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Success Story 


Randa B.


"Reaching the goal of purchasing our own home feels like a big accomplishment.  It means success and future stability," said Randa. 


Last year Randa and her husband Lance met with Housing Works to discuss the possibility of purchasing their own home.  Lance explained that he is terminally ill and it would give him peace of mind knowing that his family was living in a home that they owned. Randa joined the PATHWorks program and quickly began taking the necessary steps to becoming prepared to purchase her own home.  Randa paid down some debt, improved her credit score and completed home buying education.  She was approved for the USDA Direct Loan program and  successfully negotiated a purchase and sales agreement with their landlord to purchase the home they had been renting for several years. Her sons Tristin and Thomas are very happy to be staying in the same home and neighborhood that they have grown up in.


Now that they have this goal accomplished, Randa plans to get her GED.  She knows that one day she will need to be prepared to provide for her children on her own.  For now, the family is enjoying every day that they have together and Lance enjoys a little more peace of mind knowing his family's housing is secure. Congratulations Randa, Lance, Tristin and Thomas!  We wish you many years of happy memories in your new home!

Construction Update


The Parks at Eastlake



Construction is progressing at a fast pace and two buildings are scheduled for completion on June 30.  The two buildings (16 units) and all of the site work around them will be ready for people to move in the first week in July with the remaining 3 buildings (24 units) being completed in mid-August.  Construction fencing will wall off the southern part of the site until the final three buildings are complete.


A leasing trailer is located on site and applications have been taken that will be part of a lottery for 36 of the 40 units.  The lottery process was utilized because of the large amount of applications expected to be received during the lease up process.  As people lined up at the leasing trailer, there was a great deal of excitement that these affordable units were being built in Bend and requests were made for another hundred units. We are working hard to make this happen as the Central Oregon market has a critical need for additional affordable housing options.  

Tutor Home 


Redmond Tutor Homes available 


Rent one of these homes while you work towards your dream of home ownership through the Tutor Home program. 


If you're currently on the Housing Choice Voucher Program and would like to purchase your own home, you can learn more about this opportunity and how to apply for one of these great homes by clicking the links below.


235 SW 23rd Street, Redmond


3489 SW Forest Court, Redmond


 Click here for information on this home 

Free Lunch


2015 summer lunch program information

The Bend La Pine school district free lunch program is under way through the summer. This is a great opportunity for your kids to have a free, nutritious meal and interact with other kids (or their parents). 

Monday - Friday (closed July 3rd)
Bend sites: June 15 - August 21, 2015
La Pine site: June 22 - July 31, 2015 
  • For all kids 18 years and younger
  • No cost registration
  • Adults may not eat their child's meal but may buy their own meal for $4.00
  • All meals must be eaten on site
  • Please do not bring pets
  • Regulations and funding by the US Dept. of Agriculture
WHERE IS IT?            
Click Here for Locations

There also is a * LUNCH & LEARN READING PROGRAM. This is a 
free summer reading program to all kids 18 years and under. Sponsored by Bend-La Pine Schools HELP and Title 1. Call Project HELP for information 541-355-1037.

Lunch & Learn times:
11:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m.

- Al Moody Park
- Bear Creek Elementary
- Orchard Park
- Pilot Butte Neighborhood Park 

- Finley Butte 

Monday - Friday
June 22 - July 31
(except July 3rd)

Credit Reports


Understanding your credit report

Credit reports are the foundation of your FICO Scores, but what are they exactly? Watch this video to find out which information on your credit reports does and doesn't impact your scores. Plus, see how checking your credit reports for accuracy can help you protect against potential identity theft.


Health and Fitness 

Paulina Creek day hike and more

If your looking for a great day hike with opportunities to cool off along the way you should check out the Peter Skene Ogden Trail that parallels Paulina Creek.

You can access the trail via McKay Crossing campground south of Bend.  The trail leads you towards Paulina Lake and along the way you will encounter the Paulina Plunge natural slides. These natural rock slides are fun for all ages if you're brave enough to take on the chilly water of Paulina Creek.

If you continue on your hike past the plunge, you will encounter several waterfalls and swimming holes. All in all this is a great way to spend the day with you family or friends. You may have seen a recently article in the Bend Bulletin about this hike. If not, please access the link below for more information on the location and adventure that awaits you just south of Bend.

Housing Choice Voucher


Porting your voucher to another Housing Authority


Have you ever thought about moving out of Central Oregon and wondered "Can I take my voucher with me?" The answer to that question is "Yes" in many cases. Here is how the process works.


First, you will need to inform your Housing Specialist in writing of your intent to move out of Housing Works' jurisdiction (known as "porting out").  Make sure to include what county and state you would be interested in moving to.  Housing Works will then contact the new Housing Authority (HA) and find out if they are "absorbing" port-out clients or "billing" port-out clients.  If the HA is absorbing, or is billing within Housing Works' policy, then you will be approved to move. 


Second, Oregon law requires that you give a 30-day notice to your landlord.  Please send Housing Works a copy of this 30-day notice (it can be in any format, just as long as it has the date, your name, and your intention to move written on it). The 30-day notice must be turned in before your paperwork can be transferred to the new HA.


Third, when Housing Works receives your 30-day notice, a voucher will be sent to you in the mail that you will sign, date, and return.  This new voucher gives you 60 days past the end of your 30-day notice to find a new place and keep your housing assistance.


Finally, when Housing Works receives your signed voucher, a "port packet" will be sent to your new Housing Authority.  At this point, you will be given all of the contact information for your new Housing Authority and will be working with them from that point on.


If  you have any questions about this process please let your Housing Specialist know!




Lesly Gonzalez

Voucher Program Manager       

541.323.7416     lgonzalez@housing-works.org 


Christi Solheim

Housing & Portability Specialist  

541.323.7403    csolheim@housing-works.org 


Stephanie Westendorf

Housing Specialist

541.323.7418      swestendorf@housing-works.org 


Emily Loza

Housing Quality Standards Inspector

541.323.7417 eloza@housing-works.org


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Housing Works does not guarantee any products or services provided by the businesses listed in this newsletter. Service providers are solely responsible for claims with respect to the products or services they provide. Customers should look to the service providers for any guarantee of the performance of products or the suitability of services provided by them.



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 Did you know Housing Works is on Facebook and Twitter?

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We appreciate all of your feedback and look forward to your ideas and suggestions in the future.


Here's to everyone's success. Please feel free to contact the PATHWorks team with any questions you may have.  We are here to help you reach your goals! 


Your PATHWorks  Team

Kelly Fisher 541-323-7411 kfisher@housing-works.org

Client Services Manager

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C lient Services Coordinator
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