* Dusty, a sheltie mix, enjoys summer in one of the meadows at Home for Life 
News from Home for LifeSeptember, 2011 

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Day of the Dog: Bark and Roll
So Long Summer; Hello Cinda and Bobcat!
Home for Life®welcomes Garth Stein
Home for Life® Announces our partnership with Bristle Wines of South Africa!

Day of the Dog: Bark and Roll at Mears Park is September 24, Lowertown, St.Paul will benefit Home for Life�


The first annual Bark and Roll at Mears Park on Saturday, September 24 will be a fun filled ay celebrating everything dog from the Wacouta Wiener Dog Race,  a race for fleet footed Dachshund to the 6th and Sibley Parade of Pets, led by the St. Paul K9 Unit and guests of honor Roseville K9 Major with his partner Officer John Jorgenson. In November, 2010  Major was attacked during a robbery investigation; the perpetrator stabbed him several times causing injuries to his head, neck and a devastating injury to the back which left the brave dog paralyzed from the waist down.   


Prior to Major's retirement, Officer Jorgenson and Major were partners in the Roseville Police department from 2003 to 2011.  Officer Jorgenson began his career with the RVPD in 1997 and is still active helping to oversee their K9 unit.

Major's attack was instrumental in heightening penalties for those who assault dogs working on law-enforcement or fire investigations.  In July Major was presented a Medal of Valor from the Minneapolis Canine Unit. Officer Jorgenson wants to use the opportunity to thank the members of the community for all the support they provided Major and himself.  We think this is a perfect time to thank these two real heroes. 


Roseville K9 Major & Officer John Jorgenson are guests of honor at the 1st Annual Bark and Roll to benefit Home for Life�,

September 2

All the festivities take place at Mears Park, in the historic Lowertown district of Saint Paul. Mears Park is  like Central Park in New York. A little smaller than Central Park, it's a big park in Saint Paul with the same New York City feel. Bring your pet and join the pet parade being led by the Saint Paul K-9 unit and Major. Bid on great silent auction items. Cheer on the dachshunds as they race to the finish line. Meet all the wonderful pets from area rescues up for adoption waiting for their forever home. Meet some of  the inspiring dogs from Home for Life� Animal Sanctuary. Visit all the exhibitors (including Sarahbeth Photography, who took the photos, above, of Major and Officer Jorgenson at  a recent hydrotherapy session)  who will be there with the newest, and best products and services for your pet.

Please visit  http://www.barkandrollatmearspark.com for more information.


Read more about photographer Sarah Ernhart's photo session with Major and Officer Jorgenson on her blog.

So Long Summer; Hello Cinda and Bobcat!  

Swimming at the Apple River helps our disabled dogs like Kitchee, from Saudi Arabia, recover from past abuse


After a slow start, summer finally arrived at Home for Life� with balmy temperatures and many sunny days. Fortunately severe storms and tornadoes were not a factor this season and once the  weather grew warm, the weather was beautiful.The dogs spent many happy days swimming at the Apple River,keeping cool and exercising in the water where they are buoyant-  especially for our paraplegic dogs and older dogs the water therapy we do with them in the summer  means that they can safely exercise and build strength and endurance without risking injury. See our summer photo album for more fun swimming photos here.


Summer also brought us two new cats, both tiger striped, who though friendly,had somehow become abandoned and were found by rescuers in desperate condition. Cinda, an older medium hair female,was found outside an apartment building in Stillwater, MN, starving  and crying for help. She was spayed and also declawed so obviously had been someone's pet.  A visitor to a resident of the apartment building called Home for Life� for help on Cinda's behalf fearing she would not be able to survive long. In her dire condition, Cinda needed immediate medical help to restore her health as she was skin and bones and missing fur everywhere. Veterinarians who examined Cinda once she was admitted to Home for Life�  found that she   had hyperthyroid,  a common condition in older cats, easily controlled with daily medication. Now that she has received good food and appropriate medical care, Cinda is on the road to recovery. Lost pet ads were scoured and Cinda was screened for a microchip but no one was looking for her. It is clear that someone moved away and left her to sink or swim, unwilling to care for the older cat in need of medical attention.      


Bobcat is a handsome short hair tiger cat who was discovered by a farmer haying in a field in North Branch, MN. Poor Bobcat had been attacked by a dog orcoyote and had many open wounds including a terrible bite on his left front leg which had caused his paw and foreleg to swell to 3 times its normal size.He was not able to walk on the leg and seemed to be in great pain, besides being thin and desperate. The farmer was going to shoot the cat to " put him out of his misery" but his girlfriend intervened and called Home for Life� for advice and help. The couple was unable  to do much on behalf of the cat other than the basics for Bobcat. They had put him in a shed with food and water while they sought help for him, but provided no veterinary attention or other medical care.  After receiving a call  from the farmer who discovered Bobcat, we concluded that the cat's situation was urgent and took him in under our Emergency Medical Care Program. Home for Life's� veterinarians  tried for over a week to save Bobcat's leg which had received most of the trauma from the attack but in the end it was decided to amputate to prevent sepsis which might have caused the infection from his leg to go systemic, resulting in a life threatening emergency.  It was a difficult decision to amputate, because it is so hard for any animal to lose a front leg. Yet once Bobcat's infected limb was removed, his condition rapidly improved. By the time he had his stitches from the amputation removed he had gained weight and was well on his way to full recovery. A friendly cat,it was obvious that he had  been someone's pet before he was discovered so terribly injured in the farm field. Cats who are pets cannot survive for long when left to fend for themselves in rural areas and often become the victims of predator attacks, are hit by cars or end up dying terrible deaths from starvation and dehydration. We are so glad we were able to help Cinda and Bobcat before either met an untimely, cruel death. Home for Life's� Emergency Medical Care Fund makes the difference for desperate animals like Cinda and Bobcat who otherwise would suffer terribly. Instead, with their health restored they will be loved and cared for as part of Home for Life� for as long as they may live. Your contributions to the Emergency Medical Care Fund made it possible for us to help these two special cats. See more photos of Cinda and Bobcat as well as more summer photos  here.



Our annual Open House, Ride for their Lives motorcycle ride and Memorial Garden event occurred July 30, and we were happy to have a great turnout for this busy event. The Memorial Garden event  is our opportunity to remember and celebrate the lives the Home for Life� animals who have passed on the previous year and to welcome supporters and new friends to meet our dogs and cats  and see our facility. After a brief rain shower which abated the steamy conditions, the weather was perfect. Thank you to our staff, volunteers, the riders and all who were part of our special day,especially Patty and Herb Sam Herb Sam is Spiritual Advisor to the Mille Lac Band of Ojibwe and presides over our Memorial Garden event each year. See more pictures of the Memorial Garden ceremony and the Open House Here  

Home for Life� welcomes Garth Stein, celebrated author of " The Art of Racing in the Rain" to the fall Fancy Feast  

Garth Stein will join us at the Fall Fancy Feast November 11

Home for Life� welcomes celebrated author Garth Stein to our fall gala, the Fancy Feast  Friday November 11 at the Metropolitan, Minneapolis, MN. " The Art of Racing in the Rain" is a New York times best seller and will be made into a movie for release in early 2012 starring Matthew Dempsey.

This much anticipated event will feature a spectacular silent and live auction, a wonderful buffet dinner created especially for our event by the chefs at D'Amica, wines by Z Wines and the Bristle Vineyards, of South Africa a hosted vodka  martini luge and keynote remarks by Garth Stein.

The Art of Racing in the Rain is a New York Times Bestseller

Garth will also stay on after his presentation to meet our guests and sign copies of his books, which will be on sale at a Barnes and Noble hosted kiosk at the event.  Of course no Home for Life�  special event would be complete without our World Famous dog parade where guests will have the opportunity to meet representative dogs from the sanctuary.

Reservations are just $100 a person and are now available for purchase
here. Celebrate the season at Home for Life's� Fall Fancy Feast!        

Home for Life� Announces  our partnership with Bristle Wines of South Africa! 

Lorna and her husband, renown wine judge Dave Hughes with Bristle, the inspiration for the label 

Bristle wines of South Africa derives the inspiration for its name from Bristle, a real dog who belongs to the proprietors of this world famous vineyard producing outstanding wines that are sold all over the world. They have joined with Z Wines, a respected distributor of wines from around the world, and Home for Life� to offer the Bristle wines which will be introduced to our supporters at the Fancy Feast Gala. 


Stonehill vineyard is situated at the head of picturesque Devon Valley to the north of Stellenbosch, South Africa's counterpart to the Napa Valley. Owner, Lorna Hughes planted Cabernet Sauvignon on the property in 1992 and became guardian of the property in 1998. It is a site of a winery built circa 1926 and the old building is now the hub of Bristle wines.  


Until very recently Lorna supplied her grapes to a number of wineries in the Stellenbosch area who made award winning wines from them. Eventually she teamed up with talented winemaker Mark Carmichael Green and they produced BristleRed which was an instant success.  From the 2006 vintage a dry Cabernet Sauvignon Rose was made which has developed an almost cult-like following.  


The Stonehill - Bristle Viognier is their lovely white wine offering. All three wines will be available for tasting at the Fall Gala and will be poured to accompany the gourmet dinner created by the chefs of D'Amica. Patrons will be able to purchase bottles of Bristle wines at the event and at several retail outlets in the Twin Cities: a portion of all proceeds will go to help the animals at Home for Life�. Look for the Home for Life� sticker bearing our logo on the bottle! 

Stonehill labels carry a picture of Bristle, a pint sized wire haired terrier type mutt that was found dumped in a rubbish bin as a young pup and nursed back to health by Lorna. The label shows Bristle with a vine cutting in her mouth which she collects on her daily run with the family. She is now her constant companion and considered by locals to be Lorna's manager.

 More about  the great wines of  the Bristle Vineyard from  Z Wines here  

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