Humanities for the Public Good: An Integrative, Collaborative, Practice-Based Humanities PhD is a new program focused on creating cross-disciplinary opportunities for humanities graduate students interested in diverse careers.

HPG Alumni Panel: A Closer Look
Data from the first chart is based on the event check-in sheet. Data from the second chart is based on an anonymous survey distributed and collected at the event.

Per the check-in sheet, members of 15 University of Iowa departments attended the session.
Do you have a working one-to-three minute "elevator pitch" of your research?
Do you have a non-academic mentor with whom you engage regularly?

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Community Partner Spotlight: Hancher Auditorium

In Summer 2019, two graduate students (Mark Rheaume and Michael Davis) completed eight-week internships at Hancher Auditorium , as part of an opportunity to explore how their academic training might translate into a variety of professions and workplaces. Hancher Auditorium's Education Manager, Micah Ariel James , shares a few details about the organization and its efforts to support the local community.

In the context of the internship, how would you define “public good”?

I think of “public good” as increasing accessibility to the arts and programming so that the general public has the opportunity to be part of conversations that are exciting and relevant. Since Michael Davis was actively working on how to reach out to students, it was a great chance to think about this actively.

If you could do ANY collaboration—any project or initiative—with the University of Iowa, what would it be?

I’m more and more interested in engaging with young audiences, specifically with teenagers. Hancher has already done some partnerships with G! World, the Dream Center, and UAY, but doing even deeper and longer collaborations would be great. I want to help teens not only learn about and experience the artists we have at Hancher and to see the arts in action, but also to experience...

Hear directly from Hancher Auditorium summer fellows Mark Rheaume and Michael Davis:
HPG Summer
Fellow Featured:
Vinton Defining
Flood Resilience
Paul Schmitt, a fifth-year English PhD student who completed an eight-week summer fellowship with Iowa Valley Resource Conservation and Development, is featured in a special University of Iowa digital story. Read the story.
Noted this month:
Job Beyond the Academy
RTC is hiring a Sustainability & Social Responsibility Champion to develop Social Responsibility opportunities on a global basis; establish a communications and awareness plan; and work with local governments and advocacy groups to advance Social Responsibility programs.

The Humanities Lab at ASU is an experimental space where interdisciplinary, intergenerational, and collaborative teams of faculty and students investigate grand social challenges and construct questions shaped around those challenges. Their goal? To generate approaches to "wicked" issues, for which there are no easy answers.

Funding Opportunity
The Institute for Humane Studies at George Mason University offers graduate students at other universities a generous fellowship and the chance to connect with IHS and its network of scholars, who are advancing classical liberal ideas in the academy. Fellows receive access to academic advising, invitations to career development seminars, and more.

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