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IDA Advocacy 


Assets and Opportunity day




PATHWorks' participants and representatives from Families Forward, NeighborImpact, Habitat for Humanity and the Warm Springs Community Action Team boarded a bus and headed for Salem to support the Individual Development Account (IDA) initiative.  IDA participants from all over the state joined together to support the IDA 3-1 matched savings program for low income families to help build assets.  




Our group attended a rally, a march and meetings where participants told their stories to law makers.  The goal of the visit was to increase funding by increasing the tax credit donation cap from the current $10 million to $25 million by the end of this legislative session.  It was a great day and a special opportunity for participants to give back by speaking for future participants about the benefits of this great program. If you are interested in learning more about Individual Development Accounts you can contact us at 541-923-1018.




Tutor Home 


Redmond Tutor Homes available 


Rent one of these homes while you work towards your dream of home ownership through the Tutor Home program. 


If you're currently on the Housing Choice Voucher Program and would like to purchase your own home, you can learn more about this opportunity and how to apply for one of these great homes by clicking the links below.


235 SW 23rd Street, Redmond


3489 SW Forest Court, Redmond


 Click here for information on this home 

Taking Action

Change takes action 

In order to accomplish any lasting change in your life you need to take action. Whether you want to get a new job, go back to school, start a business etc., creating an action plan and taking action will help you get there. 

Think about it. You create action plans and take action all of time even if you don't realize it. Take brushing your teeth in the morning for example. Here's your action plan.  First you must get up, walk to the bathroom, find your tooth brush, put tooth paste on it, brush and rinse, put the tooth paste and brush away. If you don't do this your teeth don't get brushed.  It really is that simple. You are capable of creating and executing any action plan to achieve your goals.

Now apply the capability you have to a bigger goal, say finding a new job, starting an exercise plan or whatever you desire. What action steps will it take to accomplish the goal? Write down the steps you will need to take and get started. Like this.


           Who can help?
1. Identify my strengths and skills
WorkSource and COIC
2. Update resume COIC workshop
3. Contact Employment agencies Express, Mid Oregon Personnel 
4. View online job listing site daily Internet search

Of course the action plan builds on from there, but you get the idea.  Try to  take  action toward your goal every day even if it is a small one such as making a phone call. The key is to keep taking action and not to stop when you hit an obstacle. When you encounter an obstacle (and you most likely will), adjust your action plan to include the steps it will take to overcome the obstacle. Stay positive and flexible and keep your eye on accomplishing the goal.

What action will you take today to reach your goals?

Health and Fitness 

Beginner's guide to mountain biking

If you haven't tried mountain biking before, maybe this is your summer to get out there and experience the world class mountain biking Central Oregon has to offer.

With so many options on trails and bikes, a novice can get overwhelmed quickly, but don't let that deter you. Local bike shops are more than happy to help you get started. These shops can help you identify the best trails to start on, biking etiquette and more. If you don't have a bike (yet), many shops offer rentals or demos at times.  Check out this recent article from the Bend Bulletin HERE  to find out more.

Women can check out the Dirt Divas program through Pine Mountain Sports. This program is a great way to meet people and break into mountain biking in a fun and supportive environment . You can find out more about Dirt Divas  HERE .

Housing Choice Voucher


Tight rental market


The HCV team would like to remind everyone about the Section 8 Bill that went into effective on July 1st, 2014.  We are seeing a lot of movers right now and the rental vacancy rate is really low all over Central Oregon. We feel it is important to remind everyone that the law is in place to protect you from being denied rental housing because you have a Housing Choice Voucher.  If a landlord denies your application because you have a voucher, please remind them that the law requires them to consider the voucher rental assistance payment amount as part of your income.

If you or your future landlord want more information on the law, please access the following link. 







Lesly Gonzalez

Voucher Program Manager       

541.323.7416     lgonzalez@housing-works.org 


Christi Solheim

Housing & Portability Specialist  

541.323.7403    csolheim@housing-works.org 


Stephanie Westendorf

Housing Specialist

541.323.7418      swestendorf@housing-works.org 


Emily Loza

Housing Quality Standards Inspector

541.323.7417 eloza@housing-works.org



Support PATHWorks Business Owners


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La Pine 




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Housing Works does not guarantee any products or services provided by the businesses listed in this newsletter. Service providers are solely responsible for claims with respect to the products or services they provide. Customers should look to the service providers for any guarantee of the performance of products or the suitability of services provided by them.



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We appreciate all of your feedback and look forward to your ideas and suggestions in the future.


Here's to everyone's success. Please feel free to contact the PATHWorks team with any questions you may have.  We are here to help you reach your goals! 


Your PATHWorks  Team

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Client Services Manager

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C lient Services Coordinator
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