. When did Christ accept the cross? 9:00 am. The same hour as the morning lamb was laying on the altar. As the trumpet sound to announce the sacrifice the temple gates were opened.
NOON: Darkness covered the area: Pray for first responders, doctors, nurses .
The bible says that at noon, while Jesus was on the cross, total darkness surrounded the area. There are many extra-biblical sources outside of the Bible that describe a period of darkness over the earth during the time that the gospels detail Jesus’ crucifixion. A chronicle of Thallus stated that during the time of Jesus’ crucifixion, many people who were present believed that a “solar eclipse” had occurred. During the reign of Tiberius Caesar, a record from Phlegon of Tralles describes a complete solar eclipse that happened during the time of the full moon, exactly as the gospels record: “from the sixth to the ninth hour.”

3:00pm: Christ dies on the Cross: Pray for those who have died of the virus.
When was the evening lamb sacrificed? 3:00 pm. The same hour of the Messiah died on the cross.
So the sacrifice the Messiah began with an offering of the morning lamb and ended with the offering of the evening lamb. And all sacrifices took place in between those hours. The Lamb of God covers every moment, every need, every second, every problem, and every answer.
In the book of Genesis, God would come to walk with humanity at the breezy time of day. 3:00pm. When did Adam and Eve sin? 3:00.
Another symbolism of the 3:00 is that when Christ dies for us, it is through the Cross that God and humanity walk together again.
Holy Apostles Still Needs Your Contributions

During this difficult time you may be wondering how you can continue to contribute. Things may be cancelled, but the church still has many financial responsibilities and needs your continued support.

How can I continue to tithe during the COVID-19 breakout?

  1. You can give online by using our WeShare online giving. Go to
  2. Mail your contributions to Holy Apostles, PO Box 708, Meridian, ID 83680.
  3. Call the parish office at 208-888-1182 and speak to Lisa if you need assistance.

Thank you so much for your continued support of our parish!

We are Holy Apostles!!
Stations of the Cross
Please check Facebook tomorrow. We will be updating our page with a Stations that you can pray from home.
Father Len’s Podcast

Fr Len and Holy Apostles parishioner Irish McMahon have created a new podcast. They describe it this way: “Two fun-loving and God-fearing Irishmen, a Catholic priest and his good friend, grapple with the big questions about faith, religion, and life.”

The podcast is inspired by Fr. Len’s concern about the increasing number of people turning away from organized religion, particularly young people. His hope is to create a positive buzz about God, religion, and the Catholic Church. You can expect plenty of Fr. Len’s Irish humor and wonderful stories that help us all understand how Jesus wants us to live our lives and deal with the challenges we encounter each day. The plan is to release a new podcast episode each week.

The podcast is available wherever you get your podcasts. Merely search for “Wrestling with God Show” in your favorite podcast app.
You can also listen, subscribe, and submit questions for Father Len at the podcast website:
Bishop Peter has asked us to join together for a Day of Fasting and Prayer on Friday.

For the latest updates from the Bishop, visit:
In order to stay compliant with Governor Little's stay-at-home order, no palms will be distributed in front of church this coming week.
Lenten Adult Ed Series Continues online:

Class 4: "The Raising of Lazarus"

Class 3: "The Man Born Blind":

Class 2: "The Woman at the Well":

Class 1: "Introduction to Lent":

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Easter Flowers
You may still donate online for Easter flowers in memory of a loved one. 
The church will be decorated with flowers for our live streamed Masses.
Deadline is Tuesday, April 6
Names submitted by the deadline will be listed in the online Easter bulletin and on our website. 

Since the COVID-19 virus has hit Idaho, St. Vincent de Paul has remained busy answering calls for financial assistance as well as providing food through our Food Pantry. We would like to thank all of you who have made donations of food or money this week.

This Sunday is our Fifth Sunday Collection.
Since we won’t be able to do our usual Blue Bucket collection following masses, we wanted to let you know how you can make a donation, if you would like to.

Checks can be mailed to PO Box 1215, Meridian, ID 83680

Your generosity is making a difference in the lives of many people affected by the Coronavirus. Thank you.
Apostles Book Club
Since many of us are keeping ourselves close to home these days, why not join the Apostles Book Club in reading the following books:

 This Tender Land  by    William Kent Krueger    “Crafted in exquisitely beautiful prose, this is a story to be treasured – outstanding and unforgettable.” — Historical Novel Review

Leaving Time by Judi Picoult   The story explores the bonds of love between mother and child in both the human and elephant world and what happens when those bonds are broken and there is only grief left. The book is both insightful and moving. 

Boys in The Boat  by Daniel James Brown. The Boys in the Boat: Nine Americans and Their Epic Quest for Gold at the 1936 Berlin Olympics

If you are looking for other book ideas, there is a comprehensive list of previous selections on our website at:
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