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June 2014
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HRP_IconNewVersionReadyThanks for your interest in our Housing Rehab Pro software!  And welcome to our latest HRP newsletter.


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Housing Rehab Pro NRI 2014 is now complete and available for download from our website.


Anyone who has purchased Housing Rehab Pro NRI 2013 in 2014 may receive a free upgrade to Housing Rehab Pro NRI 2014. Just contact us to let us know you want the newest version.



  • HRP incorporates 2014 cost data from the Craftsman National Renovation & Insurance Repair Estimator, the National Construction Estimator and the National Building Cost Manual. 
  • Labor-only cost items added to the cost database. Use labor-only cost items when either the rehab program or the homeowner is providing the material or product for a particular repair instead of the contractor.
  • When adding cost items to a work description, the list of cost items may now be sorted by cost type (new, existing, remove or labor-only).
  • Work description search function added. Search through the entire work description database without sorting by work type.
  • Work Description database may be printed by work type.
  • Error trapping has been added to make the initial installation go more smoothly.  An error message will notify the user if the back-end database is in use or the user does not have read-write privileges to the installation folder.
  • Improvements have been made to allow proper editing of the inspection checklist.

To see the complete list of HRP improvements over the years and an FAQ that details how Housing Rehab Pro can make your housing program more professional, please follow this link.  


Again, thanks for using Housing Rehab Pro. Please let us know if there is anything we can do to improve HRP.




Blaine T. Williams
Blaine T. Williams Consulting Services
Creator of Housing Rehab Pro software

HRP Tips
Cost Estimating with Housing Rehab Pro
  • To change a cost estimate, just double-click on the work description. 
  • Add or delete cost items in the "View Costbook Database" window. 
  • New cost items may be added to the cost estimate and existing cost items may be removed to match your scope of work.
  • Search the large Craftsman Book Company's Costbooks databases included with HRP to make your cost estimate accurate.
  • Sort the cost items found by new (no demolition), existing (demolition included), remove (demolition only) or labor only to find the one that matches your scope of work. Use labor only items when the housing program or the homeowner is providing the material and the contractor will provide the labor.
  • Cost items are broken down by labor and material.
  • Work Description cost estimates may be adjusted by a zip code modifier, overhead & profit factor and a difficulty factor before adding items to the work write up. 
Be sure to check out our How-To Video lesson #7 on Cost Estimating.
HRP_HowToVideosHRP How-To Videos  


Check out HRP How-To Videos on our website!


Most of the lessons average 3-6 minutes long with two       (Introduction & Cost Estimating) running 13 and 15 minutes respectively.


HRP How-To Videos are also available on our YouTube Channel.


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HRP_DownloadHRP Download

A 30-day free trial of the most recent version of Housing Rehab Pro is available for download on our website


HRP Purchase Options

To purchase Housing Rehab Pro, simply use the Buy Now button on the Software Products page and use the credit card of your choice through PayPal's secure payment process. You do not need a PayPal account to use this feature. 

If you have already decided to purchase the latest edition of Housing Rehab Pro, please click on the PayPal Buy Now button below.  
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If you do not wish to pay by credit card or your PayPal account, please contact us for payment options and upon payment, we will send you the user name and password that turns the demo version into the full version.

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Thanks for using Housing Rehab Pro.
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